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2018 Latest takeaway electric bike 36v 250w 45L Takeout box

2018 Latest takeaway electric bike 36v 250w 45L Takeout box

We shuangye participated in the 28th China International Bicycle Expo (Shanghai) and released our latest takeaway electric bike at the show. This electric bike is equipped with a 45L take-out box that can hold up to 3 hours.

Delivery box uses EPP material, EPP is non-toxic and odorless, can be recycled 100%, no odor, EPP light weight, good elasticity, shock resistance, high deformation recovery rate. It is totally different from the ordinary foam material. Its light weight at the same time more reflects the compressive ability, the measured pressure more than 200 kg. Give guests the best taste and experience, can be insulated or refrigerated, external waterproof

EPP box adopts one-piece molding, high sealing performance, superior body Heat preservation performance with super Heat preservation properties, and measured Heat preservation effect for 6~8 hours. Completely meet any meal delivery needs. (both hot and cold, cold send to use with ice bags)

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