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26″ e mountain bike with adjustable stem riser A6AH26

Frame: 6061 aluminum alloy
Motor: 500w/750w brushless motor
Battery: 48v 10ah removable lithium battery
Max Speed: 30 - 45km/h
Max Range: 40-60 km
Tyre: 26"*1.95/26"*2.35
Max Load: 120-150kgs
Charging time: 5-7 hours
Gear: 7/9/21/27 gears
Stem Riser: Adjustable

Product Details Specification

26″ e mountain bike adjustable stem riser

This e mountain bike uses adjustable stem riser, which is installed on 26-inch e-bike make the mountain electric bike is equivalent to 27.5-inch electric bicycle. Compared with common, adjustable stem riser is more flexible. And match with a wider 26*2.35 inch tyres. You also can choose standard tyres 26″*1.95 inch depend on your using needs.

e mountain bike

Detail Image 

e mountain bike

A 500w motor was installed on e mountain bike’s rear wheel to enhances propulsion, it is easy to reach a max speed 35-40km/h. Even if on mountain hilly road, rugged trails or flat street, mountain electric bike with 500w electric motor always provide enough power for riders to meet their cycling needs.

e mountain bike

48v large capacity lithium battery make this electric mountain bike can ride a 40-60km max range on single charge. It is so convenient to charge the battery because of removable design. Just take out the battery with key and find a socket to charge with the supplied charger, and wait for about 5-7 hours charging time.

e mountain bike

A LCD display on the center of handle bar to bring the best vision effect for riders. Except 5-level PAS and front light indication, there are also more data of best electric mountain bike, for example,  motor power, remain battery, total trip, temperature, max speed and more. It also have waterproof feature, even if it is raining, you are not afraid of water seeping in and damaging the display.

e mountain bike

Compared with common, adjustable stem riser is more flexible. Its length is 110mm and max adjustable range is from 30° to -20°. It is easy to adjust the angle of riser by yourself, which is make you more comfortable while cycling.

e mountain bike

Match with 26 inch wheels but use 2.35 inch tyres wider than 1.95 inch standard tyres. Make e mountain bike cycling more steady, and over on more terrains easily. 

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