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Are electric bikes waterproof?

Are electric bikes waterproof?

We all know how convenient it is to use an electric bike. Not only do you get the benefits of getting more fit and healthier, but you also get to have your own service vehicle to go to work or anywhere for that matter. It allows you to squeeze in through the heavy traffic and climb through steeper slopes without getting too exhausted pedaling because of its electric pedal assistance feature. Electric bikes have become part of people’s daily habits. But in the case that you don’t have one yet, here are some reasons why you should get an electric bike. Whether it’s for leisure or transportation purposes, people are using e-bikes every day, everywhere in the world.

Are electric bikes waterproof?

But many factors will affect the function of electric bikes, weather is one of them. And we all know that water and electricity do not mix well, so now you’re probably worrying about your e-bike, and maybe the question has already crossed your mind: can electric bikes get wet? The answer to that is yes, eBikes can be ridden in warm or sunny weather. Electric bikes can also be specifically designed for hills and mountains or adventure on busy city streets. But an electric bike will also likely survive in the rain. You might have thought that anything electric should not be used in the rain, but that’s not true with electric bikes. You can ride them in mostly the same conditions as traditional bikes. That being said, you should still stay clear of diving headlong into a pool of water. Electric bikes shouldn’t be used to “go muddin’” either. Your eBike is water resistant to a degree. But they are not waterproof. And there is a difference.

So, how do you know your e-bike is waterproof?

IP rating

The IP code, “International Protection code” or IP ratings,  “Ingress Protection” ratings are defined in the international standard EN60529 and developed by many international organizations. They are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures or mechanical casings (of electrical devices) against intrusion from foreign materials and moisture. Basically, IP ratings are used to classify the degrees of protection that an electric-powered device has from water, dust, and accidental contacts. Given below is the IP chart used internationally for the mechanical casings of electrical devices.

Are electric bikes waterproof?

What can you do to make sure your eBike can survive a sudden rainfall?

Always check for the eBike’s IP rating. They should be easily found on the packaging and made readily available to you before purchase. If a manufacturer doesn’t have an IP rating on their product listing, packaging or user manual? Stay clear! The IP rating is your first, best defense against a shoddily built product.

How do you take care of your bike?

  1. Use protective accessories

As you take on the road, you will be competing with faster and more gigantic vehicles, and of course, you don’t want to be rammed into the sidewalk just for being small, so you need to make yourself and your bike visible to everyone throughout night and day. This is one of the basic rules in biking, investing in protective accessories such as lights (head and tail), a helmet with reflectors attached, and gloves for more grip in case of rain or sweaty hands. These are only some of the primary protective accessories, and you can always add more to ensure your safety on the road.

  1. Pay attention to thecrucial spots

Signages are true; pavements are indeed slippery when wet. When it rains, make sure to look out for slippery spots or deep puddles. These can mean simple fallen debris like leaves or branches. As you avoid standing water like puddles, you might as well want to stay away from painted road lanes, metal grates, and covers because they can be extra slippery when it rains.

  1. Slow down, brake early

An electric bike has a higher average speed than a regular bike, mainly because of its pedal-assist and throttle functions. The electric pedal assistance, boosting your speed, must be used in appropriate places and conditions. When biking in a sea of vehicles with the rain falling hard from above, it is advisable to slow down your e-bike and ride at a speed you feel you’re most safe at. When it rains, reaction time can get longer than usual. Alongside with being attentive to the possible cautions around you, is practicing to hit the brake early. This will not only give you more time to slow down before an unexpected barrier, but it will also ensure your body posture does not change abruptly. But even before riding your e bike, make sure to check your disc brakes and other components that can affect your riding experience.

Are electric bikes waterproof?

  1. Make your e-bike “more” water-resistant

It’s nice to know that your electric bike is at the most resistant to water splashes because neither the electric motor nor the battery will fail due to moderate rain alone. But that doesn’t mean it’s good that your e-bike is always exposed to this type of condition, so equipping your e-bike with things like fenders to minimize splashing should be one of your top priorities.

  1. Weatherproof yourself

Your electric bike is not your only concern. You and your important belongings are your topmost priority. Having protective pads is always better than nothing at all. Wearing appropriate clothes and shoes makes riding more comfortable. Wear clothes that are somehow weatherproof, whether it may seem to rain or not, don’t forget to bring a rain-resistant jacket or coat. Waterproof your stuff, especially your charger and extra battery, put them in a sealed dry place. Purchasing things to weatherproof yourself and your stuff can be costly but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Give your e-bike a tender, loving care

After every ride, do not forget to wipe your e-bike. Clean it with a dry, smooth cloth and make sure that each corner of the electric motor’s casing as well as the battery’s, are completely dry and well. Always follow the proper e-bike maintenance program given to you, treat your e-bike as someone you love. And after everything, let your e-bike rest somewhere safe and sound.

You are more likely to enjoy riding an electric bike in adverse weather if you can do the above!

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