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27.5*2.35 inch bafang motor high capacity battery bikes

27.5*2.35 inch bafang motor high capacity battery bikes

Compared with 24-inch, 26-inch standard bike tire, some people want their battery bikes have bigger size tire. Someone want to own an e-bike with 27.5-inch tire, and someone want to an e-bike with 28-inch or 29-inch. In general situation, 27.5-inch and 29-inch tire use in mountain battery bikes, and 28-inch tire is more common in city battery bikes. Because common 27.5 bike tire is 1.95 inch wide. If anyone want to bigger and wider tire, don’t miss this 27.5*2.35 bike tire battery bikes.

Why people will prefer to choose 27.5*2.35-inch tire battery bikes? What the advantages of it? The wheel’s rotational inertia becomes larger, and the tire wider make the bike more conducive to maintain the steady while riding. That is why people like to choose 27.5*2.35 inch tire to their battery bikes. 27.5*2.35-inch electric battery bikes are more suitable for those who enjoy a slow but like stable speed riding journey. And it can pass the rugged roads easily, improve the vehicle’s pass-ability and off-road ability. So this bikes can being a city ebike or moutain ebike depend on your needs.

Motor power and battery capacity must be two consideration things when you perpare to buy electric battery bikes. This bike come with a strong driving force 48V 500W/750W bafang brushless motor, which is a famous motor manufacturer brand, make your bike reach up to 35km/h-40km/h max speed depend on which motor power you choose on your bike. 48V 10AH/13AH/14AH lithium-ion battery, a variety of battery capacities for you to opt. The battery features power lock function and removable. Just turn your key, and you can choose lock the battery on the bike or bring the battery in your home or office to recharge it and a single recharge time is 6-8 hours.

Aluminium alloy frame with linear design make this electric bike for sale more fashion and modern, and enjoy the individual independent space and the city scenery. There are three riding modes, one is E-Bike mode to assist you to travel up to about 40kms on one single charge, another one is Assist Pedal mode can help you travel to 60kms. The last mode is Pedal mode, it means that you can pedal this electric bike for sale like a normal bike when you don’t use E-Bike mode and Pedal mode or ran out of battery power. A new design rear light, it can flashing when you braking, so it is great to ensure your safety at night riding.

The display system mounted on the electric battery bikes and you can know your bike’s real time information while biking. Unlike other company battery bikes, it used LCD digital screen display system to maximize your view comfort and know more information. Like distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, real time motor power, pedal assist level, front light sign, error sign and so on. So you can know more bike’s information, not like other bikes just show power display, constant speed cruise, three-speed cycle display. According to this information, you change riding mode and speed easily to keep riding longer.

Riding this battery bike to go for an outing, a tour, across the city and over the mountains, it’s easy to be there. Change the way you ride, battery bikes let the ride be whatever you want. If you want a exercise around the neighborhood everyday or at weekend, this bike would be a great option.

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