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A new design torque sensor electric bike for adults

A new design torque sensor electric bike for adults

Nowadays, every one more and more pay attention to electric bike for adults. Because they think it is more convenience owning an electric bike for adults in their daily life. Sometimes users not only consider the functions of electric bike, but they also care about the riding experience of the electric bike.

In order to meet their two requirements, a newly electric bike for adults was design for those who consider the functions and riding experience of electric bike. Based on standard functions, Shuangye A6AB26T electric bike for adults with torque sensor to enhance people’s riding comfort. It is good for those who living in urban city or favorite riding to exercise.

The biggest highlight of electric bike for adults is torque sensor system. The torque sensor was installed in the crankset of electric bike for adults. When people stepping on the pedal, the torque sensor will transfer the signal to motor and then the motor will provide power for the electric bike for adults. So, the torque sensor will output power immediately while you begin riding, and the torque sensor can provide you different power depending on the strength of your pedal on the flat road to bring you a pleasure riding.

Motor also is one part of the torque sensor system, which is smaller than other electric bike for adults. Though the motor is small, it have enough power as same as other electric bike motor. 350W high efficiency and more power for riding hub brushless motor was installed on the rear wheel of electric bike for adults, which gives a boost of up 30km/h. And we also use 36V 10AH lithium battery which the appearance looks like a bottle. It take about 5-7 hours for an electric bike for adults to fully charge, and it could support riding 60km.

The main frame of electric bike for adults made up lightweight aluminum alloy material. Making the frame of mountain electric bike more light, corrosion resistance and durability to extend the longevity of electric bike for adults. And the electric bike for adults also equipped with rust resistant chain, comfortable saddle, SHIMANO 9speed and a lock and unlock suspension aluminum alloy front fork.

In order to your safety, electric bike for adults was used 160 disc brake for front and rear wheel providing an incredible amount of stopping power, usually far more than is necessary to adequately stop an electric bike for adults. And LED front light and reflectors can ensure your safety to help you to see clearly the road ahead for you when riding in a dark environment at later time to get home.

For your comfort, the electric bike for adults was installed a pair of handle shape designing on people hands. So, the the handle could provide a comfortable and excellent riding experience while riding in a long time.

And your convenience, the electric bike for adults has a LCD pass display. You can know the electric bike for adults capacity indication, motor power display, riding speed, trip distance, PAS level and cruise function. Under this information, you can change your plan every time depend on your like. We also equipped with USB mobile phone charging port.

If you are interested in more detail information about torque sensor electric bike for adults, please contact us freely!


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