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Are electric bikes waterproof

As electric bikes or e-bikes become more and more popular, there is still a learning curve to knowing how to operate an e-bike in rough weather conditions. The on-board power systems that help power e-bikes also make them vulnerable to influences that conventional bikes don’t.


As a bike owner, having the proper knowledge in these types of situations is critical to ensuring you do the best thing possible for your bike. Read on for the top to handle your e-bike in wet conditions.


So, what’s the best mechanism to get your e-bike working in wet conditions? Electric bikes are waterproof, but not waterproof. Treat your e-bike in the rain the same way you treat your other electronic devices (such as your smartphone) in the rain. In the short term, your e-bike can get wet and in the rain, but any long-term exposure can cause serious problems.


It’s important to note that no e-bike is completely waterproof (even if they claim to be). Just like any other electronic product, for example a smartphone may be “waterproof”, but it is not waterproof.


The electronic device of the electric bike gets wet

Electronics are now a part of our daily lives, including when the weather is less than ideal. Most people don’t think twice about walking in the rain or using the bathroom — both of which can leave them surrounded by water. The risk of water didn’t stop them. They still use their phone’s GPS while walking in the rain. They walk in with headphones when it’s raining so they can listen to music or podcasts.


Maybe they’re calling someone they need to talk to when it’s pouring, or they’re playing music in the shower. Either way, water won’t stop them knowing that electronics are largely waterproof.


As long as your phone’s screen isn’t damaged, or you haven’t fully submerged your phone in water (like a full sink or toilet), there’s a chance your phone will be low in the rain or by a few drops from the shower. Worth caution, but it’s never a game changer. Today’s electronics are not waterproof, but they are.


What is the difference between waterproof and waterproof in terms of electronics? Think of it this way. A waterproof item means no water gets in or out. In this case, the surface of the device will be highly impervious to water. Water repellency refers to materials that make it difficult for water to enter but cannot guarantee complete protection against its penetration.


Electric bikes fall into the waterproof category like many electronics. It’s not the end of the world for electronics to get wet thanks to water resistance, and users know it.

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E-bike got wet

So electric bikes are more prone to getting wet due to being water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about using them while you’re in a water spray. For the most part, they are waterproof and equipped with the appropriate features for this weather. However, in order to clarify how you should handle this kind of weather, if you want to get your e-bike wet, here are a few things you should consider.


The most damaging conditions for your bike are damage to the battery case, high voltage, and complete submersion in water. All of these situations can cause your e-bike to run less efficiently, so you need to be aware of taking extra care with your e-bike in these situations.


One situation you should be especially aware of when it comes to getting your e-bike wet is riding in deep puddles or streams. While it might be tempting to “test the waters,” it doesn’t seem like a good idea when you’re causing serious damage to such an expensive piece of equipment.


While raindrops usually don’t affect your bike, when you submerge your vehicle it’s a whole different story. Just like driving a car in a river isn’t ideal, you also don’t want your e-bike to go through anything like a stream.


Electric bike in the rain. What do I have to do?

Riding an e-bike in the rain is absolutely fine, and as long as you take the necessary precautions, you should continue to feel comfortable. If you want to ride in less-than-ideal weather, here are some best practices.


Avoid excessive rainfall

While riding in the rain is fine, you need to avoid riding in heavy rain as a precaution. Of course, use your judgment. If you’re soaking wet within minutes of hitting the road, it might be wise to turn around. Electric bikes are expensive, and jeopardizing your bike for short rides in the rain isn’t the smartest move. It’s best to wait for a rainy day if you can.


Take precautions

Apply insulating grease to the electrical contact points of the electric bike. This precaution helps prevent corrosion and contamination. It will give your e-bike the best chance of maintaining bike function in wet conditions.


Clean the bike

Don’t let the bike dry on its own when you’re done riding. You need to take the time to wipe down the bike with a clean towel to get rid of the moisture as quickly as possible. This simple action will keep your bike in better shape and extend its lifespan.


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Dry the battery

Just like the bike itself, drying the battery is a crucial step once you’re done riding. Even if you’re only in the light rain, you never want to risk getting your e-bike battery wet. When you’re done, remove the bike’s battery from the bike and dry it with a towel. Make sure the battery compartment is also free of water or moisture.


Use proper storage

After doing all these steps, you need to make sure that your bike is not at risk of saturation. Even if you normally store your bike outside or on your porch, seriously consider relocating it during inclement weather.


Rain, snow, or sleet can damage your bike, even if it only gets a little on your porch. Never underestimate the impact that prolonged exposure to these elements can have on your e-bike and consider it an investment.


You’ll never leave your phone or laptop outside in bad weather. So, for now, keep your e-bike safe in a garage or other storage location.


Related question

Are there any waterproof electric bikes currently on the market?

At this point in time, no. Not that I know. There are no fully waterproof e-bikes on the market. If you’re looking for a bike that can be fully submerged, your best bet is still a traditional bike.


Certain types of e-bikes are better suited to harsh weather conditions, just as they were designed. Good examples are mountain e-bikes and fat tire e-bikes.

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Can I make my e-bike more waterproof than the existing one?

Yes! There are various processes that can help you do this. Repairing the electrical contacts of your e-bike as recommended in the Precautions section is one step. You’ll open the contacts, check for soldering, apply liquid tape, add insulating grease, and securely close the contacts before riding.


You can do the same with the hall throttle as well. Applying liquid tape to the solder joint and wrapping it with insulating grease will help make it more waterproof.


Next, you might consider adding your monthly spray of waterproofing fluid to the frame bag (where the battery is). This is to ensure that water drips off rather than immersing in the battery. Finally, you can focus on in-wheel motors.


Adding storage space for cooling, sealing the side covers and axle openings, and adding a snorkel in the battery compartment will help improve water resistance. This is because the motor gets water when the air cools and sucks in water.


As you continue to use your e-bike in wet conditions, you will also begin to develop your own tips and tricks to make your bike more waterproof.

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