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analysis of power assisted bicycle maintenance


Power assist bicycles gradually replaced the cycling function and become an important transportation on travelling,and traditional bicycles is more like exercising tools.And the maintenance of power assist bicycles have attracted people’s attention,becoming the topic of discussion.Here are some suggestions about how to maintain your power assist bicycle.

You’d better have a review of instructions before riding you power assist bicycle and remember the important precautions,charging the battery every day is recommended,when the battery is exhausted,you’d better charge it immediately.The battery capacity will be lower in winter,when the travel is too long,you can have a pedal assist to extend the range.

You’d better open the power after a period time of riding,it will save the energy and prevent the damage to the battery caused by increase of l.Do not always brake and start,do not carry to heavy carriages when going uphills,these actions will do harm to the battery.

When there is no original chargers,you should go to store for an original one.When choosing the charger,make sure that the parameters is suit for your power assist bicycle,cause the damage to the battery is great when the charger’s parameters do not match the battery.

The tire,chain and speaker of your power assist bicycle should be carefully checked before you riding it,so that you can make sure your safety and normal travel.Avoid sun exploring on you power assist bicycle,it will cause aging on your tires,batteries and other important parts.

Besides,going service center for maintenance every month is recommended,you can overhaul the chain,speaker,motor and tires to avoid traffic accident.battery bike



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