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Are Riding 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle Good To Keep Fit

The 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle make the case for having fun while losing weight. Getting trim doesn’t have to involve sweating it out in an exercise class or struggling through an hour on the treadmill. Any movement — including pedaling a trike — that gets your heart beating faster will burn the calories. So if you’re wondering whether you can lose weight by riding a tricycle, the answer is definitely “yes.”

What is an 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle?

Adult tricycles, also called adult trikes, three-wheeled bikes, and adaptive tricycles, are three-wheeled self-propelled cycles that are a great option for people who have balance or coordination issues, but maintain the ability to perform the pedaling and braking required for a trike. They generally have an upright sitting position and three large wheels, one in front and two in back.

3 Wheel Electric Tricycle

Types of 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle

Adult tricycles resemble a standard diamond-frame bicycle, except that there are two wheels at the back instead of one. Tricycles also come in the recumbent style where the rider is placed in a seat with a back, leaning slightly backward. With this type, there may be two wheels either at the front or back of the cycle. According to a study by the University of Michigan, upright models may require a greater range of motion than the recumbent styles, resulting in more calories burned — though both types will help you burn calories.


Calories and Weight Loss

Losing weight is all about creating a calorie deficit. If you want to lose 1 pound of fat, you have to create a deficit of 3,500 calories. While most types of cycling burn fewer calories than exercises like running or climbing stairs, cycling does burn more than other low-impact exercises such as walking. While it’s difficult to estimate the exact number of calories you’ll burn, according to MayoClinic.com, a 160-pound person will burn about 292 calories cycling at a leisurely 10-mile-per-hour pace; a 200-pound person will burn an average of 364 calories during that same amount of time.


Why pick an adult trike over a regular bike?

The balance provided by an adult trikes three wheels greatly reduces the risk of tipping and falling that is present when riding a regular two-wheeled bike. The seating options are much more comfortable, and trikes can relieve, rather than exacerbate, lower back pain that often accompanies bike riding.


Benefits of 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle

If you’re planning to start a routine that will help you lose weight, triking may be preferable for a number of reasons. If you have balance issues, riding an upright or recumbent trike can help you stay more stable — though keep in mind that turning is slightly more challenging than you might think. If you’re overweight or have joint issues, the recumbent trike may also be preferable, since it won’t force you to place your weight on your wrists. You’ll also be in a more relaxed seated position which can make it more comfortable to cover long distances.


Diet Vs. Exercise

Let’s say you decide to ride your trike for about 1 hour, four days a week. For a 160-pound person, that will burn about 1,168 calories per week, which equates to a weight loss of about 1 pound in three weeks. To boost fat loss, trim the number of calories you’re consuming on a daily basis. If you cut another 250 calories from your diet every day, you’ll have a 1,750 calorie deficit every week; along with your trike riding, this may help you lose 1 pound about every week. Limiting calories may not be as hard as it seems. Consider that a lager beer contains about 220 calories, and a scone contains about 225 calories. With that in mind, simply cutting out some of the “extras” you’re eating is a good place to start.


How to Choose the Best 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle

Regardless of physical ability, everyone can enjoy the benefits from physical activity. As an exercise, cycling contributes to improved cardiovascular health, increased muscle mass, improved coordination, and weight loss. For an adult with strength, balance, or mobility challenges, the stability and comfort of an adult trike provides the opportunity to reap the benefits of cycling, without much of the tip-risk associated with a conventional two-wheeled bike.


Features to Consider Before Purchasing

Here are some important topics you need to consider before purchasing an adult tricycle.



All adult trikes are great on smooth paved surfaces. Because upright models are top-heavy, they don’t do well on hard corners, while recumbent models have a lower center of gravity and can take turns better. For going off-pavement, there are specific “all terrain” models in every style with heavy duty frames and bigger tires.



Some adult tricycles come fully assembled, some come unassembled, and some come needing some assembly that may or may not require tools.


Wheel Size

The wheel size generally determines the size of an adult trike. Wheel diameters range from 16 inches in smaller foldable models to 20, 24, and 26 inches in standard and bariatric models. Tricycles with 24-inch wheels are best for riders between 4 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 5 inches tall, while those with 26-inch wheels are best for riders between 5 feet 4 inch and 6 feet 2 inches tall. Larger wheels roll over uneven surfaces easier than smaller wheels, and larger wheels also provide a more cushioned ride than smaller wheels.



A trike frame is wider than a traditional bike and can accommodate a wider seat. The seats of adult trikes are built for rider comfort, so they are usually well-padded. Design options for upright bikes include wider and more comfortable versions of the saddle seats typically found on a standard bike. Semi-recumbent bikes often have tractor seats that feel more like cushioned chairs than traditional bike seats. Recumbent bikes usually have bucket seats that cradle the rider and keep the spine in a neutral posture.


Back Support

Lower back pain is a leading cause of disability, and seats with back support can make cycling easier and healthier for trike riders. Saddle seats can come with backrests or have them installed as accessories. Higher backed seats on semi-recumbent bikes and up to full-height seats on recumbent bikes make trike riding easier on users and reduce the risk of back pain while riding.


Step-Through Design

The step through frame of adult trikes mean you don’t have to lift your leg high over a bar or seat to get on the bike. You can “step through” the frame and have a foot on the ground on either side of the trike without any effort.



Traditional curved handlebars, which are best for riders with normal range of motion and good upper body strength, are available on most upright trikes. Loop handlebars provide more grip options, as a rider can steer using any part of the rectangle-shaped loop. They are best for users who have unsteady arms or hands that are weak, and are found on all trike styles. Chopper handlebars are similar to traditional handlebars, requiring upper body strength and good command of shoulders, arms, and hands. They can be found on upright or recumbent models. Some recumbent trikes have handlebars located close to the seat, and some trikes have hand pedals instead of handlebars.


Storage Basket

Some adult trikes have baskets in the front, some are located in the rear, and some models have them in the front and back. Hauling trikes can carry heavy loads in their baskets, or tow a utility wagon.



Customizing your adult tricycle is easy with options including extra storage bags or baskets, canopies, safety flags, horns, cell phone holders, rear view mirrors, trike covers, and lights for the wheels.


How to size a 3 Wheel Electric Tricycle?

Trikes are sized according to their wheels. Small wheels could help the rider get on or off, depending on rider height. Larger wheel sizes generally aid in riding longer distances and carrying heavier loads. The seat height and handlebar adjustment will have the most impact on sizing for a rider. Questions to ask when sizing your adult trike are how easy it will be for you to get on and off, how low or high the seat goes, how adjustable are the handlebars, and how are your legs positioned while pedaling.


Final Thoughts

Since physical activity is so important to overall health and wellbeing, it makes sense to try to find ways to stay active throughout adulthood, not just for your body, but for your brain. As people get older, and their physical abilities change, riding a three-wheeled adult tricycle accommodates range of motion, strength, and balance challenges. Even if riding a bicycle isn’t safe or comfortable, a rider can safely work hands, legs, muscles, heart, and brain on an adult trike. Higher activity levels lead to better mobility, and trike riding is a great activity to help maintain good health and mobility.

These adult trikes, whether upright with a wide comfy seat, semi-recumbent with easier pedaling and steering, or recumbent with a posture aligning seat, provide adults with the opportunity to enjoy cycling with the added stability of a third wheel that keeps the trike from tipping over.

The focus on rider comfort, ease of mounting and dismounting, and the balance provided by two back wheels make adult trikes a fantastic option for outdoor exercise that will help you improve and maintain your physical and mental health.

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