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Best eBike for mountains?

Best eBike for mountains

Welcome to the topic “Best eBike for mountains.”

What’s the best eBike for mountains?

This is a query that many users are asking nowadays. You may
be thinking of getting an eBike, but you’re not sure which one to get. There
are tons of options out there, and it can get overwhelming quickly. We are here
to help you find the best eBike for mountain biking!

We have put together a list of the top-rated eBikes for
mountain biking and reviewed them based on their features, pros, cons, and how
they compare to each other. We hope this helps.

Review of the best mountain electric bikes:

Here are some top models handpicked by our experts for you:


Key Features:

  • Frame
    material: Alloy
  • Fork:
    RockShox Revelation Charger
  • Rear
    Shock: RockShox Deluxe RT
  • Wheel
    size: 29 inch
  • Motor:
    Specialized 2.1 Rx
  • Battery:
    Specialized Integrated 500Wh

Here is the best electric mountain bike with high end
features and superb performance. It’s tough to beat Specialized Turbo Levo Comp
FSR if you’re in the market for an off-road bike. You get all of that great
handling and build quality with a price tag that won’t hurt your wallet too
much. The Specialized Turbo Levo Comp FSR is a bike that’ll get you to the
mountain faster than ever before.

The 250W motor is powerful and makes your ride a versatile
one with the ability to adapt easily. The smartphone app allows riders for easy
and quick adjustments such as level of assistance or battery life for their
trip. In addition, you can set up preprogrammed routes through the app.

Furthermore, the bike is as agile and nimble on rough
terrain as it is smooth. And thanks to its unique and smart design, you will
have an easy time navigating through tight spaces—whether you are going for a
fast ride down mountain trails or something more casual like errands around

However, we missed the digital display, but it is not the
major issue, and all things considered, it is one of the best eBikes for
mountains with serious strength and firepower.


Offers fast and precise rice.

Efficient and powerful motor.


No digital display

YT Decoy 29 Core 4

Key Features:

Bike’s Motor: Shimano EP8 85 Nm

Bike’s Battery: YT Custom 540 Wh.

LCD Display: Shimano E7000

Fork FOX: Factory GRIP2 170 mm

Rear Shock: 165mm FOX X2 Factory

Available sizes: S M L XL XXL

Bike’s weight: 21.7 kg

The YT Decoy 29 Core 4 is a versatile and well-rounded
e-bike that impressed us with its performance. Featuring an impressive design
and durable frame, 145mm of rear wheel travel, and large tires of 29 inches in
diameter, this electric mountain bike will not disappoint you when it comes to
fun and mountain adventures.

Up, down and all around the bike is an absolute blast. From
rough terrain to smooth roads, it can do it with ease. There’s no challenge
that this nimble machine cannot take on. Besides, the handling is excellent on
all terrains, and it feels stable even at max speed.

Furthermore, the bike features a sturdy suspension that
maintains the ideal frequency and manages big hits with composure and offers
you a cool and calm pedaling platform.

The powerful EP8 motor and 85Nm of torque will ensure you
can tackle any climb in style. The modern geometry is comfortable, handling
sharp thanks to Shimano’s technology that delivers a customized output setting
for maximum control of your ride just how you like it!

The Decoy 29 mountain bike looks like it’s straight out of
the future with its sleek and futuristic design. Not to mention that this
beautiful ride also features an integrated battery, motor system.


Excellent build quality.

Super affordable price

Versatile and ideal for all uses and terrains


Battery power is the only 540Wh.

Commencal Meta Power TR Ride

Key Features:

Battery Size: 630Wh

Wheel size: 29 inches

Motor System: Shimano EP8

Motor Power: Torque 85Nm

Bike’s weight: 24.3 kg without pedals

Bike’s Range: 42.0 km or 26.1 miles

The next is our best value electric mountain bike from the
well-known brand Commencal. The electric bike is pretty much affordable
compared to the other popular options and includes all the necessary features
you will need to tackle challenging mountain adventures.

This bike features 140mm of travel along with a 150mm frame
and a unique and long structure. Moreover, this TR Ride really lives up to the
reputation when it comes to riding at speed. The ride is comfortable, and you
will feel confident and composed even when riding on challenging and aggressive
terrain. Plus, the bike feels soft on mellower trails as well.

A steep seat tube contributes significantly to the overall
comfort, while its smooth pedal assistance helps you move through up hills and
climbs with ease.

The new Shimano EP8 motor works well and is a particularly
lovely spec on this least expensive build. Moreover, a powerful 630Wh battery
is much better than the standard ones and offers impressive power for such an
affordable price point.

The Meta Power TR electric mountain bike has a pretty good
distance range, too – not quite as far as premium ones but still plenty enough
to get around town or commute with ease without worrying about running out
every few blocks.

Commencal has designed the Meta Power TR intelligently, and
it is built to last. However, the bike is a bit heavier than the others, but
the handling is excellent on tight spots and on the climbs and descents.


Decent distance range

Reasonably priced

Robust motor and efficient pedal assist.

Suitable for a wide range of terrains.


Too heavier

Handling is difficult on lower speeds

Felt Redemption-E 50

Key Features:

  • Weight: 53.5 lb. (XL) Fork Travel: 140mm
  • Motor: Shimano E8000 
  • Battery: 500 Wh 
  • Travel: 150mm 

Next on the list comes the Felt Redemption-E 50, an
all-mountain electric bike. The machine has all the bells and whistles that a
good mountain eBike should have, but it weighs around 53 pounds. So keep in
mind that it is not the lightest out there but rockets up on both technical and
non-technical climbs.

Similarly, the eBike is ideal for shuttle runs, and handling
is smooth when you are moving on tricky trails and rock gardens.

Here is a pro tip for you. Instead of moving it around with
your body, you will have to learn to smash the pedals and allow the motor to
beat the trail. It comes with the eMTB tuned suspension that efficiently
answers and tackles the hits to further enhance the handling and comfort.

Another remarkable feature of this eBike for mountains is
the Shimano motor’s “trail” function that delivers all the power you need.
Besides, the instant torque from scratch means you need to be well-prepared to
take off before you use it on the pedals.

Everything on the Redemption-E 50 is flawless. The Shimano
disk brakes are robust, and the shifting is smooth and crisp. The only thing to
look out for is the eBike’s weight.

Buy it if you want to explore new mountain tracks, and it
will handle the rest.


Shifting is effortless.

Smooth pedaling.

The best eBike for mountains and off-road.

Long battery life and range.


Not ideal for busy streets as it is too heavy.

Scott Genius eRIDE 920

Key Features:

  • Weight: 52 lb. (XL)  
  • Travel: 150mm 
  • Motor: Shimano E8000 
  • Fork Travel: 150mm
  • Battery: 500 Wh 

Scott’s Genius eRIDE 920 is another eBike for the mountain
that you rely upon. The best thing about it is that the bike features Shimano’s
reliable E8000 motor that efficiently tackles the uphills and steep climbs.

Furthermore, the motor’s width is narrow—the same as the
Shimano mountain bike crank, and it helps. Besides, you can also customize it
with Shimano’s e-Tube apps.

Another thing that you are going to love is its powerful
boost mode that enables you to move comfortably at 20 miles per hour on hard
surfaces and pavement, while its trail mode surges torque more smoothly and
helps to cover a long distance.

Apart from it, the bike is also suitable for rough roads.
The faster and harder-hitting torque works flawlessly for technical terrain.
Moreover, the 29-inch wheels and 150mm of tires enhance stability and make your
ride safe and hassle-free.

This eBike for mountains is not an ordinary one and is
designed for riding big and hard. The big travel, long trail, and drooping
angle provide a ride that you can take on rowdy trails and anywhere you want.


Shimano pedal-assist motor is useful.

Instant and high torque.

Nicely integrated battery.


A bit expensive than the others.

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