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3 different types of mid-drive electric bike sale

3 different types of mid-drive electric bike sale

On electric bike market, there are two most common electric bike styles used in today. There are not only hub motor electric bikes in the market, but also the mid-drive motor electric bikes are very popular in many countries and districts for more. And there are many types mid-drive motor electric bike sale for you choose.  

Why someone will choose to buy an mid-drive motor electric bike sale not hub motor electric bike sale? From some aspect, mid-drive motor electric bike is more convenience when you want to replace bike wheels. As we all know, owning a electric bike will shorten the time you to work, shop, do other thing you want to, and help your save more energy while you riding. Don’t doubt and never regret! That will be a good helper for you in your daily life. Next show you 3 different models of mid-drive motor electric bike sale, all from Shuangye.

A6AH26MD mid-drive motor electric bike sale

Most of mid-drive electric bike sale was used a mountain bike frame design, and the same for this mid-drive electric bike which I am going to recommend to you. If you don’t know this bike used mid-drive motor, maybe you will think it just a normal bike. It adopted hidden battery and mid-drive motor, if you are first time to see an electric bike, maybe you will feel amazing. The 36V battery and 250W/350W motor can make the bike travel up to 40-60km and get up to 25km/h-30km/h. But some coutries and districts in Europe the max speed of electric bike is limited.

And this bike used common 26-inch wheel, so it is so very convenient to replace the wheel rim. Because you do not consider the motor, change the rim just you like. 3W front light mounted on the bike, make ensure your night riding have a bright view. Rider can know the bike real time information through LCD diplay while riding, like real time motor power, remaining battery, riding speed, trip distance, PAS lever, headlight display sign and erro sign.

A6AB26MD mid-drive motor electric bike slae

Bottle battery is common battery type on the hub motor electric bike, but this bottle battery electric bike sale used mid-drive motor. Compared with A6AH26MD, just battery types different, one is hidden battery, another is bottle battery. The 36v 8ah/10ah battery and 250w/350w mid-drive motor can make the bike travel up to 40-60km and get a boost to 25km/h-30km/h. The bike is a good choice for those who want to use this bike for commuting, short-distant riding and off road. The 26-inch standard wheel is suitable for most of people, if you want bigger size wheel, there are 27.9-inch and 29-inch.

For your safety and riding convenience, this bike also equipped with all-weather using 160 mechanical disc brake and bright 3W front light to make ensure a riding view. And a big size screen LCD display mounted on the center of handlebar to show rider remaining battery, real-time motor power, pedal assist level and so on. So you can know the bike working information while riding.

A5AH26MD mid-drive motor electric bike sale

The third mid-drive motor electric bike sale is a urban type. Unlike the first one and second one, this bike is more suitable for biking in city and countryside. The hidden battery and mid-drive motor make bike appearance is similar with normal bike, so it must be a beauty scenery on the street in city. 36v battery just need 5-7 hours charging time and 250w motor provides 25km/h max speed. There are 3 riding modes, E-Bike mode, Pedal assist mode and Bike mode. If you want the bike battery can use longer, why do not you try to combine E-bike mode and Pedal assist mode. And this bike is a good choice for beginner. This bike has two choice of wheel size, 26-inch and 28-inch. 

If you want to know more information about one of mid-drive motor electric sale, please leave a message below. You can also browse other electric bikes on our Official Website.