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36v/48v 8AH/9AH/10AH/11AH/12AH/15AH


shuangye 36v 48v electric bicycle battery

widely used in electric equipments:
1. Electric vehicles, such as e-bike, bicycle, motorcycle, cleaning car, sight seeing trolley, bus, golf car etc.
2. Solar energy storage equipment or wind energy storage equipment.
3. Electric toys: remote control car, plane, bus etc.
4. Light: emergency light, warning light, cap-lamp and UPS
5. It also can be used in medical equipment and portable instrument.
The Advantages
1. Fast charging:
2. Large overcharge tolerance and safer performance
3. Self balance
4. Simplifying battery management system (BMS) and battery charger
5. Longer cycle life
6. High temperature performance electric bike7electric bike6electric bike8

Model Shuangye ebike bottle battery
Size(mm) D90*L315/325mm
Available capacity >95%
Capacity 36v 8AH/9AH10AH/11AH/12AH/15AH
Material Li-poly
Cycle life(pack) 600cycles 0.5C>60%
Max charge current 2A
DischargeVoltage 42v-31v
Color silver/black
Discharge current 10A-20A
Burst discharge current 20A-30A
Operating temperature -20~55'C
Charging time About 4-6h
Charge method CC/CV