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Are e-bikes more expensive than e-scooters

Are e-bikes more expensive than e-scooters?

Electric mobility is revolutionizing the way we travel, from commuting through cities in the morning to exploring the countryside between campgrounds. This has a lot of people asking what the most affordable option is for their next electric ride.

Yes, e-bikes are usually more expensive than e-scooters. Still, for some e-bike and e-scooter categories, the price difference may not be that dramatic. For example, some high-end models of electric road bikes or trail/mountain bikes can cost as much as $10 to $15,000. By comparison, most high-end electric scooters tend to cost around $6 to $8,000.

Why are electric bikes more expensive than electric scooters?
Keep in mind that most e-bikes have more moving parts and are designed for a wider range of uses than e-scooters. This requires more custom design and higher durability than electric scooters. Other reasons e-bikes tend to be more expensive include:

Reason #1 – More Premium Materials
Look at any picture of an e-scooter and you’ll immediately notice bigger wheels, more parts, and a wider frame than an e-bike. All of these components require more materials made from carbon fiber, high-quality aluminum, and more. The material is much more expensive than most components on an electric scooter.

Reason #2 – Brand Recognition
Owning a Rolex is better than owning a Walmart watch. Brand awareness increases the value of the products we buy. Electric bikes have been around for a long time and are often produced by companies that make conventional bikes.

Newer e-scooter brands like Dualtron are easier to set higher prices than brands like Pinarello, which was founded in 1953, or Trek, which was founded in 1976, which has only been around since 1999.

Reason #3 – The Human Use Factor
For generations, we’ve traveled on traditional bicycles (and now e-bikes). Watch any WWII movie and you’ll see everyone in town riding a bike. Riding long distances across the country is now fashionable, especially after the pandemic.

There are many cycling events, including the Summer Olympics. Neither the popularity of e-scooters nor their integration into our daily lives has been hit so badly, at least not yet.

Reason #4 – Comfort
Most users prefer a seat on long rides. Electric bikes have comfortable seats and cushions that we can use to coast. Electric scooters need to stand, and some people are reluctant to stand for a long time.

Cheap and expensive electric bikes and scooters
The difference between cheap and expensive e-bikes and scooters is the materials and quality of the components used in each device. Motors, batteries, durability, shock absorbers, brakes, etc. are available in premium versions and are highly sought after by cycling enthusiasts.

A good example of this comparison is the material used in the frame. People who want to ride off-road will look for a heavier frame that requires more material so it doesn’t break while riding. The same goes for electric scooters. Expensive models often have custom decks or reinforced necks to handle rough riding, which adds to the price.

Are expensive e-bikes and scooters really that good?
It will depend in part on what or how you use your bike and scooter, but in general, the answer is yes. It almost always comes down to the quality of the materials, equipment, and accessories used to make the bike or scooter.

Some brands can indeed charge more premiums, but if they don’t deliver quality then their reputation will drop and no one will buy their product in the future. More expensive electric vehicles are worth 80-90% of the time due to the high-quality materials and components used to build these vehicles.

How much is the most expensive electric bike?
This varies by country and brand. At the time of writing, the most expensive e-bike is the BlackTrail BT-01, which starts at $80,000. It is constructed from lightweight carbon fiber, aerospace aluminum, titanium and magnesium. The leather-wrapped 17Ah lithium-ion battery pack can get you about 120 miles on a single charge at speeds of up to 65 mph.

The average price of the most expensive e-bikes on the market tends to be between $10 and $18,000. This will depend on the materials and components used, brand recognition and additional services such as warranties.

Electric scooter?
High-end models of electric scooters tend to come from the A1-8. Especially the A6AH26, the current price leader is around $350 to $450. There are more expensive scooters, but this is the industry equivalent of a Porsche.

With the A6AH26, you get a 48V 18Ah Lithium-Ion battery that can get you up to 40mph and up to 93 miles depending on your weight and size. There are also countless


The controls and premium components that make this electric scooter a premium segment. Generally speaking, the fastest electric scooters tend to be also the most expensive.

3 Expensive Electric Bikes on the Market Today
A good example to gauge the current e-bike market are these three. They are not high-end expensive models, but luxury bikes that most cycling enthusiasts would consider buying.

HOTEBIKE was one of the first brands to enter the premium e-bike market when the world was still unsure if an e-bike was a good idea. It’s in high demand right now and there’s a waiting list.

This isn’t a bulky trail bike, it’s lightweight construction and great handling that also makes it look great riding anywhere you want to go. This is an 11-speed electric bike with 3 different modes and speeds up to 28 mph, perfect for trail or city commuting.

The Thing About Expensive Electric Bikes and Scooters
If you have to replace anything other than tires, you may have to pay extra. High-end materials don’t come cheap, and due to the popularity of electric riding options, demand for these products is only going to rise. This creates scarcity of already expensive raw materials.

You should first check the durability, maintenance and water resistance of the e-bike or scooter you are interested in buying. That way, if you regularly use these products for extreme sports or heavy use, you won’t end up paying more for repairs or replacements.

Summarize in a few words
Yes, e-bikes are generally more expensive than e-scooters, but there are some caveats. It all comes down to quality materials, brand names, accessories and equipment used, and your own intentions.

If all you need is an electric scooter for short commutes, you don’t need to spend the exorbitant price tag. If you’re a high-speed or off-road enthusiast, expect to pay more for the durability and quality you need. Regardless, these are excellent transportation options and are only going to grow in popularity.


Riding an electric scooter is very different from riding a bicycle. Generally speaking, if you have never ridden a scooter but have ridden a bicycle, then you can assume that you will know how to ride a scooter in the first 5 or 10 minutes. The actual ride may take an hour or two to feel very confident and comfortable. At this point, riding is pure and simple pleasure.

People who have never ridden an electric scooter or bicycle should be able to ride it in a day or two. Riding a scooter is different from riding a bicycle. As with any activity, the more you practice, the better you will do. The same is true for electric scooters.

riding an electric scooter

A practical guide for beginners

To be safer, try to stay away from crowded sidewalks, busy streets, and almost anything you might encounter for the first few hours or days. The more you practice, the better you will feel the electric scooter and its handling.
Once moved, the scooter will actually help you keep your balance. This is a simple physical principle that makes it stand out from cycling, but don’t create a false sense of security, you can easily fall off an electric scooter, so be careful. One thing to remember is that it is relatively static.
When you are riding, if you are not sure what to do with the obstacle in front of you at any time, please jump off the scooter. It may be a large curb that you are not sure whether the scooter can handle, a group of pedestrians that may suddenly get in the way, cyclists approaching from the opposite direction, etc. Relax, jump off the scooter and you can continue riding as soon as the obstacle is cleared.

How to ride an electric scooter?

1.Find the power button (do this before you step on the scooter).
2.Turn on the scooter.
3.Put your hands on the handlebars.
4.Locate the brake handle on the left and the throttle on the right.
5.Place your right foot on the deck of the scooter, close to the steering column. Keep your left leg on the ground.
6.Use your right thumb to push the throttle in about halfway (don’t worry, the motor won’t engage yet).
7.Start to push the electric scooter forward with your left foot.
8.Once you reach a speed of approximately 1.2 MPH (2 km/h), the motor will start and you will feel the scooter move forward. Note: These speed values may vary slightly depending on your electric scooter model.
9.Place your left foot on the deck, just behind your right foot.
10.Try to stay relatively still while riding.
If you need to change your path/lane, always look back and make sure nothing approaches you from behind.
Be extra careful and enjoy the journey!

If you want to learn more knowledge about ride an electric scooter, you can refer the article.

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