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Can I take my fat tire ebike on a plane?

Can I take my fat tire ebike on a plane?
As the nights draw in and winter is indeed approaching, cyclists are starting to ask if they can take their ebikes on planes.

Well, let’s start with this. We love wet and windy cycles. Sometimes a muddy trail ride is something you just can’t beat, especially if you have the proper equipment to stay safe and warm.

However, we’re human and cycling in a fairer climate (especially at this time of year) certainly has its appeal. What’s more, variety is the spice of life, and there are some fantastic cycling trips all over the continent and further afield.

Owners of folding e-bikes tend to be particularly keen on travelling with their e-bikes for obvious reasons, but so are those who own electric mountain bikes or more classic models for their practicality and fun factor.

However, we don’t want to reveal this to you. E-bikes cannot be taken on aeroplanes. However, don’t panic, this doesn’t mean that riding an e-bike abroad is impossible.

In this blog, we’ll explain why you can’t take your e-bike on board an aeroplane and explain alternative options and solutions.

The problem with batteries

The reason why you can’t take an e-bike on a plane is because of its battery.

fat tire ebike

Lithium batteries are potentially dangerous and any rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of more than 100Wh cannot be taken on board an aircraft.

If the lithium battery is damaged or overheated, it can cause a fire. Modern e-bike batteries are now manufactured to the highest safety standards to avoid this – in fact, most modern batteries are.

However, given the huge potential impact of a fire on an aircraft, aviation authorities won’t take the risk.

Although some airlines allow batteries with a 160 watt-hour rating to be carried on board (prior consultation is required), it is unlikely that you will be able to find an e-bike equipped with a battery with such a low watt-hour rating as to make it suitable for travelling on an aircraft, so you will have to consider the alternatives to travelling with an e-bike.

How do I know the specification of my battery?

Generally, the battery specification will be provided by the retailer at the time of purchase of the e-bike. In fact, if you purchase your e-bike from Eco Bike Co. our team of experts will ensure that your bike is detailed with all the key information.

However, it’s not impossible that some bikes are sold without all the key energy parameters being provided.

When it comes to flying with a battery, you need to know its watt-hour rating. To calculate this value, you multiply the voltage of the battery by its amp-hour rating. For example, a 40V e-bike battery rated at 10Ah would be rated at 400Wh (well over the maximum limit for taking it on a plane).

Taking e-bike batteries abroad

fat tire ebike

As mentioned above, although e-bike batteries cannot be taken on board an aircraft, this does not mean that you cannot ride an e-bike abroad.

The popularity of e-bikes is a global phenomenon. This means that e-bike retailers looking to rent batteries abroad are often popular.

This means that you can travel on an e-bike just as you would on a conventional bike, but simply leave the battery at home.

Of course, if you wish to leave the whole bike at home, it is likely that you can hire an e-bike abroad, not just the battery.

Another option is to carry several smaller batteries which can be combined into a larger, e-bike-ready battery when you arrive at your destination. Of course, this may be considered a slightly more expensive option, and it’s vital to be aware of all best practices when bringing it on board. Check your airline’s specific regulations as well as global and regional aviation laws.

Some e-bikers choose to ship their batteries to their destination. While this will likely allow you to carry larger batteries abroad, be sure to follow all appropriate safety measures and provide documentation. This can also be an expensive option, as e-bike batteries are considered “dangerous goods” when transported and are subject to surcharges.

Other travel options

Arguably the easiest way to use an eclectic mix of bikes abroad is to avoid flying altogether.

Many cyclists take advantage of the expanded Eurostar route, the Channel Tunnel or ferries to northern Europe. Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands have several popular cycle routes for all levels of ability and experience.

If you’re travelling by bike (via ferry or Channel Tunnel), it’s worth reminding yourself of the rules when travelling by bike in a car or van. Make sure your bike does not extend more than 20cm beyond the width of your vehicle on each side. It must also not obscure your vehicle’s brake lights or number plates.

If travelling by train with your e-bike, make sure it is securely packed and stored. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination to find your bike damaged. Of course, the same applies if taking your e-bike on an aeroplane (without batteries). We offer a range of travel cases that will ensure your e-bike arrives in good condition and gives you peace of mind when travelling.

fat tire ebike

Can I take my e-bike on a plane?

In this blog we ask the question, “Can you take an e-bike on a plane?”

If you want to bring an e-bike with a battery (and you probably will), you will find that this is not possible due to aviation regulations regarding lithium batteries.

However, you can carry an e-bike frame (just as you would a conventional bike) on an aeroplane.

You might be better off considering hiring an e-bike battery abroad, or just considering other travel options such as trains or ferries – certainly suitable for European cycling adventures.

For more information on travelling with an e-bike, or for any general e-bike questions and queries, please feel free to contact us.

We are always happy to advise on how to maximise your next e-bike trip.

Have any questions? Drop us a line below! Let our well-designed Electric Bike and quality outdoor accessories take you on a journey to explore nature and unleash your passion for unlimited adventure!


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