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18 reasons why buy an electric bike now

18 reasons why buy an electric bike now

After hearing about the electric bicycle (e-bike) trend, you may want to know whether an electric bicycle is what you want or need. Of course I had a lot of questions before buying!

Therefore, before buying my first electric bike, I spent a lot of time researching the benefits of buying an electric bike. After all, they are very expensive and I want to know that I am making the right decision. I came up with 18 good reasons to buy one.

Here are some reasons why buy an electric bike: Not only can you get a lot of fun from riding an electric bike, but you can also save on the cost of driving a car, and you can go to places that are not normally reachable. Huge hills and a dirt road. In addition, no matter your size or weight, you can get good exercise, help protect the environment, and find the perfect electric bike model for you.

Why you should buy an electric bike now?

Although some reasons for buying an electric bike are more important to you than others, there are enough good reasons to help you make your decision to buy an electric bike.

Check out all the 18 reasons I found that helped my husband and I decide to buy an electric bike, and why it’s a good idea to buy one now.

1. The electric bike runs fast!

You won’t believe how fast you can actually ride an electric bike. Today, most electric bicycles can reach 20 mph by pedaling, while other electric bicycles can reach 28 mph with a more powerful motor.

However, don’t treat it as a motor vehicle. It will not approach the speed of a motorcycle! However, it is definitely faster than selling standard bicycles. On a regular bicycle, the average person must go downhill to reach 20 mph or higher.

However, electric bicycles allow you to drive at 20 mph or more when going straight or uphill. This is thanks to the help of its motors, which may range from 250 watts to 750 watts.

2. They are easier to ride than non-electric bicycles

Electric bicycles not only allow you to ride faster, but you also don’t have to make too much effort to ride an electric bicycle. Just start stepping on the pedal and the motor will start, pushing you forward in an easier way.

Electric bicycles can easily make you move through this “pedal assist” function. This is very beneficial because it helps the rider spend more time on the bike. There is no longer any reason to be afraid of going too far or getting tired.

3. Your electric bike will make you climb every mountain

The truth is this… you probably won’t be able to ride a bike up steep hills without being overly tired or giving up. It’s no fun to push your bike to the rest of the mountain. Or worse, you might even avoid trying to climb the mountain.

Unfortunately, this does limit where you can ride. For many years, I have a very good bicycle, but almost no one has used it because I can’t even leave my neighbors. When I’m tired, it’s even harder to go home!

Now I can ride every mountain I need. Sometimes I even challenge myself to climb a very large mountain just for fun.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest reasons why you should buy an electric bike now. You will soon ride to places you never thought of.

why buy an electric bike

4. Buy an electric bike for exercise right away

What is better than having fun while exercising? Don’t listen to opponents who don’t understand how electric bicycles work. They may tell you that riding an electric bike is not really exercise.

But do you think they rode 20-40 miles in a single bike ride? maybe not. Even if you get a little help from the motor, trampling requires effort. You only need to burn calories in 15-20+ miles of easy riding, not 3-10 miles of hard work.

Riding an electric bike is really the best of both worlds…you can do fun sports without making you feel like you want to fall to the ground after doing it.

5. One of the top reasons you should buy electric bikes: they are much cheaper than cars

You may think that it is impossible for you to give up your car. I don’t suggest you give up. However, once you start riding an electric bike, you will realize how easy it is to get to where you have been by car.

Whether you ride to work, go to the grocery store, or go to college, you can save on gas, maintenance, and car wear and tear. Since your electric bicycle battery only needs to be charged, you don’t have to buy gasoline or send your car for repairs because you drive less often.

Although buying an electric bike is an investment, spending $1,500 to buy an electric bike will save you thousands of dollars. Your substitute? Buying a very old used car worth $5,000, the first time it needs to be repaired, it may cost as much as a bicycle!

6. Electric bicycles are safer than ordinary bicycles

At first glance, many people may be worried about the safety of electric bicycles because of the motor and speed of electric bicycles.

However, riding an electric bike is actually safer than riding a non-electric bike, at least after you know how to use the throttle. This is because you can speed up quickly and free yourself from dangerous situations.

This is especially true if you live or work in large cities or highly congested areas with heavy traffic. After stopping at the traffic light, you can speed up at the intersection to keep up with the traffic. This allows you to stay visible and allows you to leave the intersection faster when other vehicles are accelerating quickly. Crossroads are common places for accidents.

This is another reason why electric bicycles are safer than standard bicycles you might not think of. Because it is electric, it will continuously power the lights you are connected to, making it brighter and stronger than ordinary battery-powered lights on ordinary bicycles.

7. Electric bicycles are more environmentally friendly

When the earth is in danger, it is difficult not to focus on protecting the environment. However, even if you have not considered the impact of electric bicycles on the environment, you must know that its negative impact is much less than that of any car.

Since they are powered by batteries, they do not release potentially toxic gases into the air.

So, go green! The more you ride your electric bike, the more it will help the environment…and the less you drive.

8. The new law legalizes electric bicycle riding

For many years, electric bicycles have only been misunderstood. Since electric bicycles have never been ridden, the authorities call them “mopeds” and assume that they can only be ridden on bicycle lanes.

Fortunately, the recently enacted press law recognizes them as bicycles in many states. They are now classified according to power levels and allow driving on trails and bike lanes in many state and federal recreation areas.

Just make sure to check your state’s laws and the area you wish to ride before assuming it’s ok.

Therefore, if you have considered buying an electric bicycle in the past, but did not consider it because you can’t ride where you want to go, you may be surprised. This may be an important reason why you should buy an electric bicycle now!

9. Big guys can ride too

My electric bike has a payload of 275 pounds, as do most high-quality bikes. In addition, there are bicycles suitable for riders of all sizes. Most websites have size specifications on their sales pages.

If they don’t, and you are not a person of medium build, then honestly, I would even consider ordering that bike online.

Nothing is more important than being comfortably mounted on your bike. After all, you will be riding a long distance. If you feel like you are a giraffe on a toy, your feet will not be placed on the pedals correctly, making it more difficult to keep pedaling.

Also, if you are taller and have relatively short arms, you may find that your torso is too far from the handle, which means you will have to lean more.

The key is to make sure you know the size of the bike before buying. If you look closely, you can definitely find the correct size and weight requirements.

why buy an electric bike

10. Electric bicycles are now also suitable for short-distance riders

Yes, I have to put the reason for buying an electric bicycle entirely on my own. I’ve been listening to false “one size fits all” claims all my life. I am only 5 feet 2 inches and try to drive many cars that cannot be safely stepped on the accelerator or brake pedal.

So, when buying an electric bicycle, the first thing you should consider is “Am I suitable?”, but the good news is…there are bicycles suitable for short riders!

11. You should buy an electric bike immediately, because the new generation is better

Electric bicycles have evolved! Many companies that have been around for a while have added amazing features to make riding easier and more enjoyable.

Now they have actually created the 4th generation of some of their models, which means they are always improving them. Would you prefer to buy a 4th generation model, which also has a lot of reviews instead of a model you have never heard of before?

In addition, current bicycles are equipped with powerful headlights, adjustable handlebars, and more powerful motors and batteries. Some bicycles can even be folded! Therefore, there are a lot of new features to look at.

12. Now there are many electric bicycle models that can meet your needs

In addition, you don’t have to choose from several different bicycles. You can spend hours researching them online, trust me.

In addition to choosing different colors and styles, different bicycles also have different options. Therefore, you can really choose the bike that suits you best. You don’t have to settle down!

13. You can ride farther and farther

Today’s electric bicycle batteries are so powerful that they can allow the average rider to travel more than 22-50 miles without having to recharge.

Some can obviously go further, but you are unlikely to need it. But there is no doubt that you can go on a full day outing on most bicycles without worrying about losing battery.

This means you can go out on remote trails, and even bike to other towns if you want. no problem.

14. E-bikes are easy to park

No matter where you are or where you go, you can park your electric bike. It is almost always free to park, and you can always find a space.

You might drive for 20 minutes in a city block and try to park. But you can usually park the electric bicycle in front of the building you are going to.

So not only can you save time (and you don’t have to leave work 20 minutes earlier), but you don’t have to walk half a mile to return when it’s dark.

And, think about how nice it is to drive directly to a popular park, lake or beach without having to look for a parking spot.

15. You can insure your electric bicycle

Really, you can! If you are like me, one of the first things to consider when considering buying an electric bike is how to ensure its safety.

I still find it unbelievable, but you can actually buy insurance specifically for your electric bike. Just search online for “how to insure an electric bike” and you will find several lists.

However, before purchasing a separate insurance, be sure to check what your current home and car insurance provides if your bike is stolen.

16. You can ride an electric bike in the mud

You don’t need to be an “off-road rider” to take your electric bike off the road. But you do need to have the right bicycle and tires.

Just like ordinary bicycles, some electric bicycle models are more suitable for riding on the road, while others are made for dirt.

Therefore, if you run out and buy an electric bicycle now, you definitely want to know what your bicycle’s main purpose is. Having said that, many bicycles can be driven on both roads and dirt roads

17. You will feel better

I am not a healthcare professional, but people have long known that exercise can reduce stress. Riding an electric bicycle can provide enough physical exertion to eliminate stress.

If you commute by bike, endorphins are released every day, which makes you feel ready for the next day.

In addition, if you are an elderly person, you will get all of the above and perform the required daily exercises in a simple and enjoyable way…without too much effort.

18. The first reason you should buy an electric bike now is: You will have a great time!

Well, maybe I should list it as the number one reason to buy an electric bike today. However, sometimes you have to save the best for last.

But seriously, you might decide to buy an electric bike just for fun! I don’t think you will talk to anyone, even those who mainly use bicycles to commute to work, don’t think cycling is an excitement.

why buy an electric bike

Why are electric bicycles so popular?

Due to all the benefits of riding an electric bicycle, electric bicycles have become very popular.

They allow many people who are unable to ride a bicycle due to lack of strength, age or disability into the world of cycling. Almost everyone, regardless of body size, can ride in a relaxed way and get where they need to go in time.

In addition, electric bicycles allow strong, physically active people to go faster, farther, and have more fun!

What should I pay attention to when buying an electric bicycle?
First, consider your main reason for buying an electric bicycle. Do you want to commute to work or ride a bike to work? Or is it for exercise or entertainment purposes?

Once you know the answer to this question, you should look for features that will allow you to ride your new electric bike easily and happily.

Therefore, according to the size and motor power, find an electric bicycle that is easy to ride, and can meet your needs through battery charging.

Of course, you also need to consider the cost. You can find a great bike in the mid-price range, it has a strong company warranty, and a large number of valid user reviews have been collected over time.

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