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8 reasons to ride a bike in the rain

8 reasons to ride a bike in the rain

Going out to ride a bike on a rainy day is a suggestion for all those who sign up for a trip to their dream destination. Because although it is always 75 degrees and sunny in your daydreams, it is not the case in the real world.

It is important to know how to ride a bike in the rain ,it’s necessary to learn how to control your bicycle, how to control the bicycle in the rain, and how to dress confidently and comfortably under these conditions.

This is great advice for all of us. If you ride long enough, you will end up in a downpour-so you might as well go out and ride a horse and learn from it. Oops, let’s play.

Because once you accept the weather that others avoid, you will bloom like a flower in May as a cyclist, full of skills and power, and these skills and power will permeate the rest of your life. Before you know it, you may actually start to enjoy cycling in the rain. Or maybe you won’t. Anyway, here are some good reasons you should do this occasionally.

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Better bicycle handling:

Cycling in the rain is more dangerous than cycling in dry conditions, and the reason is obvious: it is slippery when wet.

The road itself is smoother, as are trail obstacles. Painted surfaces and metal road features are like ice. It takes longer to stop and is easier to slip out, so you need to brake earlier and lighter, especially when slipping downhill. Turning tires are more likely to lose purchasing power, so you need to keep your body more upright when turning. Slowly and carefully, you can approach these scenes and learn to navigate them safely-in a straight line, don’t move suddenly, and ride cautiously. Every time you do it, it becomes easier.

Gear intelligence:

Do you know what you think is a waterproof raincoat? After about 40 minutes of riding on a rainy day, you will know if this is really the case. Put on a raincoat that really meets your needs, and you will master the art of stacking and let your body breathe in the rain. You will gradually realize that the mudguard can reduce the spray on the back, and the rain cap can block the dripping of the eyes. Before you know it, you will hardly notice a little rain.

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You will be more consistent

Unless you live in a sunny place, rainy days or spells (or seasons…) will greatly reduce your riding time and save those riding streaks by smashing wind and rain.

Hero points

Seeing onlookers stunned, because you break through the environment where they don’t even like to drive, this will never get old. Family and friends will say you are crazy, but you will know that deep down, they want them to have only an ounce of guts.

Increased confidence

All the skills and wisdom gained will make you more confident in the face of rain, whether you are riding a bike or riding a bike. Because let’s face it, if you can survive the storm safely, then you are ready to deal with almost anything.

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You will feel like a child

Splashing through puddles is fun. Everyone knows it is a child; they forget it when they grow up. Riding in the rain allows you to regain those treasures of childhood. (Learn other ways to make cycling more fun.)


People tend to stay indoors on rainy days. This means you have your own path, path, or trail. You will notice the beauty of the places you may have just passed by before. Colors are popular against a gray background. You will wonder why you don’t often ride alone in the rain.

Appreciate comfort more

When the irritation subsides and you feel a bit cold and tired of dampness, there is always the warmth of going home to return. Hot soup has never been as luxurious as when you take off your drenched cycling clothes, put on some fluffy pajamas and settle down after being content to bravely face these elements.

Oh, those sunny days? They will be glorious.

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