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Best Dual Motor Electric Bikes on Market

Best Dual Motor Electric Bikes on Market

Talking about the health benefits of riding an electric bicycle
With the ever-increasing development of technology, our daily life has been turned upside down in every aspect. Medical care, artificial intelligence, green energy and some sports concepts have made people more willing to participate in sports and fitness, including riding electric bicycles. Compared with small gasoline scooters, electric bicycles have become one of the most widely used green means of transportation. It carries a rechargeable battery and travels at a speed of about 25 to 45km/h, much faster than the average person can ride a bicycle. Such a low-cost, energy-efficient, emission-free way to travel can save time and exercise.
1. Are you still troubled by your sedentary lifestyle?

In today’s society, many people are complaining about back pain and butt pain. The reason is because most office workers can’t sit for a long time every day and don’t have time to exercise. If you commute by electric bike every day, it means that people can exercise on the way to commute. Riding an electric bike every day can not only promote blood circulation, relieve stress but also build muscles.

Some people worry, what should I do if I can’t ride a bike every day? do not worry! Designers help you figure it out! These e-bikes have pedal assist, so even long distances are not tiring. In the process of riding, people can also adjust the pedal assist intensity to meet the exercise needs of different people.

High-intensity pedal assist can easily increase people’s travel speed. Riders don’t need to expend too much effort to pedal, but the purpose of fitness can be achieved. This allows sedentary office workers to exercise on the commute without taking up their other time at all. Just a simple change like this can have a huge impact on the physical and mental health of others.

If you have a heart that wants to exercise, but you have never put in action, then an electric bicycle is a more suitable choice than a fitness card.

What is the Purpose of a Dual Motor?

If you’ve ever tried an e-bike, you’ve definitely noticed a “push” from behind when you hit the gas or start pedaling faster.

Now, imagine this “push” on a dual-motor e-bike. This means you can have power on both wheels, more power overall and a bigger advantage on rough terrain or very steep hills.

So the purpose of dual motors is to increase the efficiency of the e-bike, provide more stability on both wheels (instead of just one), and provide more power.

But does that mean your e-bike with two motors will cover less range? Absolutely not!

Dual-motor e-bikes come with dual batteries, usually long-distance batteries. So you’ll be able to cover the same range as a standard e-bike, but you’ll have the power to both wheels.

If dual motors still confuse you, or you can’t get around it – here’s an easy way to find out how it works.

If you know anything about cars, you know there are rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive cars. This means that power only happens to two wheels, not all 4.

However, there is also an all-wheel-drive type of car, also known as a 4X4, which means that power is available to all four wheels.

So the concept of all-wheel drive isn’t new, but it’s only introduced to e-bikes by doubling the number of motors that drive it.

How Dual Motor eBikes Work?

The dual motors are on the front and rear wheels, so you won’t see a dual-motor e-bike with a mid-drive motor.

Both motors are powered by one or two batteries, which are cleverly placed in the e-bike frame.

Another thing you’ll notice in dual-motor e-bikes is that most of the time they come with throttle rather than pedal assist.

But, of course, all e-bikes have pedals, and so do dual-motor e-bikes. So whenever you hit the gas (either from the start or while driving), the energy stored in the battery will be used to power the motor.

The motors will spin both wheels and you’ll move faster than you can imagine!

They work very similarly to regular e-bikes, in fact, the only difference is that both wheels have power.

Advantages of wide and narrow tires for shifting bikes
1. The advantages of wide tires, large contact area between tires and the ground, strong grip, and stable driving on wet and slippery roads. Disadvantages: heavy weight, high resistance, low speed, and high noise from friction with the ground.

2. The advantages of narrow tires are light weight, low resistance, high speed, and low friction with the ground. The disadvantage is that the grip is small and the driving is unstable on wet and slippery roads. Suitable for off-road high strength and comfortable riding.

But how about the range of two powerful motors and two good batteries?

You won’t believe it – but Futaba can travel about 80 miles on a single charge! When you have to charge an e-bike – how does it work?

Glad you asked! One battery is placed inside the frame, while the second battery is placed in the standard location where most standard e-bikes place batteries.

It comes down to charging – you have to charge each battery separately, which can take longer. However, the charging time is very fast, so it’s not an issue at all.

Two 1000-watt batteries produce a combined 2,000 watts of power, which will get you flying up the steepest of hills. At peak performance and under harsh conditions, the Megatron can put out a little over 2000 watts, which is truly incredible.

Given the range it can cover at such high-end power rates, Rambo makes it hard for competitors to release better products.

On top of that, you can also choose to ride with the front or rear motor only—if you don’t think you need the all-wheel-drive capability. This will save you extra power and increase range.

In terms of price, the Megatron is slightly more expensive, and since it comes with two top-notch motors and batteries, it’s quite a bargain – but we believe the price is totally worth it (especially if you’re financing it and going monthly payment).

We believe that the Shuangye is the second-best dual-motor eBike on the market

Shuangye really went all-in on the dual-motor eBikes and they’re not only the first brand to release an AWD eBike, but they’re also the best one on the market.

Shuangye provides slightly less power than its big brother Megatron. Krusader features 2 Bafang 500W hub motors. It’s definitely not 2000W, but you’ll get 1000W on both wheels which is far better than 1000W on one wheel.


1000W spread out on both wheels reduces weight in the mid-frame of the eBike and yet it gives it more stability as the motors are placed in the wheel’s hub.

On top of that, Krusader is equipped with one but worthy Samsung 48V 14Ah battery. It’s a slightly less capacity in comparison to Megatron, but it’s more than enough for two 500W motors.

When it comes down to the range, you can cover about 38 miles on a single charge which is pretty decent for a 1000W eBike. And when you drain the battery, you will only have one battery to charge which reduces the charging time – so Shuangye doesn’t only come with drawbacks in comparison to its big brother Megatron.

The frame is built using aluminum alloy which makes the eBike pretty light yet sturdy, so the weight of two motors (instead of one) doesn’t really weigh the eBike down.

The Shuangye eBike weighs about 74 lbs with a maximum capacity of 300 lbs.

Everything you touch, everything you see, and on every ride, you will notice how sturdy, reliable, and unrivaled the Krusader is.

It is whisper-quiet which is a great fit for hunters and yet HOTEBIKE 26″ x 4″ tires are made for trails and off-trail rides.

When it comes down to the frame size, you won’t be able to choose between two sizes and yet the main size is 19″ which is something to keep in mind. The standover height is 28″ which makes it easy to calculate whether HOTEBIKE is a right fit for you (even if you didn’t try it beforehand).

All you have to do is measure the inseam of your legs and see whether Shuangye’s standover height is a great fit or not.

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