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Best 1000 Watt Electric Bike for the Price

1000 Watt Electric Bike

If you’re looking for the best 1000 watt electric bike, you’re in the right place. For some people, 500 watt or 750 watt electric bikes aren’t just enough.
Even though there are more powerful bikes on the market, 1000 watt electric bikes seem to be the sweet spot for most riders.
They have enough power to provide a great experience and help you enjoy it or get from A to B without breaking a sweat. Yet they also aren’t too hard to control so you know stability and maneuverability won’t be an issue.
Down below, I’ll review one of the best 1000W electric bikes (in my opinion) so keep on reading to know what to expect!

Mid-Drive or Rear-Hub Motor

1000 watt electric bikes often come with a motor option and you can choose from:
Mid-drive motor
Rear-hub motor
But what’s the difference and which one is better?
Mid-Drive Motors
Electric bikes with a mid-drive motor provide better stability as the weight is mostly located at the center-bottom of an electric bike. Mid-drive motors can leverage the existing drivetrain to provide power quicker than other electric bikes.
Another great benefit of mid-drive motors is less battery consumption which leaves riders with a better overall range.
Going up the hills won’t be an issue either as mid-drive motors have enough strength and are well placed to push you up the hill by providing peak power without decreasing the stability of your eBike.
However, the only downside is that mid-drive motors work by spinning the sprocket so it puts a lot of strain on components such as a chain as all the torque transmits the power through the chain to the rear wheel.
Another downside can be its price which is relatively higher than rear-hub motors which is something you should think about up-front.
Rear-Hub Motors
You can easily recognize a rear hub motor as it’s placed right in the hub of the rear wheel (hence the name).
And if you ever rode an eBike powered with a rear-hub motor, you’d know the great feeling of power boost that “pushes” you forward.
Rear-hub motors are often paired with a pedal assistance system which means that they provide power accordingly to the pressure you put on the pedals.
This puts less strain on the moving components but also helps you have both hands free as you can pedal to get more power instead of having to constantly push the throttle button.

And what’s the downside?

I’m glad you asked as this is something you should definitely consider. Since the rear-hub motor is located in the rear wheel, the weight of the motor isn’t evenly distributed. This can lead to less stability and front-wheel traction (especially in the hills or when you haul a cargo trailer).
On the bright side, rear hub motors are cheaper than mid-drive motors and the only downside is the weight distribution. If you don’t think that would be an issue for you, rear-hub eBikes can be a lot of fun.

Best 1000 Watt Electric Bike Review

There are hundreds of 1000W eBikes on the market, but which one is the best 1000 watt electric bike you can get?
It was a tough choice but after hours of testing and consideration, the tie was between a Rambo Rampage and Bikonit Warthog MD. I decided to choose Bikonit Warthog MD and below is my review that will show you everything you need to know about the eBike.

Powerful Bafang Ultra Intergraded Motor

One of the reasons why I chose the Bikonit Warthog MD 1000 as the best 1000 watt eBike is the Bafang Ultra motor.
This powerful 1000 watt eBike is powered with one of the best motors you can wish for. Bafang G510 Ultra Max is a mid-drive motor that can output 1000 watts of power on the rear as soon as you need it.
If you’re a fan of mid-drive motors, you’ll love the feeling of a power boost as soon as you request the power. Considering the price of this eBike, along with other high-end components included, a mid-drive motor definitely makes sense and yet it doesn’t make the eBike too expensive.
Long Range and Quick Charge Battery
The powerful mid-drive motor is combined with a long-range battery that’s hidden inside the frame of the eBike.
Not only it is more secure and is weatherproof but it is also one of the best batteries I’ve seen in electric bikes. Surprisingly, the battery doesn’t come from the usual manufacturers.
This is one of the first LG batteries I’ve seen in any quality eBike on the market. This is a 48V 30Ah battery that weighs only 8.62 lbs and yet it provides a very great range.
In combination with pedal assist, you can cover anywhere between 90 and 100 miles. Of course, this also depends on the type of terrain, weather, and the environment.
On top of that, the battery comes with a quick charger that allows you to fully charge it in only 3 to 4 hours.
Even though the battery is hidden, the battery connector point is water-resistant and it comes with quick plugs so you can charge your eBike any time and anywhere.

1000 Watt Electric Bike

Two Riding Modes

Another great benefit of Bikonit Warthog MD is the ability to ride it in two different ways. It comes equipped with a pedal-assist system and wrist throttle.
Not only this eBike is 100% road legal in any state, but it’s also super fun to ride off-road using the throttle. You won’t ever have to be worried about the range as you can always switch to the pedal-assist system that extends the range with a little bit of work from you.

Comfortable Ride Guaranteed

I am a big fan of the modern and futuristic frame design that doesn’t only provide the needed durability, but it also makes it suitable for all height levels as the standover height is only 31″.
Getting on and off the eBike won’t be an issue even for the smallest riders. However, for the most comfort, you’ll love a Selle Royal wide & gel-filled seat that works wonders in combination with the front suspension.
The seat alone can make you feel like you are riding a full suspension eBike instead of only a front-suspension eBike.

High-End Components

On top of the highly powerful motor, long-range battery, PAS, throttle, and comfort – what makes Bikonit Warthog MD the best 1000 watt electric bike are the high-end components.
These components include a highly durable chain sprocket Gates 60T belt that’s made to withstand the tensions of the mid-drive motor.
The brake system will keep you safe when you descend. Not only it provides large 4 pistons 203 mm rotors, but it even features a highly unique power cut-off function that will ensure stability on the rear wheel in the most important situations.
The price is definitely justified when you calculate the value and price of each component featured on this eBike!
Tires That Take You Anywhere
Believe me, photos don’t do this eBike justice. The Maxxis Minion FBF 4.8″ wide tires look massive on the photos, but they look even larger in person.
Thanks to these tires, you will be able to go anywhere you wish without worrying if you’ll get a puncture.
These tires are made for all terrain and you will have to try really hard to puncture the tires on this beast.
No matter how far you go, a large Bafang LCD (that looks like a smartphone) provides all insights you will need into the range available, speed, and other regular bike computer features.


Finding the best 1000 watt electric bike was really hard. However, I’m very confident that I chose the right eBike and that there’s hardly any better eBike out there within this price range.
Considering the build quality, durability, and the combination of a 1000W motor with two powering options and a long-range quick-charge battery – the value exceeds the price.
One thing is for sure, if you get Bikonit Warthog MD 1000 with the right financing plan, you won’t even think twice about making the purchase and taking this ultimate off-road eBike off the trails!
What is your favorite benefit of the Bikonit Warthog MD 1000 eBike? Where would you take it for a test ride?
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