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36v 48v lithium battery pack for electric bike

36v 48v lithium battery for electric bike

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36v 48v lithium battery pack for electric bike

When choosing a battery for your electric bike, not only is the weight important but the volume is also important. You want your pack as small as possible so its easy to stow and easy to hide. So therefore you should consider you battery’s volume, not just its weight. For sure you need to go with a lithium chemistry and not an old school heavy and large Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) or Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) chemistry. lithium batteryThere are two prevalent ideas in pack constructing in these modern days…one is to use larger pouch-like soft cells to construct the pack. The stealthiest battery chemistry by far is LiPo, large cells with power-dense cobalt in the anode chemistry, such as what comes in Hobby King cells. Here is what I mean by “large cell” LiPo. These are soft pouches and large. When you use a pack made of these it will consist of fewer wired together cells than if you use small cylinder cells.battery Lipo batteries are currently the “hottest” battery choice for electric bike enthusiasts. LiPo batteries are the most power-dense type of  battery available to electric bike riders today. The problem is that LiPo battery packs for electric bike are hard to find, especially one with high output,than shuangye lithium battery,shuangye battery development industry for 10 years, for you to solve these problems

Model Shuangye lithium battery for elelctric bike
Size(mm) 60*130*160mm
Available capacity >95%
Capacity 36v10Ah
Discharge voltage 42v-31v
Discharge current 10A-20A
Cut-off voltage 30±1v
Brust discharge current 20A
Material Li-poly
Cycle life(pack) 600 cycles 0.5C>60%
Lasting distance 36v10Ah 36v250w brushless motor about 40-50km
Operating temperature -20~55'C
Charging time About 4-6h
Charge method CC/CV