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11 reasons you should consider using an electric bike

11 reasons you should consider using an electric bike

using an electric bike

If you’re like me, then when you hear the word “motor bike” for the first time, you might think that this person says it’s crazy, because at first glance it doesn’t sound like a million-dollar idea. electric bicycle? Then you might as well buy a motorcycle, right? Oh, my dear cynical fellow, how wrong you are. I promise that you will not deny this idea at the end of this page. First, let us define an electric bicycle. In short, it is a bicycle with pedals and all parts, with a motor and a gearbox. By the way, here are 11 reasons you should consider using an electric bike.


Motorcycles are actually very convenient machines (we will tell you why this happens below), but if you want to own one, you should know a few things. The legal definition of this type of bicycle may vary depending on where you live; for example, in many provinces in Canada, bicycles and motorized bicycles are not legally different, but in other places such as France, they are regulated by mopeds and scooters (This means that the rider must be at least 14 years old and either have a driver’s license or take an exam in lieu of a driver’s license).

1-This is a quick way to speed up!

When you are riding a bicycle in traffic, one of the biggest sources of anxiety (except for riding a huge death machine, whose road rage tends to approach murderous people) is stopping and restarting—in other words, from a complete stop (Such as red light) traffic speed. This can consume a lot of energy, especially if you are unfamiliar with road bikes and/or your body is somewhat deformed.

Motor is a good assistant, allowing you to go from 0 to fast traffic, which means you don’t need to worry about blocking people behind you.

2-Big hill? no problem!

Ah, the steep slope. A nightmare known to cyclists all over the world. Even if you are not riding on the road, this is a huge hassle. I bet you at least once rode your bike across the hills, only to stop at the top to catch your breath and curse the existence of the hills. However, if you have an electric bicycle, the mountain is completely fine. In fact, one of the biggest selling points of motor bikes is their mountain climbing ability.


With the help of a motor, even the most forbidding nearby hills (or the most interesting hills, depending on whether you are up or down) cannot slow you down. Whether you use it with a pedal or rely only on a motor, you no longer have to exhaust yourself to climb the mountain.

3-It is great when you are tired!

Sometimes you just feel tired, even though cycling is usually not a particularly tiresome activity. It’s just that there are things that exhaust you. Well, don’t be afraid anymore. Electric bicycles can definitely make up for your lack of physical strength. The motor assist is great because you are still pedaling, so you are still doing sports, but you don’t have to put too much effort into it. Personally, I like to think this is a perfect feature when it’s too hot to go all out. Whether you are feeling sore, really tired, or just lazy, a motorcycle allows you to consume less energy while driving at the same efficiency level.

using an electric bike 

4-It is cheaper than a car!

Owning a car, especially for urban residents, is very expensive. First, you need to pay for gasoline. Filling up a tank of fuel for your car is expensive, and even if it is a fuel-efficient machine, the cost will still increase over time. It may cost you thousands or more each year. But this is not all. You need permission and registration. There are also parking fees to consider; they add up.


We have not even begun to consider expenses such as regular maintenance and repairs. Most household materials and some inexpensive accessories (such as bicycle tire pumps) can be used for regular bicycle maintenance. On the other hand, the daily maintenance cost of the car may exceed £100. Most importantly, if there is a problem with your car, it usually costs hundreds of pounds to pay for the repair. In the United States, ordinary households spend about 1.5% of their annual income on car repairs.


On the other hand, bicycle repairs are much cheaper. Although it may be expensive if you need to repair the engine, if the engine fails, it is still cheaper than repairing the car. However, most of the repair costs you get for your bike should be less than £50 (including labor prices).


Expensive is more than just repairing a car; it gets one first. The price of a bicycle is usually less than £2,000, and the price of a new car is usually more than £10,000; some brands do not sell any new car with a list price of less than £25,000. If the budget is tight, electric bicycles are a better choice than cars.

5-Safe (safer than a car)!

As we really like to tell everyone, riding a bicycle is safer than driving. We do not shy away from reminding you-almost all of my posts mention this. But for our informal readers, this is a failure: According to the World Health Organization, 1.24 million people died in accidents involving motorists in 2010.


Car accidents are one of the top ten causes of death in the world. The number of people who die in car accidents every day is staggering. Just look at these data! It is much safer to ride a bicycle. People often think that bicycles are unsafe, and point out the rare cases of cyclists being killed on the road, but claiming that bicycles are unsafe is just hysterical. There are no arguable facts. It turns out that riding a bicycle is a safer choice than a car.


Motor bikes have the same safety advantages as cars, but are equipped with convenient motors to help you move forward. It also contributes to safety; most accidents between cyclists and motorists occur at intersections. Being able to keep up faster may help reduce the risk of accidents.

6-They are cool!

You know. When we were young, we used to stuff crushed soda cans over tires, so the sound of a bicycle sounds a bit like the roar of a motorcycle to us. Although a motor bike is different from a motorcycle, it can still provide you with the same experience. You can sit on the bike, start the motor, and feel like a bad rider while riding.


The best part is that it can give you this feeling without having to spend money on a motorcycle or obtain a license.


Style is one of the main reasons why we buy bicycles, cars, houses, clothes and other things. Style is important-you want something that looks good, and it will look good on or on. Style is important! Therefore, one of the great advantages of motor bikes is their fashion and coolness.

7-Fuel saving!

Suppose we are talking about specialized motorized bicycles with internal combustion engines (ICE), not electric bicycles. They do require fuel to drive the engine, but it is not large in number and can last for a long time. In other words, for the same efficiency as a car, it produces only a small part of the carbon dioxide. Some critics claim that for environmental reasons, a motorized bicycle with ICE violates the purpose of riding a bicycle, but in fact, the difference between a motorized bicycle and a car is still very large.


This is a compromise of environmental safety between cars and bicycles. In addition, electric bicycles are considered a type of motorized bicycles, and they are emission-free. Fully manual bicycles are better for the environment and there is no dispute, but motorized bicycles are runner-up.

using an electric bike 

8-This is a good stepping stone!

Have you considered riding a bicycle? If you’re overweight and ridiculously shaped like me (I’m a writer who cooks in my spare time, let me relax) then the idea of riding a bicycle instead of driving may not sound like a good idea. In fact, based on the amount of physical exertion you are used to, it sounds more like a self-whipping exercise than a leisurely cruise.


Well, bicycles don’t have to be so intimidating anymore, because motorized bicycles make the transition from driver to cyclist very easy (disclaimer: I’m not speaking from personal experience, my fat butt has never owned a car, And it’s always too poor for taxis, so riding a bike or walking is indeed my only choice).


One of the greatest benefits of an electric bicycle is that you can choose whether to push the bicycle manually, share the work with the motor, or relax and let the motor completely relax. This makes it very easy for people who are not accustomed to riding a bicycle.

9-This is a good motivation for exercise!

I have seen people jokingly saying that electric bicycles are “lazy bikes”. The irony is that an electric bike is actually a huge motivation for people to exercise instead of being lazy! You may be wondering what is going on. After all, with a motorcycle, you have a boost, which allows you to cruise and ride without any physical effort. After starting the motor, they can ride the bike without actual exercise, can they? Exactly.


If you exercise by bike, you may plan your route, and most people may not be too far from home because they worry that if they are too tired, they will be finished. After all, if you are too tired to continue cycling, but you are only 30 minutes away from home, you will have an unpleasant time. But electric bicycles can solve this problem.


You can ride your bike to your absolute physical limit, because when your legs start to feel like jelly and burning needles, it doesn’t matter how close you are to home. When your stamina is completely exhausted, you can use the motor. Or, you can use it more strategically, ride for a period of time, then control the motor to cruise for a period of time when you recover, and then switch back to full manual propulsion in the second half of the ride.

10-It makes carrying things easier!

Okay, yes, cargo bikes are great [link to cargo bike story], but come on. You really can’t bear such a heavy thing, can you? The extra weight would be too much, right? Incorrect. With the help of motors, you will be able to handle the increasing burden on cargo bikes. The motor on the cargo bike allows you to push the baby to the absolute limit. I want to bring a refrigerator and other heavy appliances. Enough groceries to feed a family of five. Heavy furniture.


If there is any form of motorized bicycle, you should definitely consider buying it. It is a motorized cargo bicycle. It makes cargo bikes more convenient.

11-They are really useful!

To be honest, even if you think you don’t need it, you should at least seriously consider buying an electric bike. Why? Because they are really convenient. Even if you don’t plan to rely on motors, they are great. If you are particularly groggy in the morning, they can make your commute to and from get off work easier. They can help you exercise better. Motor bikes are great for riding in traffic, helping you carry things, and over rugged hillsides.


When you need it, it’s an extra stimulus. When you feel lazy, this is a card that saves you from jail. It’s not that you need one, it just provides a very good backup for all those just in case. Once you have it, I can guarantee that you will use it more than you think.

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