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5 popular electric bike for girl

5 popular electric bike for girl

Electric bike for girl are now part of market. There were many factors contributing to this decision. The first is the change in many countries of using bike for transportation. Some countries are advocate using bike, some of girls and women choose an electric bike to instead of vehicle traveling. And with electric bike sharing popping up in cities people can rent now electric bikes for the day. Although the models of electric bike for girl are not many, it is also an essential part in electric bike market. Next we recommend five popular electric bike for girl.

If the appearance of electric bike is your one of the buying conditions, here are (A5AH26) electric bike for girl with a hidden battery design. This is a super flexible and surprisingly powerful about city electric bike. The choice of two different capacity batteries gives the choice of two different maximum ranges. The small capacity battery will give you about 40km while the larger one should reach 50km. And its standard is installed 26 inch wheel, you can also equipped with 24-inch wheel which is maybe more suitable for girl biking.

If you not only want to fat tire wheels, but also like to buy an mountain electric bike. A6AH20F must be the great choice for you, all of it meet your needs. This fat tire electric bike for girl is equipped with 20-inch small KENDA fat tire wheels. It can assist you ride on different terrains, like hilly areas or flat areas. And this bike also have two different motor power for you choose, 250-watt and 350-watt depend on your requirements. If you just use it in city, 250-watt power is enough for your daily traveling.

A1-7 folding electric bike for girl is all about portability,  its foldable frame design means you’ll be getting a bit of convenience if carrying it into train or bus. You can get mechanical disc brakes and 20-inch KENDA wheels, which roll well and provide ample comfort. The power comes from a motor in the rear hub, which offers 250 watts of assistance, and lasts for 30km on E Bike mode. And this bike battery used 36V 8AH lithium battery takes around five or seven hours to finish charge. Folding bikes are a great choice for girls who need to store their bikes in small apartments, or bring their bikes inside to keep them safe during the workday.

Shuangye A3AL28 electric bike for girl adopted classic city bike frame design and offers a super comfortable ride, as it should be considering it’s dedicated to touring and commuting and used 28-inch big size wheels. For your safety on the road, it also the choice of two different brake system, one is V-brake system, another is mechanical disc brake system. The comfortable saddle puts you in a really comfortable position when riding and the 250-watt hub motor support your total riding range with 25km/h max speed.

This 26-inch electric bike for girl (A6AL26) has a beautiful design and it comes with a strong motor and gear shifting system, pedal assist and fully automatic modes, and a high-configuration blended braking system for a safer ride. A high-brightness front light help you get around in the evening. And a front and rear fenders protect your favorite clothes from splashes and mud. As a plus, this bike also includes a rear rack for easy carrying. It’s a great option for girls that want to ride long distances on a bike but aren’t interested in pedaling long time.

All of electric bike for girl available in electric versions with 250 watts and 350-watt options. Everything about these bikes suits the woman rider. From its step-through frame to the comfort and ease of mounting and dismounting. The beauty of Shuangye is we are now offering our full line-up. This includes single speeds, 3 speeds, 7 speeds, 21 speeds, all the way up to electric. This means we have a huge variety, which allows us to find the right gear or motor for each rider.

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