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11 differences between electric bikes and ordinary bikes

11 differences between electric bikes and ordinary bikes

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Are considering buying an electric bikes, but not sure if it is useful, or even how different from ordinary bikes? Well, there is a reason for the rising trend of electric bikes. Once you have it, you never want to go back again!

Compared with standard bikes, electric bikes have greater flexibility in riding methods and locations. With batteries and electric motors, you can ride farther, faster, and farther, which increases the usefulness of electric bikes for most people, regardless of their health. In addition, it also provides more convenience for fast cycling to work, school, on remote roads and wherever you need to go.

Based on my own experience and the ideas of other electric bike riders, I will show you 11 ways that electric bikes have unique uses compared to ordinary bikes!

1. You can ride farther and farther with batteries and motors

For most riders, this is the primary purpose of owning an electric bicycle. Electric bikes are easier to ride farther and farther than traditional bikes. Electric bikes are powered by batteries and then power the motors to help you pedal. Standard bikes can move forward only through your own efforts. c

Therefore, having electricity can definitely make riding easier and faster. In addition, you don’t have to feel tired quickly because you always have backup assistance. However, it is important to remember that the battery will eventually lose power.

Although it may be easier to ride longer and longer, you need to pay close attention to the battery level to avoid getting trapped during the ride! Most electric bikes can travel about 22-50 miles on a single charge, and sometimes even 80 miles (but only if the battery of your electric bicycle model can do this).

2. Electric bikes provide auxiliary pedals

Riding a standard bicycle can be exhausting. Although feeling your legs are burning is a sign of good exercise, sometimes you may just want to pedal without causing too much harm to yourself. Electric bikes use assisted pedaling options to make pedaling easier. You can add electric gears (usually on your left handlebar) to reduce pedaling effort while still driving at a good speed. By raising the electric gear, pedaling becomes easier and the bicycle can speed up.

Many electric bikes can be increased to 5 levels of pedal assist. When you consider how it feels when you turn on electric assist (for example, from level 0 to level 1), you can bet that being able to go to level 5 is almost unbelievable at first glance. On a standard bicycle, you can actually only ride as far as your body can bear. This may be 3 miles, 10 miles, or 30 miles, but it is very likely that your body or even your legs need to rest. On an electric bike, you can take a break while still covering a lot of ground. In addition, many electric bicycle models have an electric auxiliary accelerator that can propel the bicycle at an appropriate speed without stepping on the pedal.

3. Ride an electric bike to work or school faster

In this case, electric bikes have a direct purpose. This is a very effective and enjoyable way to go to work, school or around town, maybe to the grocery store! In some cases, you can actually get there faster by reducing traffic. It is more environmentally friendly than a car, not to mention that you can save gasoline and reduce traffic jams without having to stop at as many lights as possible. You can choose to return to the road or bike lane to get to where you need to go, and depending on where you live, this may be more efficient than driving.

You don’t have to worry about waiting for the bus or sitting next to strangers. And because it is much faster than walking or riding a standard bicycle, you may find it easier to give up driving frequently. You can even add a basket to the front or rear of the bike to store backpacks, briefcases or shopping bags.
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4. More flexible customization

Electric bikes have great flexibility in function, so they are more versatile than ordinary bikes. As with traditional bikes, you can adjust the seat, handlebars or pedals, and you can install a basket on the front or back to help you carry things. If you like this bike but the seat is uncomfortable, you can easily order a new seat separately and install it yourself. However, in terms of speed and motor, customized electric bikes are indeed different from standard bikes.

For example, if you are a thrill seeker or a professional bicycle rider, you can customize the speed of the electric bike to make it faster than usually allowed. This can be achieved by replacing the battery, motor and/or tires with better ones, or even reconnecting the LCD settings!

You can also purchase retrofit kits to customize your bike. The electric bicycle modification kit is a set of pre-packaged tools and items that can be installed on a traditional bicycle or installed on an electric bicycle after modification. These kits are a simple and effective option for electric bike users to purchase compatible parts in one go. Some kits may include a DIY kit with minimal parts, while other kits will include a complete kit of parts to make your electric bike top-notch. The cost of the conversion kit is approximately between US$500 and US$1,000. check it out.

5. Allow the disabled and the elderly to ride bikes

Once you ride an e-bike, you will realize that it is important for people with disabilities, injuries, or people with poor overall strength (such as the average elderly). For those who could not do it before, cycling, breathing fresh air and exercising suddenly become a reality. As mentioned earlier, electric pedal assist allows you to get where you want to go with less energy. However, with an electric bike, you can still get there!

In addition, as you get older, or if you have an injury or physical disability, getting the right amount of exercise can become more and more difficult. Maybe jogging makes your knees uncomfortable, and riding a standard bike is bad for your back. On electric bikes, it is much easier for the elderly and the disabled to ride bikes. Since electric bikes are larger and heavier than traditional bikes, it is important to be more careful when braking and turning to avoid injuries. If you are worried about your safety, a stepping electric bike may be a better choice because it is easier to get on and off the bike and put your feet on the ground.

This is something you might want to consider… an electric tricycle. These are three-wheeled tricycles suitable for adults. If you are not sure about the balance on a standard 2-wheel bike, you can buy an electric tricycle, which provides extra wheels to ensure stability (you don’t have to worry too much about balance).

6. Let you reach where you need to go faster than ordinary bikes

Electric bikes are definitely much faster than standard bikes! Although it depends on the power and battery level of the model you buy, the electric assist limit for most electric bikes is 20 miles per hour. However, depending on the terrain and how much you step on, you can reach about 30 miles per hour on some electric bikes.

The average electric bicycle (250W-750W) will reach the same general speed as 20-30mph, the fastest. However, the dedicated 3000W can reach nearly 50 mph (but staying below 30 mph is still the safest choice). Unless you are a professional and very healthy cyclist, you may not be able to run so fast on a standard bicycle.

7. You can reduce the cost of driving a car

Driving a car requires more work and expense than riding an electric bicycle. Cars often need to update old parts or repair damage, and these modifications may leave considerable holes in your wallet. Although you may need to replace the parts on the electric bike occasionally, its cost is much lower, and there are usually not many parts that need to be repaired.

Not to mention, it costs at least thousands of dollars to buy a new car, and most electric bikes are only in the range of 1,000 to 3,000 dollars. Natural gas is also becoming more and more expensive, and having to continue to refuel can be painful. If your car is dirty, you may take it to an expensive car wash. But your electric bicycle can be cleaned with a simple wipe.
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8. Exercise (in more places)

Many riders use their electric bikes to exercise, mainly because they can ride the bike almost anywhere. With the right bike, you can enjoy different terrains, paths and locations while exercising. Electric bikes can also become more motivation to climb the mountains, otherwise these mountains will be daunting or exhausting. With larger tires and pedal assistance, driving uphill is not a challenge. Therefore, you can exercise for longer and get more exercise because you will not overstretch yourself all at once.

But you need to find the right electric bicycle. Although you can get an electric mountain bike or off-road vehicle that allows you to ride on rugged terrain, you can also choose a hybrid electric bike that allows you to ride wherever you want. As a hybrid bike, it usually means that the bike is suitable for riding on the street, as well as on dirt roads, gravel, sand and even grass. Therefore, if you are riding on a paved road but find yourself riding on a bumpy road, you don’t have to worry about turning around and you can continue riding. And cycling on the street is not a problem.

9. Age limit for electric bikes

Electric bikes are made for adults. The original purpose is to get them from point A to point B, such as commuting to and from get off work. Therefore, it is important to remember that unlike ordinary bikes, there are age restrictions for riding and owning an electric bicycle. This age limit varies in different states in the United States, but most states require you to be 16 years old to ride a car.

However, in many European countries, the acceptable rider age is lower, mostly between 14-16 years of age. However, in some countries, the minimum minimum age is set at 12 years.

16 years old State: California, Arizona, Oregon, Florida, Tennessee; Country: Mexico, Canada
15 years old State: Hawaii, Georgia, Texas, Idaho, Minnesota; Country: Spain
14 years old State: Alaska; Country: Scotland, Ireland, England
12 years old Country: Japan, Italy, Portugal, Russia
Therefore, you really need to check the laws of your state or country before letting your child ride an electric bike.

However, if you or your child is old enough to ride an electric bike, this is an efficient, fun and safe way to go to school or work, especially if they don’t have a car! In addition, they will get more exercise and may enjoy exercise more than taking a bus or walking.

10. Environmental protection: improving air quality

Electric bikes also have environmental protection purposes. Because they are battery-powered, they do not emit any toxic gases into the environment. Therefore, you can choose to take an eco-friendly bicycle to go to work, buy groceries or visit friends instead of driving around releasing toxic chemicals into the air.

Moreover, the fewer modes of transportation people have to drive petrol cars and turn to green electric bikes, the better our air quality will be! Electric bikes are also less harmful to the road because they are much lighter than cars and have much smaller tires.

11. Leisure: more fun than ordinary bikes!

Don’t forget that one of the main reasons for riding an electric bike is that compared to traditional bikes, riding an electric bike can have more fun. Since electric bikes travel much faster than traditional bikes and usually have larger tires than traditional bikes, riding an electric bicycle feels more like riding a recreational motor vehicle than a bicycle, especially if your motorcycle has a powerful Engine.

In addition, while being able to ride long distances, it feels great to breathe in fresh air and nature, whether for exercise or if you like this way (just turn the pedal assist to level 5). Facts have proved that in addition to breathing fresh air, exercise is also beneficial to your emotional health. It will help you release endorphins, promote blood flow and reduce stress. Riding an electric bike will ensure that you spend more time exercising because it is fun.

Let’s face it, sometimes riding a standard bike can be frustrating, such as when you can’t climb a hillside, or when you travel a long distance and realize that you still need to return all the way. With an electric bicycle, you don’t have to worry about this and can focus more on enjoying the ride.

Electric bikes have many uses

In short, electric bikes are very different from ordinary bikes because they provide a variety of uses for riders. These include going to work or school faster, comfortable exercise methods, being able to ride farther and faster, and even reducing toxic emissions!

If you are looking for a new way of commuting or want a healthier lifestyle, we are here to help you. Visit our website to learn more about electric bikes and electric scooter or please leave information to us.