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9 tips that will make your E-Bike’s battery last longer

9 tips that will make your E-Bike’s battery last longer

Welcome to the topic “9 tips that will make your E-Bike’s battery last longer.”

The popularity of electric bikes is higher than ever, and at
the moment, nothing is slowing down these bikes. People are starting to realize
the amazing benefits of electric motor bikes.

As you know that eBikes have an electric motor and battery
pack that offers an added boost every time you need them. But the battery is
also the main concern for most people.

This is because all of us have probably had a bad experience
with a motorcycle, car, and boat battery at some point. And given the hefty
price tag of eBike batteries, riders want to avoid suffering from the same

Luckily, there are a few tips and hacks that you can follow
in order to shield and extend the working life of your eBike battery. By
following all these steps and avoiding making a few common mistakes, you can
make your eBike’s battery last longer.

Use the right mode at the right time.

Let’s discuss the most obvious thing. If you charge or run
your bike in turbo mode all day long. Well, then your bike or ride will not
last all day. If you plan to ride for long, we advise you to change the bike’s
modes to get maximum efficiency and plenty of fun.

On busy streets, connections, and faster sections of track,
try to keep the settings on the lower and mid settings. However, if you are
moving on technical trails and hills, hit the turbo mode to make your ride much
more comfortable.

Some eBikes have on-screen power readings or LCD displays
that show you helpful info tackling challenging terrains.

Reduce weight

Rider and bike’s overall weight is the greatest element that
affects eBike’s range as well as battery life. However, there are no quick
fixes for the user’s weight, but you can remove any unnecessary weight from
your backpack while riding, and it helps a lot.

Due to this simple reduction, the difference will be more
visible in climbs and hilly areas, where the bike’s motor and battery work
vigorously to drive the user. (as compared to smooth terrains where battery and
motor are maintaining the speed). Either way, lightweight users will always get
more from their bike’s charge.

Use the right type of tires.

Rolling resistance is another thing that directly affects
the bike range and the battery charge. The tire compound, width, treads, pattern,
and air pressure affect the battery charge. While you need to pick the tires
according to your riding style and you need to experiment with pressures to get
a perfect and comfortable balance.

Higher pressures encourage less rolling resistance, but it impact
control and handling. However, you will find solid and semi-solid inserts for
tires on the market, but these inventions are too new on the market. These
inserts combat punctures and increase rolling resistance to make your bike’s
battery last longer.

Choosing the right type of tires also enhances your pedaling
efficiency. If you are using a motor that powers the bike, the tires will
significantly improve the motor’s efficiency as well.  

Ride a variety of terrain

Lots of steep climbs and technical tracks can affect and
reduce your battery charge in a few kilometers compared to the gentle paths and
flowing turns. However, you will be riding slower, so it is often best to
measure the ride in terms of time spent on the bike anyway.

Pedal smoothly

A gentle and smooth pedaling can significantly help to
prolong the eBike’s range. Rotate your feet gently and never stamp hard on the
pedals. Similarly, it is also advised to use the appropriate gears. Remember
that low gears are more suitable for steep climbs, put less load on the bike’s
motor, and prolong the battery life.

Now that you know the right pedaling technique, it’s time to
tune your riding too. Try to cruise nicely through turns rather than hammering
in, stopping, and hitting had. Keep in mind that accelerating from zero points
applies additional burden and load on the battery.

Prevent the battery from low temperatures and avoid jet wash 

You cannot do much about the temperature as it is beyond
your control. But remember that lower temperatures can reduce battery charge
because ‘electrical resistance increases.’

Like other parts of your eBike, it’s not advised to use a
jet wash at your eBike’s battery and motor. Most users often overlook this but
remember that it affects the battery’s life significantly.

Instead, you should use a quick spray of an electrical
contact cleaner to reduce rust and corrosion, and it also helps to maintain
good and smooth energy transfer.

Always Store a battery partially charged.

Not many people know that storing a fully charged battery
affects the battery’s recoverable capacity. Even more important, keeping a
fully charged battery can be dangerous as a lithium-ion battery discharges
slowly over time even if it is not in use.

Furthermore, if the voltage goes below a certain level, this
will damage the irreparable cell damage. However, it also depends on how long
you left it sitting. Ideally, when you want to store your bike’s battery for a
long time, ensure that the battery is partially charged around 40% to 60%.

Moreover, some chargers feature lower ‘storage’ settings; if
your charger has the same, use this feature before storing and charging it. A
quick and simple fix is to ride your bike after charging it fully and before
storing it.

Besides, never leave the battery on the charger for hours as
it can reduce the battery’s life. When charging your battery in winter, we will
advise you to keep checking it when it is on charge.

Regular maintenance of the battery should be done every
month winters. If you see that the battery indicators are too low, just charge

However, if you don’t use a battery indicator, it is
recommended to charge it for half an hour every month. You can also read the
maker’s advice in this regard. Again, never store your battery when it is fully

Don’t Fully Discharge Your Battery Regularly.

It’s surprising to see that many tech sites nowadays advise
regular full discharge of the battery, even it is proven as detrimental. The
researchers have proven that discharging lithium-ion batteries regularly to 0%
is extremely dangerous and harmful in many ways.

Moreover, partial discharge with consistent top-ups is
always advised as they prolong the battery’s recharge and also improves its
lifespan. The infrequent full discharge is not an issue if you are on the
extra-long ride.

There is no harm in topping up lithium batteries frequently,
and it’s best to use them when they are at half of their discharge cycle.

Remember that lithium batteries don’t feature a ‘memory
effect’ that you will find in other battery types. Hence if you are doing it on
a short ride and on a regular basis, we will suggest you to charge the battery
after every few rides instead of after each ride.

As an extra precaution for the winter months, ensure that
your battery is above freezing point before charging it, or else you will
damage the cells.

It is absolutely fine to use your eBike in below-freezing
conditions neither it will harm your battery, just ensure that it is adequately
warmed up before charging. When you are using your bike in winters, you will
observe a significant in battery power and range. But don’t worry, it is normal
and predictable.

However, you should avoid this by storing your battery
properly and inside when not in use. By doing so, you can maintain the
battery’s temperature. And in this way, you can get that additional power.

Ensure you Have Bike Fenders:

Bike fenders might not prolong your battery’s lifespan or
backup, but it ensures that you will use your eBike battery for many years.

Fenders are designed to protect your eBike battery from
various natural elements such as excess dirt, mud, rocks, and moisture. And all
these elements can affect the battery’s cells, and in severe cases, they can
destroy your eBike battery.

When you have the fenders, dirt and debris cannot destroy
your eBike battery. So we will advise you to use fenders for your eBike if you
are not using them.

In the End:

Correct maintenance and proper storage of your eBike’s
battery significantly increase its overall performance, and the battery will last
longer. Usually, a well-maintained eBike lithium battery lasts for up to three
to five years. On the other hand, a poorly maintained battery doesn’t offer
reliable performance, and you might have to change it just after a year.

So, follow the tips mentioned above as they will make your
E-Bike’s battery last longer and provide you much-needed peace of mind,
especially when you are on a long journey.

Have any questions in mind regarding 9 tips that will make your E-Bike’s battery last longer? Feel free to comment below. 

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