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10 Reasons to Choose Electric Bike Hunting

10 Reasons to Choose Electric Bike Hunting

Have you ever used an e-bike or e-bike for hunting? If not, you’re in for a treat. Its compact size helps you maneuver around the most challenging hunting spots, while built-in features like pedal assist and throttle make navigating rough terrain and slopes easier than ever.

Read on to learn about the biggest benefits of electric bikes for hunting and what to consider when buying an electric safari bike.

1. E-bikes provide easy and fast navigation

Gone are the days of walking miles on all terrain. Thanks to built-in pedal assist and throttle, e-bikes are easier than ever to navigate your favorite fields, forests or trails. Here’s how each function works.

Pedal Assist technology lets you take advantage of manual pedals and motor assist for stronger, faster movements over a variety of terrains.
The throttle is ideal for when you need to take a break or carry a lot of gear when you’re moving your e-bike without a manual tout.
The HOTEBIKE model with the 750-watt motor hits 20 mph on throttle and 28 mph with pedal assist, while our 1,000-watt model hits 30 and 35 mph in the same conditions.

Instead of walking around hunting areas that may be miles wide, you can use an e-bike to move quickly. This extra time means you can spend more time tracking and finding your games. Plus, when you’re in bad weather, you can get back to camp or home as quickly as possible.

2. Unlike other options, e-bikes are quiet

Unlike cars, trucks, ATVs, and motorcycles, e-bikes provide a smooth, quiet ride without the following issues:

Emissions: Your vehicle can emit up to 8,887 grams of carbon dioxide per gallon of fuel — not to mention possible methane, nitrous oxide and hydrofluorocarbons. Some wildlife can be sensitive to the smell and damage of gases and chemicals, and emissions can also pose a significant threat to the environment at your favorite hunting locations. In comparison, e-bikes are much less detectable, emitting only about 22 grams of carbon dioxide per mile.

Dust: ATV, car and truck tires can kick up dust, leaving detectable clouds and drawing attention to your location. On the other hand, e-bikes are lightweight and the tires have less impact on the terrain and are barely noticeable.

Vibration: The vibrations of large vehicles and ATVs alert wildlife, causing them to stay away from the area in most cases. But even if you move fast, the e-bike doesn’t vibrate, move, or bump.

3. Electric bikes make transporting your gear easier

You can pair an electric bike with a durable stand or trailer for easy, convenient storage for all your equipment. Because hunting gear takes up too much space and can be cumbersome to carry, especially if you’re going up and down a lot, you need a convenient way to store your gear. In some cases, a heavy hunting bag can cause shoulder and back pain, which can have lingering effects and interfere with your goals or time outdoors.

Depending on where, how and what you hunt, you may need the following gear:

 flashlight with battery
a first aid kit
food and water
rain gear
gun or bow
Ammo and crates
Machining tools
game pack
a survival blanket
a gaming phone
your hunting license
game tags
toilet paper
two way radio
a towel
hand warmer
a cushion

If your safari also includes overnight camping, you’ll also have to add weight to tents, cooking supplies, sleeping bags, etc. How do you store all these items without having to carry them around? Electric bikes help you transport your necessary gear without putting any strain on your body. So you can enjoy a more enjoyable hunting trip.

4. E-bikes make transportation easier for your game

Attach a high-capacity cargo trailer to your e-bike to transport your game home or the nearest disposal location. Before processing, animals are heavy and bulky to carry, especially if you’re deep in the woods and away from your vehicle.

A cargo trailer attached to your electric safari bike can take the stress out of your hunting trips so you can spend more time tracking and enjoying the outdoors.

5. Electric bikes tackle challenging terrain

Electric bikes with all-terrain tires provide a smooth ride across rough terrain, including hills, rocky trails, unpaved roads and fields. Additionally, fat tire e-bikes offer the best balance for beginners while still providing enough challenge and adventure for experienced riders. These e-bikes can even handle ice, snow, mud, sand and surface water without sinking, slipping or getting stuck, creating a level of versatility and accessibility you can’t get on foot. Compared to ATVs, ATVs with fat tires are lighter and easier to drive, requiring no fatigue or stopping to refuel.

In addition to hunting, you can take the all-terrain tire e-bike to the beach, fishing or for outdoor adventures and competitions. So investing in e-bikes isn’t just about hunting. It’s a piece of equipment you can use to enjoy your favorite outdoor experiences.

6. Electric bikes can help you cover more areas

With a hunting e-bike, you’ll have the power and dexterity to cover more land in less time. HOTEBIKE’s base e-bike has a 13-amp battery capacity that allows you to travel at least 45 miles on standard terrain on a full charge. Our higher voltage models with Ampere batteries will give you at least 70 miles. Some newer models, like the Super Scrambler 2, have a dual-battery option for over 100 miles of all-day riding on a single charge.

ATVs go about the same distance on a gas tank – but unlike a gas tank, you can bring a rechargeable spare battery with your e-bike when you want to go long distances without stopping. You also save yourself from expensive fuel costs and long lines at gas stations.

Exactly how much ground your e-bike can cover depends on a combination of factors, including:

terrain conditions
how often do you brake
Tire pressure and quality
turns and hills
hand thrust
bike condition

7. Electric bikes leave no smell

Deer have hundreds of millions of olfactory receptors in their noses. Compared to our five million, it’s easy to see why there are so many odor blocking products on the market. Wildlife can detect your scent or the smell of your vehicle long before you even know they’re there – unfortunately, it can let them run away from your trail and up the hill.

Unlike gas tanks and car exhaust, e-bikes do not leave scent trails for wildlife.

Pair it with your best scent blocker and you’ll have all the stealth you need to track and find your next catch without any issues.

8. Electric bikes are easier to use than motor vehicles

How many trails and hunting areas have you missed because you can’t fit a truck or ATV onto the tight trails, or because they’re limited to motor vehicles? Electric bikes allow you to get around most land restrictions because they are compact and lightweight enough to maneuver through tight openings, tight turns, and some protected areas. In most cities and states, you can drive your e-bike on public roads and bike paths, saving you the hassle of getting an extra vehicle to and from the hunting grounds.

Many outdoor organizations promote the use of e-bikes for environmental benefits, including the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Some BLM-managed sites have the authority to determine which trails are available for e-bikes, and are working to make more trails available to the public. The USDA Forest Service reports that more than 60,000 miles of trails and roads are open to e-bike users in national forests and grasslands across the country.

For more information about your local e-bike laws, registration requirements, and hunting restrictions, be sure to check with private trail owners or public land managers.

9. E-bikes are easy to maintain

Taking care of your e-bike will help last longer and perform better, continuing to provide you with a fast, fun and reliable way to get around your hunting locations.

Maintenance includes:

Regular Inspections: Regular inspections will help you monitor your e-bike and spot any issues that could lead to more expensive repairs or breakdowns. Unlike vehicles and ATVs, your e-bike can be easily checked before and after every use. Be sure to measure your tire pressure, check chains and cables for wear, and test your brakes before you go hunting.

Preventive Maintenance: Annual adjustments keep your e-bike in top shape. Your bike mechanic will check all electrical components including moving parts, monitors, cables, speed sensors, brakes, chains, tires and gauges. They will recommend any replacements or upgrades and perform repairs to keep your bike looking and riding at its best.

Thorough cleaning: Remove accumulated dirt and mud with warm soapy water and a mild cleaning cloth. Avoid harsh scrubbers or abrasive cleaners that could damage the paint or seat fabric. If you want an extra clean shine, consult your manufacturer for specific product recommendations.

Parts Replacement: Replace parts as needed, including tires, brakes, chains, cables and sensors. Never attempt to use your e-bike or go on a long hunt if it fails.

It is best to remove the battery of your e-bike and store it in a safe indoor place during the winter to prevent temperature and ice-related damage, such as build-up or freezing lines. Refer to your bicycle manual for specific care and storage instructions.

10. Electric bikes are more affordable than electric alternatives

Motor vehicles are expensive. Average car cost Nearly $10,000 per year for factors such as fuel, maintenance, insurance and repairs – this does not include the initial purchase price. An ATV alone can set you back hundreds of dollars in maintenance and repairs, and possibly more if you need to replace expensive components. Considering the rough terrain, unpredictable wildlife, and wear and tear of unpaved roads that a typical hunting ground is filled with, maintaining your vehicle will become expensive over time.

After the initial purchase, e-bikes cost an average of only $200 per year. This fee includes the price of battery charging and maintenance, annual inspections, insurance and miscellaneous charges. Buying an e-bike is more affordable than buying a new or used car, truck or ATV, and it’s a rewarding investment. You can spend these savings on better gear, more ammo, or bike upgrades to make your game easier.

How to choose the best electric bike for hunting

There’s nothing more important than having quality gear you can rely on when hunting – your vehicle is no exception. When choosing the right e-bike for your next safari, consider the following:

Size: The best hunting e-bike is one that easily adapts to your size, weight, and added features, such as a cargo trailer or rack. Every e-bike has a maximum rider weight and can accommodate a variety of loads, depending on your cargo trailer.

Features: Take a close look at the e-bike’s transfer speed, total weight, battery voltage, seat type, wheel style and other features like USB ports and LCD displays. Our e-bikes use thumb throttle or twist throttle, and pedal assist is available on all models.

Accessories: Upgrade and equip your e-bike to suit your hunting needs with optional accessories such as locks, security sirens, mounts, racks, fenders, horns and off-road kits.

STYLE: HOTEBIKE offers electric bike models for all types of riders, including moped-style, commuter-style, fat tires and fast and fun adventure variants. Some models are also available in your choice of colors such as yellow, red, black, silver and blue.

Manufacturer: Choose an e-bike manufacturer you can trust. At HOTEBIKE, we are passionate about riding and pushing boundaries, offering quality bikes and attentive customer service to help you choose and take care of your investment.

HOTEBIKE will help you find the perfect electric bike

Electric bikes are a quiet, cost-effective and versatile alternative to trucks, cars and ATVs on the road. They don’t vibrate or leave scent trails and will help you navigate challenging paths and terrain.

The HOTEBIKE team is happy to help you find the perfect electric bike for your needs. Submit your enquiry to us and our business will provide you with personalized product recommendations that fit your lifestyle and help you get the most out of your safari.

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