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Best five electrical bike for kids

Best five electrical bike for kids

Have you always want to buy an electrical bike for your kids as a present? Different age of children like different types of electrical bikes. But most of electrical bike was design for adult, the height of the electrical bike is not suitable for kids. The height of electrical bike too high, it will have some dangerous issue while biking, like difficult handle. So the height of electrical bike need to choice depend on the height of your kids. Here show you best FIVE electrical bike for kids, all from Shuangye electric bike. You can choose one for your kids.

A6AH20F electrical bike for kids

If your kids like fat tire mountain electric bike. This bike would be the great choice for you, all of it meet your needs. A lot of fat tire electrical bike use 26-inch wheel, but this fat tire electrical bike for kids is equipped with 20-inch small fat tire.  This is also an great electrical bike for kids. Unlike adult electrical bike, this bike height is not tall and which is suitable for children. And it can assist you ride on different terrains, like hilly areas or flat areas. And this bike also have two different motor power for you choose, 250-watt and 350-watt depend on your requirements. If your kids just use it in city, 250-watt power is enough for your kids daily traveling. If you live in hilly ares maybe more high power can make your kids biking easier.

A1-7 electrical bike for kids

Compared with fat tire mountain electrical bike, maybe foldable electrical bike for kids more convenience. A foldable electrical bike offering a great combination of utility at a low price. Foldable frame design can save more space to store and easier find a place to park it. The bike equipped with powerful brushless geared 250 watt hub motor combined with a 36 volt battery capacity, all make your kids have a comfortable riding. The max speed is 25km/h, fast but safe, you do not worry about your kids safe on the road. For convenience, this electrical bike for kids used removable hidden battery. If this bike has any problem because of battery, it is easy to check out and replace the battery.

A7AM20 electrical electrical bike for kids

If 20-inch mini electric bike is meet your requirement, here is another fat tire electrical bike for kids, which is also 20-inch small wheel. This bike adapt to your kids want to foldable frame and fat tire design.  Unlike normal size wheel electrical bikes, a smaller version 20-inch city electrical bike that’s easier to mount, it offers great power thanks to its smaller wheels paired with a 250 watt geared hub motor and 36 volt battery. Offers thumb throttle and five levels of assist for long riding, throttle assist you ride this bike without pedal, pedal assist for saving battery power to ride a long time.

A6AH26 electrical bike for kids

If your child is over 15 years old, maybe you can choose this one electrical bike for kids. This bike adopted 26-inch wheel, a similar normal frame appearance design and offers a super comfortable ride, as it should be considering it’s dedicated to short-distance traveling and off-road. For your safety on the road, the brake system of this bike is mechanical disc brake system. The removable hidden battery and the 250-watt hub motor support your total riding range with 40-60 km and 25km/h max speed.

A6-R electrical bike for kids

If your adolescent kids like lightweight electrical bike, maybe this road bike is suitable for them. The whole bike just about 20kgs, which is lifted by a adult women easily. And this bike has a beautiful frame design and aluminum alloy frame, it also comes with a strong motor and gear shifting system, pedal assist and fully automatic modes, and a high-configuration blended braking system for a safer ride. A high-brightness front light help you get around in the evening. As a plus, this bike also adopted 36v hidden battery and 250 watt rear hub motor, provide a elegant but fast speed electrical bike for kids. And this model also has another style – bottle battery road electrical bike.

Which one is suitable for you kids? First of all, you need to determine the height of your kids, and then buy an electrical bike for kids depend on their height. There are 20 inch electrical bikes and 26 inch electrical bikes, the two choice of small size wheel and big size wheel depend on your kids like. Whatever exerciser or riding around the neighborhood, it is your kids the best “friend” and excellent transportation.

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