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7 tips for riding electric pedal bikes in the rain

7 tips for riding electric pedal bikes in the rain

Slippery roads, biting wind, and low visibility can make biking in the rain more challenging than a sunny-day ride. But, in most cases, a few drops of rain shouldn’t stop you from touring the countryside, commuting, or simply enjoying your electric pedal bike. But a steady drizzle begins to fall, you also can ride electric pedal bikes in the rain, but you have to take time to prepare some gear for rainy rides, and you should be able to avoid getting cold and wet.

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  • Weatherproof Yourself and your stuff

The hardest part about riding in wet or cold weather is taking the first pedal stroke. So you need to stay warm and dry are most basic. Starting with a hat is a right way, a cycling cap has just enough of a brim to keep rain out of your eyes so you can still see. It fits under the helmet, if you are used to riding with helmet. Wearing a pair of gloves that will keep your hands warm and dry, add rain-resistant coat and rain pants or waterproof shoes to make the ride even more comfortable.

Except keep yourself dry, your stuff also necessary. Especially, paper, document and electronic products. For many electric bike riders, the best choice will be seam-sealed waterproof pannier bag, backpack, or shoulder bag. It can also be a good idea to have a few ziplock bags on hand.

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  • Use Fenders

Electric pedal bikes, like conventional bikes, are generally resistant to rain. The drivetrain will survive splashes. Most batteries are waterproof, it won’t fail because of raindrops alone. But that doesn’t mean that you want to spray water and debris from the road all over yourself and your electric bike’s many and various components.

Simply, if you are an electric bicycle commuter or if you are living regions prone to rain, you will want fenders that will help to protect you when you ride in the rain. Fenders is a good gear to keep rain off of you and your electric pedal bikes.

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  • Use Front Lights and Reflectors

When you ride your electric pedal bikes in the rain, you are sharing roads with lots of other vehicles. There are cars, trucks, vans, and buses. In some cities, there will be plenty of other cyclists. A front light will help you get more visibility. In fact, in many places, the law requires you to have lights and reflectors on your electric pedal bike in the rain, some also require rear light.

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  • Braking Early

Closely related to slowing down when you ride an ebike in wet weather is taking more time when you braking. You will want to slow down gradually. The additional power an electric bike provides requires better braking systems, and it turns out that this is a distinct advantage over some conventional bikes in the rain. Because many electric pedal bikes include disc brakes, which perform far better in the rain, rather than the rim brakes often found on conventional bicycles. You could experience a safe riding even in a downpour.

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  • Lower Tire Pressure

Many experienced cyclists, including those on electric bikes, adjust tire pressure to match road conditions. In wet conditions, run 10 psi less than usual can improve traction. The idea is simple. The somewhat lower tire pressure allows more of the tire to come into contact with the road, thereby, giving your electric bike a better grip.

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  • Ride Slow

Riding in the rain can be invigorating. Perhaps, it is the cool drops on your skin. Or maybe you instinctively understand that riding harder and faster actually keeps you warmer or escapes rain. But in each case, you need to try to avoid going too fast when you ride your electric pedal bike in the rain.

Wet roads and somewhat worse visibility can mean that you won’t have as much time to react. So here is your tip, ride a little slower and more carefully when you ride an electric bike in the rain.

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  • Clean Electric Pedal Bikes After Ride

After your rainy ride, be sure to take a few minutes to clean and dry your electric bike. An electric pedal bike can be a very cost effective and efficient form of transportation. It works well for recreational riding, basic transportation, or serious commuting. But it does need maintenance, and simply taking the time to clean and dry it after a wet ride can significantly increases its longevity.

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