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Can kids electric ride on bike

Can kids electric ride on bike

The use of electric bicycles for children is a controversial topic. Coupled with the existing concerns about allowing faster electric bicycles on roads and bicycle lanes, there are still many questions that need to be answered.

The first question you need to ask is whether it is legal for your kids electric ride on bike!

In most states, as long as electric bicycles are classified as bicycles (non-motorized vehicles), children can legally ride electric bicycles when they are 14-16 years old.

However, in some states, the age at which children ride electric bicycles may be much younger, and sometimes there is no age limit at all. This may happen because the states in the United States have the ability to make their own laws and rules.

So, first of all, let me show you the minimum age requirement for riding an electric bike in the United States. Keep in mind that states may frequently rewrite laws and add or remove regulations.

Therefore, it is best to check with each state individually to determine the age at which children are allowed to ride electric bicycles and the conditions under which they are allowed to do so.

Want to know if you need a driver’s license to ride an electric bike? Please look down.

Once you are sure that your child is old enough to ride an electric bicycle where you live, it is time to consider other important questions about children riding electric bicycles. For example, can a child ride a bicycle safely? Why are they doing this?

kids electric ride on bike

Are electric bicycles good for children?

Electric bicycles are an excellent way for children to exercise every day, and at the same time they can go to school or a friend’s house independently.

The biggest advantage of riding an electric bike is that they don’t have to worry about whether they have enough energy to go home. That’s because electric bicycles have a motor to help them pedal. Therefore, they do not need to pedal hard to climb mountains or travel long distances.

Another advantage is that they can use the bike rack to carry backpacks, projects or school supplies… and the extra weight they carry will not increase the difficulty of riding. They can increase the pedal assist of the electric bicycle and immediately zoom in to go home.

As a result, your child will not even realize that you have found a good way to increase their cardiovascular exercise, let them breathe fresh air, and keep them away from the TV, computer or mobile phone!

Most importantly, electric bicycles allow your children to keep up with you (and their brothers and sisters) while riding! If your child uses pedal assist on an electric bike, you will spend less time stopping and waiting or moving very slowly.

Children’s electric bicycle laws and regulations

Generally speaking, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the laws of electric bicycles. This extends to the age when children can ride electric bicycles.

This is partly because it is a rapidly expanding way to travel and enjoy life! Many states just have not kept up with the changes in the types and classifications of electric bicycles.

Unfortunately, the fact is that some states still classify electric bicycles as motor vehicles, mopeds, and even motorcycles. These states may require a driver’s license and/or have other special considerations.

States that do not have minimum e-bike age requirements for children
Some states have no regulations at all, and there is no minimum age limit for riding electric bicycles. However, they may have other very specific laws regarding electric bicycles. If the age requirement is not clear, you should contact them directly.

kids electric ride on bikeThe following are states that do not have a minimum age limit for legal riding of electric bicycles (may change with the addition and modification of laws):

Georgia (except for class 3 electric bicycles, in this case the minimum age is 15 years old)
Louisiana (see the age at which children can ride an electric bike)
Missouri (however, it is illegal for anyone, regardless of age, to ride a motor bike on public roads or highways without a driver’s license)
New Mexico
South Carolina
South Dakota*
Texas (except for class 3 electric bicycles, in which case the minimum age is 15 years old)
Utah* (except… 1. Type 3 electric bicycles, in which case the minimum age is 16 years old; and 2. Under 14 years old in public places, unless directly supervised by a parent or guardian)
Virginia (but must be under adult supervision until age 14)
West Virginia* (Check if your child can ride an electric bicycle… The new law is under development, and the current minimum age for level 3 is 16)
the state of Wisconsin*
Even if the e-bike riding requirements have not been set in the place where you live, or have not been updated and it is still classified as a motorcycle or requires a driver’s license, you still need to determine for yourself at what age to make your bike feel comfortable. Kids riding an e-bike .

See * above-there is no minimum age except for the 3 types of electric bicycles, in this case, the age is 16

Children’s electric bicycle safety

As parents, safety is usually our top priority. So, we want to know whether our children can safely ride electric bicycles, even if they meet the age requirement? Going further, should we let them?
Bicycles are a great way for children to exercise and explore their surroundings. But parents usually care more about safety than anything. Of course, you will tell your children that they must wear a helmet.

However, if you are reading this article, you may be a parent who is hesitant to buy electric bicycles for your children because they move faster (and heavier) than traditional bicycles.

However, as long as your child wears a helmet, wears protective clothing, and takes all typical precautions, electric bicycles are as safe as regular bicycles. Of course, you have to take more precautions for children who are 10 years old instead of 17 years old.

Before allowing them to ride electric bicycles independently, there are some simple safety rules that can be followed and taught to them.

kids electric ride on bike

Ways to let your child ride an electric bike safely

First of all, if your child is under 16 years old, please don’t let them ride an electric bike with a motor power of more than 250 watts. When this may be their first electric bike, there is no need to provide them with extra power.

They will be very excited to feel that they can take off just by gently stepping on the bicycle (thanks to the motor power provided by the pedal) and easily ride where they want to go!

Of course, for most 16- or 17-year-olds, a 250-watt bicycle may also be sufficient.
Make sure that your child’s electric bicycle is well maintained and conduct a pre-ride safety check before each ride.
Wear a helmet: As a parent, you should be a good role model and wear your own helmet. This will help your child quickly adapt to it and see it as a “must do” when riding an electric bike. Get a safe but stylish helmet and make your child happy to wear it!
Encourage them to ride on the sidewalk as much as possible.
Also teach them how to reduce the motor power. When approaching pedestrians or other bicycles and electric scooters, they should slow down and be more careful.
Teach your child how to use the bicycle bell and when to use it. Show them how close they need to be to get someone’s attention without frightening them (this is a bit difficult to determine, but it depends on how big your ringtone is)!
The role model is polite to pedestrians, saying “sorry” and “thank you”. In turn, this will help reduce the excitement of pedestrians riding your child on a bicycle.
Remind your children that they may be faster than traditional bicycles…and consider the differences in electric bicycles when teaching your children basic bicycle safety tips.

So, I hope I have answered your question about whether your child can ride an electric bicycle legally and safely. If electric bikes make sense for your children!

As long as it is legal in your state and your children learn how to stay safe, there is no doubt that they will have a lot of fun, get good exercise, and appreciate the independence of riding an electric bike!
kids electric ride on bike
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