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48V green power ebike lithium battery

Lithium battery pack for electric bike

max capactiy 48v 15AH

CE and MSDS certaficate



A lithium battery pack is a set of any number of (preferably) identical batteries or individual battery cells. They may be configured in a series, parallel or a mixture of both to deliver the desired voltage, capacity, or power density. The term battery pack is often used in reference to RC hobby toys and battery electric bikes. Components of battery packs include the individual batteries or cells, and the interconnects which provide electrical conductivity between them. Rechargeable battery packs often contain a temperature sensor, which the battery charger uses to detect the end of charging. Interconnects are also found in batteries as they are the part which connects each cell, though batteries are most often only arranged in series strings. When a pack contains groups of cells in parallel there are differing wiring configurations which take into consideration the electrical balance of the circuit. Battery regulators are sometimes used to keep the voltage of each individual cell below its maximum value during charging so as to allow the weaker batteries to become fully charged, bringing the whole pack back into balance. Active balancing can also be performed by battery balancer devices which can shuttle energy from strong cells to weaker ones in real time for better balance. A well-balanced pack lasts longer and delivers better performance.battery1An advantage of a battery pack is the ease with which it can be swapped into or out of a device. This allows multiple packs to deliver extended runtimes, freeing up the device for continued use while charging the removed pack separately. Another advantage is the flexibility of their design and implementation, allowing the use of cheaper high-production cells or batteries to be combined into a pack for nearly any application. At the end of product life, batteries can be removed and recycled separately, reducing the total volume of hazardous waste. battery Designed for electric bikes these ultra-high performance batteries will provide up to 600 cycles at 60% depth of discharge. That’s 175 additional cycles when compared to general purpose batteries. View Series Cycle Life Graph here.Not all batteries are created equal, for Superior Performance in deep discharge applications choose shuangye Electric bike Batteries.

Model Shuangye lithium battery pack
Size(mm) 360*110*90mm
Available capacity >95%
Capacity 48v15ah
Material Li-poly
Cycle life(pack) 600 cycles 0.5C>60%
Burst discharge current 20A
Charge voltage 54.6v-41v
Cut-off voltage 41v±1v
Lasting distance 48V15Ah range about km
Operating temperature -20~55'C
Charging time About 6-8h
Charge method CC/CV