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20-inchsmallfattireelectricbicycle with500w-Shuangyeebike


20-inch small fat tire electric bicycle with 500w

20-inch small fat tire electric bicycle with 500w/750W

Do you want to try fat tire electric bicycle, but stop before its height and wheel size, because they make you feel riding unsafety? Actually, most of fat tire electric bicycles use 26-inch fat tire or more as a standard on account of fat tire ebikes are used to off road on the mountain or on the beach and rugged terrains. And here I will recommend you one 20-inch high power fat tire electric bicycle with high power which are from Shuangye.

First, I will introduce one newly high power fat tire electric bicycle. Its bike frame that made up 6061 aluminum alloy that withstand more impact than you imagine, make the bike more light, durable and rest resist. But the bicycle can loading 120kgs. In order to meet most riders requirements, there are PAS and throttle as initiating mode, so there are three riding mode you can choose, E-Bike mode, Pedal assist mode and Pedal mode. One of them riding mode can bring you different riding fun.

The 20-inch fat tire electric bicycle also come equipped with powerful 48V 500W/750W rear hub brushless electric motor. The motor to deliver high power and high speed when you need it. Though the electric bicycles have a motor, you also can turn it into a non-electric bike when the battery run out of power or wnat to pedal the electric bicycle. The max speed is 35km/h~40km/h of 500W motor power and 40km/h~45km/h of 750W motor power, high power motor will give you different high speed riding experience.

The 48V 10AH / 13AH lithium-ion battery was equipped on the frame of the fat tire electric bicycle with locked, and the charge time is 4-6 hours which is shorter than other electric bicycle. So you can ride 60km or 80km on every full charge. And this battery is removable, so you can remove it by key easily and take indoors when you worry the electric bike battery was stole by thefts.

20-inch high power fat tire electric bicycle is a Fun, Fast and Rugged ride, and fat tire can handle a variety of terrains. According to customers feedback that the bicycle are great for commuting and coastal trails, as well as urban adventures. The fat tire electric bicycle is based on customers requirements to design, you will feel safe and confidence when you ride it. And this bike’s wheel was use low rolling resist fat tire, it will make you riding feeling as same as nornal tire.

Besides, The high power fat tire electric bicycle adopt suspension front fork which allowed to adjust 100mm range. In order to riders know the bicycle biking real-time information, this bicycle equipped with a big screen LCD display that installed in the center of the handlebar, you can know the remain battery power, temperature, riding speed, real-time motor power and so on. There is also another smaller LCD display you can choose. Based on the information, you can adjust your riding plan. We also have seat quick release which can adjust the seat post depend on you height and need.

If you want to more detail information about this 20-inch high power fat tire electric bicycle, you can leave a message below or contact us freely. If you want browse more electric bikes, visit our Official Website.


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