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Another new pedal assist electric mid drive bike

Another new pedal assist electric mid drive bike

There are two most common pedal assist electric bike styles used in today. One is hub motor pedal assist electric bike, another is mid-drive motor bike. Each pedal assist electric bike cyclist know that the performance of mid drive motor bike is better than the same power of hub motor bike when you need to climb the steep hill or ride on the hilly areas.  Compared with the hub motor pedal assist electric bike, there are a few of mid drive motor pedal assist electric bike. And here is a new pedal assist electric bike with mid drive motor from Shuangye.  

Mid drive motor

This mid drive motor pedal assist bike use a new bike frame and new mid drive motor model. Unlike the hub motor electric bikes, this new mid drive motor pedal assist electric bike used 36V 250W even 36V 350W motor power which gives a boost of up to 25km/h – 30km/h depend on you choose. The front and rear wheel can replace easier because the motor installed place where is near the crank. So the bike is more stealthy and unobtrusive when you ride biking on the hilly ares or climb steep hill. So this pedal assist electric bike is suitable for office workers to cycle, and do not need to change their suit.

Removable battery

The mid drive motor pedal assist electric bike used removable battery. And the 36V 8AH/10AH battery hide in the down tube of frame as supply power to help you save more time and energy. And the charging time is 4-7 hours which is shorten than other electric bike’s battery. So the bike can ride 40km (E bike mode) to 80km(Pedal Assist mode) on one single charge, combine two riding modes can help you achieve long-distant riding in daily life. If the battery ran out of power, this bike also support pedal biking which is like a normal bike. But it is difficult to ride because of the weight of bike, I suggest that you would better check your pedal assist electric bike battery every time when you prepare to get out. The pedal assist bike would be a good helper.

Aluminum alloy frame

In order to the pedal assist electric bike use lasting, this mid drive motor bike adopted a new 26 inch specific mid drive motor aluminum alloy frame to make the bike more light, durable and rust resistant. A pair of 26-inch rim and 26-inch wide tire provide riders a comfortable and easy long-time riding. High quality tire support the bike can over the muddy or rugged roads. And this bike can load 150kgs things, which allow one person ride. If you want to load more stuff or keep your clothes clean when biking, maybe rear rack and fenders can solve your problem. But the standard specification of this bike doesn’t include rear rack and fenders.

Smart LCD display

The display system of pedal assist electric bike use LCD digital screen and mounted in the center of handlebar. It is main way to know the bike real time operating information when biking. Each cyclists can know the bike remaining battery, real time motor power, real time riding speed, total trip distance, real time PAS level, cruise function, front light sign, environment temperature and so on to adjust their riding plan according to these data. For different people using habit, this bike also allowed to adjust the height of seat and handlebar depend on your need.If you want more detail information about the electric cruiser bicycle, please leave massage below or contact us freely! And you can visit our official website to browse more electric bikes.

Excellent riding experience

For your excellent riding experience, the pedal assist electric bike also adopted 100mm adjustable change travel range aluminum alloy suspension front fork, 160 mechanical disc brake system, adjustable 7/9 speed derailleur, a small 3W LED front light with USB mobile phone charging port, comfortable saddle and other small comfortable design. All these configuration provide you a safe, shock absorption and safe night riding on the road.

If you are interested in mid drive motor pedal assist electic bike and want to know more information, please contact us below. More electric bikes, visit our Official Website!