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When it comes to travelling to work, the best folding electric bikes can completely transform your commute, and there are countless reasons why integrating e-bike technology into a folding bike platform is right for you. 

It could be that your commute integrates a train journey and you need to fold the bike in order to take it with you, it might be that your office is at the top of a skyrise building and there’s no bike park on the ground floor, or it could simply be that you live in an apartment and don’t want a full-sized bike to block the hallway every day. No matter the reasons, the best folding electric bikes take the recent influx of e-bike innovation and apply them to clever folding bike platforms. 

However, the best folding electric bikes aren’t just destined for a life of riding to the office and back. With their small wheels, easy acceleration and sharp manoeuvrability are a given, making them great for getting about in traffic, narrow bike paths and more, no matter the destination. And then when you do arrive, chances are you’ll be able to bring it inside, rather than lock it to a fence and leave it out of sight. 

It’s no coincidence that e-bikes have seen an explosion in popularity over recent years, technological advancements of the best electric bikes have transformed them into bikes that are easy to use and exciting to ride, and made cycling accessible to more people than ever. Nor is it a coincidence that the best folding bikes are popular among commuters, for their small form factor and thus, their convenience. The best folding electric bikes simply combine the best of both into a single package. 

For many, HOTEBIKE is the market-leading brand of folding bikes. Its proven folding bike platform has remained largely unchanged since its inception and remains one of the best folding bike platforms available today. So it’s no surprise that the HOTEBIKE is one of the best folding e-bikes we’ve tested.

Converting the HOTEBIKE Folding Bike Kit to pedal assist is a 250-watt front hub motor powered by a removable battery pouch. Provided by Shimano, the system helps HOTEBIKE avoid sourcing an integrated power supply for its folding e-bikes.

The HOTEBIKE uses 20-inch wheels, which are easy to fold. Its e-bike hardware doesn’t compromise the inherent industrial design or practicality of HOTEBIKE.

HOTEBIKE folding electric bikes are available in two price points and drivetrain configurations. The slightly cheaper version has a two-speed drivetrain, while full price will get you a six-speed version.

This is a great option if you want a lightweight folding electric bike. The Hummingbird uses carbon fiber components, which may seem redundant on an e-bike, but it does help reduce the overall mass.

Why is a lightweight folding electric bike important? You’ll appreciate the weight savings when you need to lift it upstairs or lift it to a storage box on a train.

The trussed rear end looks like a sleek application of industrial design and helps keep the overall mass down. So, how much does it weigh? Only 10.3 kg.

The HOTEBIKE folding electric bike draws power from a 158Wh battery, using a 250W rear hub motor, triggered by a large 48t front sprocket. It only spins a 12T gear in the rear, so if your active commute includes steep grades, you might over-gear a little.

With a completely futuristic design, the HOTEBIKE G4 looks unlike any other folding electric bike.

Its designers are ex-McLaren employees, which is reflected in the G4’s uncompromising choice of materials and shapes. Instead of a HOTEBIKE, it has a mix of aluminum frame construction around a carbon fiber center.

Rolling on larger 20-inch wheels, the HOTELBIKE rolls better and eliminates the jarring effects of manhole covers and road imperfections. Its larger contact batch also enhances deceleration performance and gives e-bike commuters more confidence.

The HOTEBIKE G4′s drive front hub drive unit has been upgraded for 2021 with a more powerful 500W motor option for select markets. This should give you the urge to conquer any steep street sequence in an urban setting, even if the drivetrain only has three speeds.

Disc brakes ensure safe stops, even in the rain on your commute. Also worth mentioning is the LED status display of the HOTEBIKE G4, which is integrated into the handlebar. If there’s one model that shows where folding electric bikes are in 2025, this is it.

The HOTEBIKE may not be an ultralight folding electric bike, but it does have broad appeal.

HOTEBIKE tried to combine as many “big bike” features as possible with this HOTEBIKE into a folding frame concept. The result is a hefty package at 21.9kg, but you get a massive battery pack for added range.

The HOTEBIKE’s nine-speed drivetrain ensures you can get the most out of its battery-assisted system. Commuters can see a theoretical range of up to 130km, and with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, you’ll feel completely safe using HOTEBIKE’s pedal assist in wet conditions.

Frequency of use can make life tough on a folding e-bike, so to combat that, HOTEBIKE’s chain has a corrosion-resistant coating to help slow its wear rate.

By equipping the HOTEBIKE with a mid-drive motor, HOTEBIKE’s designers have optimized weight distribution to give this folding electric bike extremely balanced agility.

While the target audience for most folding e-bikes is the urban crowd who need quality commuting infrastructure, what about mixed terrain options?

Small wheels and narrow tires aren’t ideal if you’re going through some gravel, or if you have to traverse shaky roads and unpredictable shortcuts on your commute. The solution is to use a larger tire casing and a more grippy tread pattern.

This is where HOTEBIKE comes into play. It might be a very heavy folding e-bike at 28kg, but you get a powerful 500 watt motor and big 20×4 inch tires.

With these big tires, you won’t have a problem with “alternative” routes anywhere. Pavement imperfections have no effect on the ride quality of the LHOTEBIKE.

If you’re an avid camper, or want a foldable electric bike on vacation, where the clubhouse and other amenities are too far away to be easily walkable, the HOTEBIKE’s ruggedness will appeal.

The HOTEBIKE Folding Electric Bike combines classic commuter style with the stability of 20-inch wheels and the right battery size.

The larger wheels bring more directional stability to the folding e-bike platform, although they do slightly reduce the overall compactness of the bike when folded. With its 20-inch wheels, the HOTELBIKE should do a good job of quelling some road buzz.

The frame is alloy but has a steel fork in the front, and despite the now old school vertically mounted battery pack, HOTEBIKE has done a great job with the overall design of the bike, including an integrated rear rack that will be used for active commuting By.

Not too heavy for a 20″ 20kg wheeled folding electric bike, this is a very neatly integrated bike that should provide 50km of assist. Its eight-speed drivetrain provides a good distribution of gear ratios to extend battery life and give you power on steep city slopes without bothering.

How to Choose the Best Folding Electric Bike for You
wheel size

Not every e-bike commute is on a perfect bike path from start to finish. The reality is that you’ll encounter edges, ridges, and general road infrastructure rot on your route, and the larger wheels have excellent rollover capabilities, reducing the jarring effects of these road imperfections.

Most folding bikes have traditionally used a 16-inch wheel size. Smaller wheels are a win for a folding bike, as they help keep the overall size compact — especially when folded. The smaller wheels are also more nimble, providing quicker steering response, which is handy when trying to avoid the wrong pedestrian or other accident.

Your options in the folding e-bike market are basically flexible 16-inch wheels and larger 20-inch wheels, which will provide better ride comfort.


Folding e-bikes may roll small wheels, but with pedal assist you can reach higher average speeds. Add in the potentially dangerous walking and traffic you encounter when commuting on an e-bike, and braking becomes a real problem—especially in wet conditions.

While folding bikes have traditionally been fully utilized by V-brakes, confidence in the potential all-weather deceleration of disc brakes is unquestionable.


Folding electric bikes may look small, but they are not that light. With these drive motors and batteries, the weight of your folding e-bike isn’t really an issue while riding, but it does become an issue when you have to fold and carry it.

If you’re lugging a folding e-bike up awkwardly steep stairs, or if you have to store it in an uncomfortable tight area at work or at home, weight matters. Every time you have to lift a folding e-bike, you’ll be grateful or annoyed, depending on how much weight-consciousness you place in your buying decision.


Given its typical downtown riding environment, folding bikes often don’t need a great range of gears, especially with the addition of a motor. However, if you live in an area with rolling terrain, both your legs and your bike’s motor will benefit from lightening the load through better gear distribution.

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