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Are electric bikes worth it

Are electric bikes worth it? All you must know!

Are electric bikes worth it
There are many reasons why you should exercise and exercise. Cycling is a great way to stay in shape. It can reduce your anxiety because you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while riding a bicycle. At the same time, this is a fun and green way of commuting that allows you to travel quickly. But times have changed, and you can take advantage of the benefits of new technologies instead of ordinary bicycles. So what is an electric bicycle? Are electric bikes worth it?

What is an electric bicycle?

An electric bicycle or electric bicycle is just like a normal bicycle, but with a built-in motor that can do the job on your behalf. It has a frame and a seat on which you can sit, and two pedals that can be used to drive the bicycle forward. But the most important thing is that there is a motor connected to the battery, which can drive an electric bicycle regardless of whether it is riding a bicycle or not.

Electric bicycles are very popular because they are more versatile than ordinary bicycles. They are also becoming more and more popular because they are faster and easier to control, even if you are not healthy enough to ride a regular bicycle. However, these bicycles are not intended to replace ordinary bicycles that still have fans. They are just a practical solution for those who want to enjoy riding without sweating.

In Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, electric bicycles have become very popular because they make short and long commutes easier to manage. Although the US market still lags slightly behind Europe, Americans are currently accepting and understanding the amazing advantages of these excellent bicycles.

Types of electric bicycles

If you are considering buying an electric bike, there are a few things you need to know. There are many models and types of electric bicycles, depending on the overall design and pedal mechanism, motor configuration and battery. Each type is designed to meet the needs of a specific customer group.

Pedal mechanism

According to the pedaling mechanism, electric bicycles are divided into three types; pedal assist or electric booster, throttle or speed electric booster.

Pedal assist

Pedal assisted electric bicycles are most common in Europe because they can be easily configured according to your requirements. When riding this electric bike, you can pedal at will, and the electric motor will give you some extra help, especially on steep roads. The motor can also help you ride faster without having to put in more effort.

In Europe, the pedal-assisted electric bicycle is configured so that the motor cannot exceed the maximum speed of 15 miles per hour or 25 kilometers per hour, while in the United States, the motor is set so that the electric bicycle does not exceed the maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.

Anyone who knows how to ride a regular bicycle can easily ride an electric bicycle. As long as the motor power does not exceed 250 watts, you do not need a license or helmet to use this electric bike.


This electric bicycle functions like a motorcycle scooter, so without riding a bicycle, the motor will propel the electric bicycle forward according to a preset speed. The power provided to the motor depends on the degree of throttle, so it is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy bicycle riding effortlessly.

However, European countries prohibit the use of these electric bicycles because the law stipulates that the accelerator should only be activated when the pedal is used. However, in the United States and China, these electric bicycles are common because they are easy to ride.
Are electric bikes worth it

Electric bicycle

High-speed electric bicycles are similar to pedal-assisted electric bicycles. They allow the rider to step on the pedals, and the installed motor can increase the speed when needed. However, these electric bicycles are designed to be faster, with a top speed of 28 miles per hour. Therefore, in most countries, they are considered vehicles and require special permits.

Motor configuration

Every electric bicycle has a motor that drives it forward, thereby reducing or eliminating the effort of trampling. According to the location of the motor, electric bicycles can be divided into three types; front hub motors, rear hub motors and mid-drive motors.

Front Hub Motor

This is the most straightforward design, and people usually prefer this design in an electric bike modification kit. Front Hub Motor The motor of an electric bicycle is installed in the front of the frame, which is more common in throttle electric bicycles because there is no input from the rider. In some cases, the balance of these electric bicycles is poor, especially on steep trails, because the weight is not properly balanced.

Rear wheel hub motor

Rear wheel hub motor electric bicycles are the most common, and can appear in electric mopeds and throttle models. This configuration is quite affordable and easy to install. However, some riders may feel that most of the weight is concentrated on the rear of the bicycle frame, so the bicycle will be more difficult to control.

There are two types of rear hub motors, direct drive and gear hubs. Direct drive is suitable for leisure, most commuting and flat trails. It can also work on slopes that are not too steep. Geared hub motors are ideal for challenging trails and steep slopes. Even if the battery power starts to get low, the motor will work.

Mid-mounted motor

In this electric bicycle system, the motor is located right in the middle of the bicycle frame and is started by stepping on it. Therefore, it can only be found in pedelec electric bicycles. Because it is located in the middle, the weight distribution is more even, allowing you to easily control the bike.

In most cases, there will be a torque sensor to measure the rider’s input and adjust the power of the motor accordingly. These electric bicycles are easier to control and provide riders with a smooth and comfortable riding and pedaling experience. Mid-drive motors are generally lighter and more practical. However, these motors are more expensive.


An electric bicycle needs power to drive the motor to work, so it can drive the bicycle forward regardless of whether it is pedaling or not. This is why the battery has been improving to provide the most comfortable experience for cyclists.

Most of the batteries used are lithium-ion batteries. In most cases, you can commute to your desired destination with a single charge. Some electric bicycles also use cheaper sealed lead-acid batteries. However, these batteries deplete faster and have a short lifespan. The size and power of the battery will greatly affect the function and practicality of your electric bicycle.

Rack battery

In this setup, the battery is placed directly above the rear wheel and below the rack. Since the frame can also be used for storage, this will put more weight on the rear of the bicycle and affect its balance. It also makes turning and manual movement of electric bicycles more challenging.

Down tube battery

Here, the battery is mounted on a tube from the front to the crank area. Therefore, the weight of the battery is located at the bottom of the electric bicycle frame, thereby improving handling and mobility. Combined with a mid-drive motor, this may be the most convenient setting.

Which electric bicycle is best for you?

Through these various settings and configurations, electric bicycles are divided into various categories to adapt to various lifestyles. You should consider why you should buy an electric bicycle so that you can find a model that suits your needs. You can choose the most common category here.

Cruiser electric bike

If you are looking for maximum control and comfort, this electric bike will be for you. Occasionally riders or people who wish to commute short distances will find this electric bike very practical and comfortable.

The Cruiser electric bike is equipped with a comfortable saddle that allows you to sit comfortably for a long time. This is also a good choice for people who don’t want to put pressure on their joints during long commutes or exercise muscles. Most cruiser bikes have a stepping frame that allows you to get on and off easily without having to raise your legs. They will work for the elderly and those with mobility impairments.

Commuter electric bicycle

Also known as hybrid electric bicycles, this will be the right choice for people who want to travel at high speeds and long distances. If you want an electric bicycle for errands and commuting, you can choose this electric bicycle. Some commuter electric bicycles can reach a speed of 28 miles per hour, so it is a good choice for cars.

Since commuter electric bicycles are not necessarily designed for leisure, it usually comes with a shelf where you can carry groceries, school bags or laptops. There may also be an integrated lighting system to help you ride a bicycle at night.

Mountain electric bicycle

Just like a normal mountain bike, this will be the perfect choice for challenging trails. The low position of the battery and motor will make this electric bicycle more stable when rising or falling. At the same time, you will be more stable when you step on the pedal. With this electric bike, climbing steep hills will be an easy task.

Are electric bikes worth it?

Now that you understand the differences between various types of electric bicycles, you may ask yourself: Is electric bicycle worth it? Should I take one? Electric bicycles represent a green transportation option, which enables people to travel at much faster speeds than they would normally ride a bicycle. At the same time, you can still put in some effort and stay in shape during a convenient and comfortable commute.

However, compared with ordinary bicycles, electric bicycles are more expensive. They also require more maintenance than standard bicycles that only require muscle strength. So, do they really provide more benefits? The following are the benefits of electric bicycles.

Assisted riding

Even if you are still pedaling, the installed motor will provide you with power because it helps to propel the electric bike forward. Electric bicycles can reduce the pressure on the hips, knees and waist, even if they travel long distances, they will not feel tired. In addition, electric bicycles allow you to easily climb steep hills. You don’t have to struggle to climb the mountain, because the motor will propel you forward. It will also give you more stability and control on challenging trails.

For these reasons, injured people, the elderly, and overweight people can benefit from riding electric bicycles, which can help them exercise without straining their joints. Electric bicycles are also suitable for people who commute long distances every day, because it will make your riding fun and easy.

Fast ride

If you are going to buy an electric bicycle to commute to get off work or school, you will find that this electric bicycle can travel fast without extra effort. If you live in a city, this is a good choice because electric bicycles are easier to park than cars and the price is more affordable.

However, once the electric bicycle reaches the maximum speed of 28 miles per hour, the motor stops. You can also control the amount of help you get from the motor, so you can step on the pedal as needed or get some help during a long commute.
Are electric bikes worth it

Improve physical fitness

Although you get the help of a motor, riding an electric bike is still a way of exercise. When you ride an electric bike, you will be able to build muscles and burn some calories without putting too much pressure on your joints, especially when you recover from an injury.

Riding an electric bike is a great way to release stress and clear your mind. This is extremely beneficial to your physical and mental health, because you can exercise your muscles while enjoying the fresh air without straining your muscles. Depending on the length of the ride and the nature of the path, you can choose to start the motor or discard it altogether.

Affordable commuting

Electric bicycles are more expensive than regular bicycles because you need to pay for the battery and motor. However, if you are currently working to reduce costs, then it is more affordable than paying for car gas. The initial cost of buying an electric bicycle is only a small part of the cost of buying a reliable car. In addition, operating costs are almost non-existent.

You only need to charge the battery when the battery is exhausted, and occasionally maintain the motor to keep the electric bike running normally. Most batteries are designed to travel 18 to 50 miles, depending on the level of assistance and the speed of the electric bike. For cars, you must fill up the tank regularly, check and refill it, and make sure that all motor parts are working as they should.

Green option

Electric bicycles use clean energy, so they represent the future of commuting. The use of electric bicycles will have a positive impact on air quality and reduce the level of air pollution that has a negative impact on our health.

Compared with motorcycles and cars, electric bicycles emit lower levels of pollution per mile, so they will eventually become essential if you want to control the risks of global warming and climate change. This is why Asian and European countries regard electric bicycles as a sustainable means of transportation.

How much is an electric bicycle?

There are many models of electric bicycles, so you can find models that cost as low as $600 or as high as $8,000. However, the most common price of electric bicycles is between US$1,500 and US$4,000. These are very good electric bicycles, designed for daily use and will not break down while you are enjoying the ride.

The reason electric bicycles are more expensive than ordinary bicycles is that they have motors and batteries to assist pedaling. However, just like ordinary bicycles, you get what you pay for. This is why you should not reduce costs to ensure that your electric bike performs its due function on the most challenging trails.

More expensive electric bicycles are classified as mountain electric bicycles because they travel faster than the speed required by law. Therefore, you need to obtain a special permit to ride this electric bike. Electric bicycles that cost less than $1,000 usually have fragile parts, so they won’t last long. These electric bicycles are suitable for shorter and infrequent commutes.

Battery cost

If your electric bicycle is not equipped with a battery, you can also buy one of the high-quality models on the market. Top battery suppliers offer different battery models, with prices ranging from US$300 to US$400. These batteries are cheaper than custom batteries made by your electric bike manufacturer. However, you need to ensure that the battery is compatible with the motor to avoid any problems.

Charging cost

The cost of charging the battery depends on the battery capacity in kilowatts per hour. Even with a high-capacity battery of 1000 kilowatts per hour, the cost of a full charge is still less than $1. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, you should not wait until the battery capacity is zero before charging. You can try to charge it after each commute to make sure it is ready for your next trip.

Should I buy an electric bicycle?

If you like to ride a bicycle, you should definitely consider buying an electric bicycle. This is a comfortable upgrade to ordinary bicycles, allowing you to ride longer distances and higher speeds without straining your muscles. With the help of the installed motor and battery, this is an excellent way to stay in shape and enjoy fresh air. As there are many electric bicycle models and configurations, you will surely find a model that suits you.

Wrap up

Electric bicycles represent the future of commuting because they represent a convenient and green option. There are many models and settings available, so you can easily find the one that suits you.

Although electric bicycles are more expensive than ordinary bicycles, they are completely worth the money. The initial cost of buying an electric bicycle is high, but compared to the cost of refueling the car, the charging cost is insignificant. In addition, an electric bicycle will help you stay in shape without straining your muscles because you can control the assist level of the paddle.

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