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electric bike battery

36v electric bike lithium battery

Ebike lithium battery

Lithium battery for electric bicycle

Capicity:36V 8AH/9AH/10AH/11AH/12AH


Lithium Polymer cells, used mostly in the e-bike community, generally have a lighter weight per watt-hour, and they have a high percentage of cobalt in its anode, which makes them very power-dense (lots of amp-hours in a small package) and also capable of very high amps of discharge (for high performance). Single cell LiPos are connected together in series to form a battery pack.

The word “polymer” in its name merely means the electrolyte is a gel instead of a fluid or solid. We use the term LiPo because that is what most catalogs call them when you are shopping for them.

1 cell = 3.6 volts (nominal voltage, the average voltage across the entire ride)

10S = 36V    13S =48V

ebike battery2ebike battery3Silver fish lithium battery widely use in city electric bike,portable design and easy to use.ebike battery4

36V ebike lithium battery

ModelShuangye ebike silver fish battery
Available capacity>95%
Capacity36V 8AH/9AH/10AH/11AH/12AH
Cycle life(pack)600 cycles 0.5C>60%
Burst discharge current10A-20A
Charge voltage42v±0.01v
Cut-off voltage30v±1v
Lasting distance36v250w brushless motor
Operating temperature-20~55'C
Charging timeAbout 4-6h
Charge methodCC/CV