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Can ebike cause wrist pain

Can ebike cause wrist pain

If you have completed the arduous climb of the Tour de France, the burning pain of the thigh muscles is predictable-has anyone shown an electric bicycle to these people? -But this kind of bike wrist pain is called “good pain” or “necessary pain” in the bicycle industry, and it is worth looking forward to; even if you have to break through your personal limits when riding an electric bicycle. This is a pain that makes you stronger.

There are other types of pain that you can get on an electric bike, and these are no good pains. These other types of pain are neither necessary nor beneficial, the most common of which is electric bicycle wrist pain. When we talk about wrist pain from the perspective of an electric bicycle, using the term “pain” can be misleading. Although there may be pain, the use of the term also includes tingling and numbness.

If you experience pain, tingling, or numbness in your bicycle wrist while riding, solving it should be at the top of your e-bike’s “things to do” list. Ebike wrist pain will not only lead to further complications, but also prevent you from doing what you like-that is riding an electric bike-because doing so can be painful. In most cases, this problem can be solved by simple adjustments. Below we will introduce the causes, solutions and preventive measures of wrist pain on electric bicycles.

Causes of EBIKE wrist pain

There are many possible causes of wrist pain, and once you have determined the cause of the pain, most of them can be easily resolved. First, let’s see what happens physiologically when you have a pain in your wrist while riding a bicycle. There are two main reasons.

1. Carpal tunnel syndrome-cycling and carpal tunnel syndrome are common friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live without the other. The carpal tunnel is a passage in the wrist through which a nerve called the median nerve passes.

Except for the little finger and ring finger, this nerve controls the sensation and movement of all your fingers. When you put pressure on this nerve, your palm, thumb, index finger, or middle finger will feel tingling or itching and numb; if this is how you feel, then you may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is not only related to cycling, but also one of the most common neurological diseases affecting Americans. No root cause has been determined, and it is said that it can only happen on its own.

2. Ulnar tunnel syndrome-The ulnar nerve is another nerve in your hand that passes through the Guyon tube on your wrist. It controls the movement and sensation of the outer edge of the hand and the little and ring fingers.

Ulnar tunnel syndrome, also known as Guyon’s tube syndrome, is caused when pressure is applied to the ulnar nerve in Guyon’s tube. The main symptoms are tingling and numbness in the little finger and ring finger.

These are the two main causes of two different but similar pains found in different positions of the hand. These are symptoms of excessive pressure in the wrist area. Fundamentally speaking, this is the problem we want to solve.

EBIKE solution for wrist pain

Here, we will look at what factors in your riding may cause these pains and how to correct them. Read through these causes, effects, and solutions, then ride your electric bike to see if you can tell which ones might affect you. Once you find the cause that may affect you, then apply the solution.

Cause Impact Solution

Wrist positioning

When you ride an electric bicycle, your wrist is not straight because it is compressible and will put extra pressure on the nerves and tendons in the carpal tunnel. An excessively bent wrist has the same effect.

When riding, you want your wrist to bend 15-20 degrees back because this will open your carpal tunnel. Some people find that buying handlebars with palm rest helps keep their hands in the best position.


If you lean too far forward to reach the handlebars, this may put excessive pressure on your wrists.

When you are sitting on an electric bicycle, there should be a 90º angle between your shoulders and torso. Make adjustments to your handlebars and seat height correction. If it doesn’t seem to be done, then your electric bike may be too long for your body.

Weight distribution

Lean your weight forward on your wrists and hands.

Your saddle is too high or its nose tilted down too far; an angle of only 4-5º is enough to allow your weight to slide forward. If you feel that you are accidentally leaning on the handlebars, check the angle and height of your saddle and adjust as needed.

Handlebar shape and position

If on your handlebars, your hands are significantly wider than your shoulders, this will cause your wrists to roll outwards and compress the ulnar nerve.

If you have to turn your hand forward to hold the brake or gear lever, this can also cause pain.

The first element sometimes changes with changes in technique or posture, and can be achieved by adjusting the handlebars. If this doesn’t work, you may need to buy a handlebar that is more suitable for you, they do make electric bike handlebars for the carpal tube.

If you roll your hand forward to use the brake and gear lever, release and rotate these parts so that you can reach them without moving your hands. When performing this operation, be sure to turn the tire to the left and right before riding to ensure that the change does not put excessive pressure on the cable, otherwise it will cause the cable to break.

Rough terrain

This is a common cause of wrist pain on electric mountain bikes. The vibrations generated by rough terrain will put extra pressure on your wrist.

First, make sure your suspension fork is not locked.

If you find that your body becomes tight when riding on this type of terrain, try to minimize the tension so that your muscles, not your joints, absorb the shock.

If this is your main riding terrain, then you may want to consider lowering the PSI of your tires slightly so that they can provide you with some extra absorption. You may also want to consider buying a pair of bicycle gloves with gel pads or cushions on the palm and heel.

Look professional

If you can’t seem to determine the cause, or even if you are sure but can’t solve it, then it’s time to see a professional. Go to the local electric bike store and talk to the staff there; don’t forget to bring your electric bike! The staff there should be able to help diagnose the cause of the pain and provide you with a solution.

If the pain persists after riding, and the pain persists while you are performing other tasks, you may be advised to seek the advice of a medical professional. Pain is a signal that the body sends out a problem. If it is not treated in time, wrist pain can cause lasting damage to the wrist. It cannot be a carpal tunnel or a ulnar tunnel. It may be something completely different, such as tendinitis and arthritis, but only a medical professional can tell you this.


Ebike wrist pain is usually a problem caused by a certain condition, such as poor weight distribution or improper hand position, but practicing prevention techniques will never hurt; even if you don’t feel pain. Our wrists are used for most of the tasks we complete every day, and many short and simple wrist exercises can be done to help stretch and strengthen this part of the body.

Last words

Unfortunately, wrist pain is common in the world of electric bicycles and bicycles. One of the most common reasons is that the person’s electric bicycle or bicycle does not fit their body properly. This does not mean that they need to buy a brand new ride to solve the problem, but they may need to consider other purchases, such as a new handlebar or a new saddle, to solve the problem.

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