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26-inch electric commuter bike with hydraulic brake

26-inch electric commuter bike with hydraulic brake

A majority of people often cycling electric bikes to commute or go out. This is a electric bike suitable for people who living in urban city or not far away from workplace to commute or go out every day. The electric commuter bike beautifully designed, with very fashion modern styling.

Shuangye A5AH26 electric commuter bike with hydraulic brake is a Fun, Fast and Rugged ride, and can handle a variety of terrains in city. Frist the electric commuter bike made of aluminum alloy frame. Making the frame of mountain electric bike more light, corrosion resistance and durability to extend the longevity of the electric bikes. And the 26 inch wheels on electric bike more suit for every person, not only ladies and men,  but also younger or elder. And the rim of wheels also made up aluminum alloy.

Second, the shape of frame suit commuters who might worried about to having to change clothes during an arduous commute in on their bike. This electric bike makes everything easy, and simple enough that you could ride to work in your work clothes and not fear getting too hot and sweaty. It  looks more energetic when riding!

Third, the battery is a big part on electric commuter bike. The removable 36V, 10AH Ion lithium conceal battery, custom battery pack design fits neatly into the down tube but can be charged on or off the frame. Equipped with smart lithium battery charger can make you ride up to 40-60 kms under fully charging. Easy Charge Port System makes it charge easily. The 350W motor is high efficiency and stable high speed. And this brushless motor gives riders having a quite riding surrounding and easily assists you to travel at the 25 mph road speed limit.

Fourth front and rear hydraulic disc brake for reliable all-weather stopping power. And it is more convenience for you easier maintain and it requires minimal day to maintenance as there is much less likelihood of contaminated cables or of a cable snapping. The hydraulic disc brake can self adjust for brake and quite cleverly, so you do not have to wind in barrel adjusters or re-tension cables. It is suitable for busy person and commuters who dislike to maintain their electric bike frequently but often cycling.

Fifth the electric commuter bike equipped with a LCD screen display, which is one part of hydraulic disc brake different from mechanical disc brake. Electric capacitor induction, motor power display, riding speed, trip distance, PAS level and cruise function, backlight and headlight display sign, motor operating temperature on the LCD. You can know some information about the electric commuter bike while riding and turning on the LCD. So, you can adjust the riding speed and the LCD was installed on the center of handle more easy to see.

Later the suspension front fork made up aluminum alloy with lockout and it adjustable range is 100mm and seat quick release, you can adjust the seat post and handlebar height depend on your like and your need. There are rust resistant chain, comfortable saddle, derailleur and 1:1 pedal assistant system, a small 3W LED front light with USB mobile phone charging port. We also allow battery voltage and motor power to be customized based on this electric bike model.

If you want to know more detail information or some question about electric commuter bike, please write down and contact us freely!