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Best Value Electric Bikes

Did you know that in the United States, someone buys an electric bicycle every 52 seconds? Whether you’re looking to help out the environment or spend more time outside, there are plenty of reasons why an electric bicycle is a great investment, and we couldn’t be happier that so many people are hopping on the e-bike wagon—literally every minute.

Best Value Electric Bikes

At HOTEBIKE, we’re proud to produce three beautifully-designed electric bikes to fit your lifestyle and needs. And while every HOTEBIKE bike is equipped with premium features, we’re committed to making them affordable, too, so even more people can experience the joy and freedom that come along with cycling.
Before we get into why HOTEBIKE has the best value electric bike on the market, let’s first discuss what to look for in an electric bike, and how an e-bike is different from a traditional bicycle.
What to Look for in an Electric Bike
Many Americans (47.4 million, to be exact) consider themselves bike riders, and as cycling enthusiasts ourselves, we can understand why: bikes offer a dynamic (and more cost-effective) alternative to other forms of transportation like cars, they’re nimble, and last but certainly not least, they’re a lot of fun to ride!
An e-bike offers all of the benefits of a traditional bike and more, and it really takes cycling to the next level. With the addition of a motor, you can bike up hills and zip past traffic without breaking a sweat. From daily commuting to off-road adventures, an electric bike gets you there and back faster and easier.
How to Choose an Electric Bike
Once you’ve decided an electric bike is for you, the next step is choosing the right type of electric bike. Similar to conventional bikes, electric bicycles are typically organized into the following categories: mountain and road, plus niches like commuter, hybrid, cruiser, cargo, and folding bikes.
But first, as you begin to research electric bikes, you’ll find that they’re divided into three classes that denote their level of motor assistance—so, before you start reading a bunch of bike reviews, it’s important to understand the difference between the three:

The Three Classes of Electric Bikes

Class 1 Electric Bikes
People who are new to riding electric bikes most commonly start out with a Class 1 e-bike. They are the most affordable of the three classes, and Class 1 electric bikes are the most universally accepted in terms of regulations, which means you can ride them on city streets and bike paths. The main distinction when it comes to a Class 1 electric bike is that the motor will only start once you pedal, and it stops providing assistance as soon as you reach a speed of 20 mph.
Class 2 Electric Bikes
Class 2 electric bikes are typically allowed in many of the same places as Class 1 electric bikes, since the motor assistance only goes up to 20 mph. However, what makes a Class 2 e-bike different from a Class 1 e-bike is that it is equipped with a motor that can be used to propel the bike in a purely throttle-powered mode (similar to a motorbike). In other words, you can enjoy the ease of power assist without putting in any effort yourself.
Class 3 Electric Bikes
Similar to a Class 2 electric bike, a Class 3 e-bike is equipped with a motor that allows it to be powered without any pedal assistance by the rider. However, pedal assist on a Class 3 continues until a top speed of 28 mph is reached. Because Class 3 electric bikes are faster and more powerful than Class 1 and Class 2 electric bikes, not only are they the most expensive, but also due to regulations, they cannot be ridden on most bike paths or mountain bike trails.
If you’re looking for an electric bike that offers the most flexibility and freedom, we recommend choosing a Class 2 electric bike, since they can be ridden essentially anywhere and allow you to fully enjoy the ease of pedal assist.

The Three Models of HOTEBIKE E-Bikes?

If you’re anything like us, you prefer to have options, which is why all our electric bikes are categorized as Class 2 e-bikes, meaning you’re able to ride them practically everywhere while also taking full advantage of the convenience of pedal assist whenever you want.
As we mentioned earlier, we’re proud to offer three, beautifully-designed electric bikes to fit your lifestyle and needs. Choosing the right model really comes down to two things:
.1. Where you tend (or plan) to cycle most
.2. How you tend (or plan) to use your bike
Do you prefer long, leisurely rides around town? Or, are you a thrill-seeker looking to kick up some mud? No matter your preference, every HOTEBIKE e-bike is crafted with premium features to provide a fun, smooth ride with less fatigue. So, without further ado, we’re pleased to present the complete lineup of HOTEBIKE electric bikes!

The City Electric Bike

Get there and back—no sweat. Easily storable, light, and maneuverable, the City is ready to ride in any weather. Available in standard and low-step frame styles, you can customize your comfort and travel effortlessly across town, because the City e-bike was expertly designed for city living.

The Comfort Electric Bike

For weekend rides that won’t tire you out, the Comfort e-bike is your go-to. The Comfort is a cruiser bike that lives up to its name by keeping things smooth and upright, even on tough hills. The convenient thumb throttle lets you choose between five levels of pedal assist, and with a low-step frame, comfy seat, and bump-proof shocks, it’s the Saturday morning of electric bicycles (aka it’s perfect).

The HOTEBIEKE Electric Bike

If you’re looking for an e-bike that’s tough enough for trails and gravel, the XC won’t let you down. Its big, Goodyear tires, great shocks, and powerful, mid-drive motor are ready for long adventures, plus it’s easy to take with you thanks to quick fold-flat bike handlebars and folding pedals. With hydraulic disc brakes, protective fenders, sturdy racks, bright lights, and automatic tire-pressure sensors, the XC has street smarts and off-road toughness.
Remember when we said every HOTEBIKE bike is equipped with premium features that come standard? You heard right: standard. There’s no upHOTEBIKE for quality and performance, making them the best value electric bikes on the market. Here’s what you’ll find:
✹ A high-quality, aluminum frame that is lightweight yet built to last, plus fat tires that guarantee a smooth ride, no matter the road ahead.
✹ A powerful, 750w rear hub motor that delivers 45 Nm of torque.
✹ A reHOTEBIKEable, lithium ion battery that keeps you going up to 50 miles on a single HOTEBIKE.
Don’t have an outlet near where you keep your bike? No problem. Every HOTEBIKE battery has been designed to be removable and lockable, so you can safely reHOTEBIKE wherever you have power.
✹ A convenient throttle that lets you take control of your ride by choosing your level of pedal assist.
✹An intelligent handlebar display that gives you the stats you need while you ride with its battery-capacity indication, real-time speed indication, and power-assist level indication.
✹ High-powered, integrated front and rear lights and reflective tire walls that ensure you can see and be seen, day or night.
✹ An integrated rear rack that makes it easy to attach baskets, crates, or bins for all your daily essentials.
✹ Smart air pressure sensors that take out the guesswork: when the cap shows green, you’re good to go!
Where to Buy an Electric Bike
Once you’ve settled on the type of electric bike that’s right for your lifestyle and needs, the next thing to consider is the bike company you plan on buying from. There are a lot of bike manufacturers out there, and we know it can get overwhelming trying to figure out which one you want to partner with (and deserves your business!).
Like many things these days, you can now buy electric bicycles online, and while this is certainly convenient, you’ll want to do your homework and make sure it’s a reliable retailer that’s ready to help you throughout the process.

Best Value Electric Bikes


At HOTEBIKE, we pride ourselves on being a bike company you can trust. We believe buying and owning an e-bike should be easy—and that riding one should make your life easier, too. As a company, we’ve gone through some changes over the years, but what’s stayed the same is our commitment to crafting quality and durable bikes in order to bring the joy of cycling to more people than ever before.
Though we started out producing conventional bikes, once electric bike technology emerged, we knew it was the way of the future. So, we decided to focus solely on creating the ideal electric bicycle, and the rest is, as they say, history.
With nearly two decades in the business, we’ve rethought every aspect of the electric bike experience, from buying and assembly to storage and ownership. Most bike manufacturers today ship their bikes in pieces, and it takes several, complicated assembly steps—and not to mention, various tools—to put them together.
Since we sell directly to the consumer who likely needs to assemble their bike on their own, we designed a box that allows us to ship our e-bikes nearly fully assembled. Once a HOTEBIKE e-bike arrives, it can quickly be put together by following four simple steps and using just one tool, so you can take it out for a spin in minutes. 

Go for a Test Ride!

Websites and bike reviews can provide a lot of great information, but there’s nothing like actually going for a ride to experience everything an electric bike has to offer. Before clicking “add to cart,” we encourage anyone new to HOTEBIKE or electric bikes in general to schedule a test ride, and with a growing network of dealers and test-ride locations, we’ve made it easier to find one near you.
Have any questions? Our team is here to help, and we’d love to hear from you!

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