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electric mountain bike

26 inch 36v alloy frame mountain bike electric A6AB26

36v 250w/350w brushless motor

36V10AH Lithium battery

Aluminum alloy frame

suspension aluminum fork

front and rear 160 disc brake

Shimano 21 Speed

LCD Display

Product Details

26 inch 36v mountain bike electric

High performance, well balanced, full suspension mountain bike electric with motor and battery kept low and center

Beautiful frame design mountain bike electric with integrated wires and cables with bottle cage braze ons, motor produces some noise and is less stealth than some geared hubs

Center motor reduces unsprung weight (ideal for full suspension) and makes servicing wheels and tires easier

26 inch 36v mountain bike electric specifications: Shuangye 36v 250w/350w brushless motor,36V10AH Lithium battery,Aluminum alloy frame,suspension aluminum fork,front and rear 160 disc brake,Shman 21 Speed,LCD Display.