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12 reasons to buy an electric scooter

12 reasons to buy an electric scooter

buy an electric scooter

Do you remember your childhood scooter? Many people miss this two-wheel or three-wheel device—whether it was made by dad in the garage or bought by grandma in the toy store. In the past few years, our favorite has returned in an upgraded version: the era of electric scooters has been born. Riding an electric scooter is good for our health and the environment around us. When you think about the benefits of electric scooter, you quickly realize that scooters provide a great mode of transportation. Compared with using a car, you buy an electric scooter is not just to save money. We can list many other reasons why scooters are an excellent alternative to everyday transportation. 

Electric scooters are conquering the streets, so they are particularly popular because they are considered environmentally friendly. In many countries, electric scooters have been a daily means of transportation in metropolitan areas for many years.

There is almost no difference between an optical scooter and a gasoline-powered scooter. Many manufacturers, including many unknown names, provide suitable mobile bases for every requirement. However, the sound is very different: the trembling engine is over. Quiet and surging electric motors with similar acceleration values provide propulsion.

This is why we have collected 12 reasons why you should seriously consider buying an electric scooter:

1. Very suitable for short trips

60% of cities travel less than 8 kilometers, and 70% of these short distances are covered by cars. Electric scooters are ideal for short trips, but they can also complement other forms of travel. Even if you only want to complete the first or last mile with a scooter, they are perfect because you don’t have a station or bus stop. Lucky nearby. Admit it, walking is not the most attractive option.

2. Reduce the chance of getting sick

The most common rebuttal when buying an electric scooter is that although it saves money, so does public transportation. In addition to being generally unreliable, the downside of public transportation is that you never know who you need to share these few square feet of space with. Rather than catch the virus on the bus, it is better to ride a scooter to work. The armrests, seats, pipes and rods on the door are the places where the human body is most susceptible to bacteria.

3. Stop looking for parking spaces

If you have a driver’s license, you are pretty sure you know “Ah, let’s drive, because it’s faster!” feels like. In fact, if you win, for example, 15 minutes, you will spend time cursing the stars in the sky, because you can’t find a parking spot, you will park elsewhere. Then you must walk to your final destination. If you are on a scooter, this is not a problem for you.

buy an electric scooter

4. Convenient and worry-free

Electric scooters may not be faster than cars, but at the same time, if there is not much traffic on urban roads, who likes to sit in a traffic jam, this is also very rare? With an electric scooter, this should not be a problem, because you can drive dynamically and easily, even between people.

5. Easy to carry

Fortunately, these devices are easy to fold and light weight and can be carried with you, so you don’t have to bother to take a bus or subway. Last but not least, you can easily store it in the corner of the office or under the desk in your home, you don’t need a garage or a separate parking space.

6. Environmental protection

As the problem of pollution becomes more and more urgent, people are increasingly trying to reduce the size of their ecological footprint.

Especially in cities where parking lots are scarce and the air is particularly polluted by exhaust gas, electric scooters have made environmental protection contributions in terms of mobility. On average, a car emits 164.2 grams of CO 2 per kilometer. Electric scooters do not emit CO 2 and consume very little electricity. On the other hand, electric scooters are very quiet and almost invisible even when driving. This improves the ride quality and reduces the impact on others.

For those who commute no more than 50 kilometers, it is worth buying. The cruising range of a fully charged electric scooter is between 50 and 100 kilometers-and it is still increasing. If you want to be safe, please bring a scooter charger to work and charge the battery on site.

Do you feel guilty for traveling alone in a car or bus? Most cars can carry 4-5 people, but trends indicate that on average, they can only carry a maximum of 2 people. Three people ride in a car.

Cars are getting heavier and heavier. Even the lightest car weighs more than 1,000 kilograms, which is nearly a hundred times that of electric scooters. This means that more energy must be used to produce them, and more fuel must be used to move them.

Although there are obvious pollutant emissions during the manufacturing process, electric scooters achieve zero emissions during operation, which is a more environmentally friendly alternative for most vehicles.

7. A great way to move more

It is wrong to assume that electric scooters do not require any physical activity. In fact, compared to using any other means of transportation (except bicycles), if you ride an electric scooter, you will move more. When driving an electric scooter, you are closer to the surrounding environment. The legs absorb tiny vibrations from the ground, and the shoulders help stabilize the electric scooter. The core muscles and back muscles will join when standing. Riding an electric scooter is a simple exercise in many ways, and it can naturally promote health.

Riding an electric scooter

8. Get to know your city better

One of the best ways to explore the city is to walk around instead of taking a car or bus. The view from the scooter is much more intimate than what we see from the car. In addition, the latter is limited to main roads. Use the scooter to learn about your city and its characteristics. Traveling to work will be an experience that does not take much time.

9. Smart investment

Some electric scooters are already very cheap-in fact, you can also buy them in your local supermarket now. However, when you choose the right scooter, you should keep in mind that cheap scooters are not necessarily reliable, they are often of poor quality, and are also equipped with inferior batteries, so you cannot plan for their durability in the long term. Disappointment is almost certain, so you will be back on the commute soon because your scooter is raising dust at the bottom of the closet.

However, buying a reliable electric scooter with high-quality batteries, brakes and tires can be a very cost-effective investment. Think about it! Whether you are maintaining a car, a scooter, or buying a public transport monthly pass, in the long run, the profit of choosing a scooter is much higher because its price will be rewarded many times over the years.

10. Convenient for charging at work

The time it takes to charge an electric scooter is often viewed as an obstacle by consumers. In fact, this is roughly equivalent to the time it takes to charge a smartphone or laptop.

Imagine what would happen if you worked at a gas station and refueled your car for free every day. Your supervisor may fire you soon. But charging a smartphone or electric scooter will not disturb anyone.

11. Low maintenance cost

All electric vehicles have the huge advantage of low maintenance costs. There is no need to change the oil, and there are very few moving parts that need to be replaced. A good quality scooter can be waterproof and dustproof, and can be used for a period of time without cleaning. In principle, you can compare the maintenance of an electric scooter with a bicycle. From time to time you can see whether the chain is still in place and whether the pedal is tight. Electric scooters do not require more effort. Regularly check the function of the battery and wheels. However, usually scooters have few separate built-in parts, so wear is usually very low. High workshop costs are not applicable, so it does not have to be included.

12. Keep calm

There is no doubt that electric scooters are cool. There are many unique and diverse designs and sizes on the market-so you will definitely find a style that suits your personality.

Final thoughts

Many people have known scooters since they were young, so using them will fill their souls with nostalgia. Those who don’t know about scooters should not be afraid. This is easier than driving a car or motorcycle, riding a bicycle or roller skating.

Well, so it is no longer difficult to understand why electric scooters are occupying the streets of the world’s largest cities. Not only do they provide exciting travel opportunities, but they are also ideal for short trips. They are lightweight and their foldable frame makes them portable and a perfect complement to public transportation. In addition to being fashionable, they are more cost-effective, convenient and “greener” than other alternatives.

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