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can you ride an e-bike like a regular bicycle

can you ride an e-bike like a regular bicycle

If you have never learned how to ride a bicycle, you will definitely miss the fun, but now that electric bicycles are everywhere, can you ride an e-bike like a regular bicycle? It must be possible. Electric bicycles make riding more enjoyable than ordinary bicycles. Don’t worry, the following article can help you ride more enjoyable.

Even if you have never ridden an ordinary bicycle before, you can ride an electric bicycle in three ways:

Learn how to ride a regular bike before riding an electric bike

Start learning how to ride an electric bike without using a motor (or pedal assist)
Ride a three-wheeled electric tricycle without worrying about balance

Even riding a regular bicycle has a learning curve and requires practice. This can be a challenge if you have never ridden a bicycle, or have not ridden a bicycle for a long time when deciding to ride an electric bicycle.

Although I knew how to ride a bike when I got an electric bike, I didn’t ride it many times for most of my adult life. So although it took me a few weeks to get a comfortable balance on my electric bike, it took a few months for me to brake, use gears, and turn completely comfortably.

But taking the time to learn how to do it is 100% worth it! My husband and I will not exchange our electric bikes for any other type of outdoor activities!

Even if you have never ridden a traditional bicycle before, you will enjoy so much fun on an electric bicycle that you will blame yourself for not learning how to ride a bicycle early!

So if you are thinking about riding an electric bike but have never ridden a regular bicycle, I can help you discover what you need to know (yes, even if you are an adult who has never ridden a bicycle)!

can you ride an e-bike like a regular bicycle

Follow so you are ready to choose the best way to learn how to ride an electric bike.

How to ride a bicycle (normal or electric?)

Both regular bicycles and electric bicycles can follow the instructions I will give you for the first time learning how to ride a bicycle.

However, I strongly recommend that you learn how to ride a regular bicycle before riding an electric bicycle. This is the safest and easiest way to prepare yourself to ride an electric bike.

How to prepare for your first cycling lesson

Make sure your bike or electric bike is right for you

When preparing to learn how to ride a bicycle, the first thing you should do is practice the bicycle that suits you. If you are not in a bike shop, you should do this:

Test seat height 

When you sit on the seat, your feet should barely touch the ground (only the top pads of your feet touch). In addition, when your feet are at the lowest point of pedal rotation, your knees should only be bent slightly (so that you don’t hurt your knees).

However, riding an electric bike is a bit different because it is heavy. Therefore, for electric bicycles, I recommend that you keep the seat low enough so that your feet are almost flat on the ground when you learn to ride. After that, you can move the seat up when you feel you can control it (otherwise you may hurt your knees while riding).

An examination

Reach-You don’t want the angle between your arms and torso and the handlebar to exceed 45 degrees. In fact, when you first learn to ride a bicycle, you’d better sit as straight as possible.
Wear appropriate clothes
You don’t need fancy clothes or a wardrobe for riding a bicycle. Instead, you just want to make sure that your trouser legs do not interfere with pedaling, and your sleeves do not interfere with gripping the handlebars.
For your first outing

Choose a safe, flat place Choose a place that is relatively flat and has a very gentle slope. This way, you can ride the bike and let it start rolling slowly, without having to figure out how to step on the pedals immediately.

Riding an electric bike for the first time may require less slope because its weight will help it roll forward on its own.
Find a bike buddy

Choose a friend or family member who believes in their ability to hold the backrest of the bicycle seat… and will cheer for you!

Those who know how to ride an electric bike will be a bonus!

3 simple steps to learn how to ride a bike or electric bike

Now you are ready to learn to ride a bike! Follow these steps and repeat each step until you feel you can proceed to the next step.

Step 1: Sit down and “ride a bike”

Ride the bike and place your weight on the back of the saddle. Then, while riding the bike, follow it to test your center of gravity. Practice gently pulling the brakes with your hands so you can feel the stop of the bicycle from moving forward.

Again, if you are learning to ride an electric bike (because electric bikes are usually heavier), be prepared to put a lot of pressure on the handbrake, because it won’t stop that fast.

Sit up and look forward, instead of looking down at the bicycle or feet. There is a goal in mind… to reach an object, such as a light pole at the end of a block. This is where you can concentrate at the beginning.

Step 2: Keep your balance with the help of your partner

Now is the time for your cycling partner to help. Ask them to gently grasp the back of the bicycle seat as you move forward. This will increase your sense of security, but they should not try to balance the bike for you.

Start walking with your feet again, but this time raise each foot every time you walk. Continue in this way until your feet are slightly off the ground and rolling forward feel comfortable. Now you will really feel that the balance is starting to work.

Also, on electric bicycles, weight distribution may be more difficult to manage due to the larger frame and extra weight, so give it some time.

Once you are ready, your bike buddy may be asked to stop grabbing the seat back (but don’t let them go).

Practice riding your bike forward over and over again until you are satisfied with the last step.

Step 3: Start pedaling

When you are ready, place one foot on the pedal.

You can do this by turning the pedal of the foot you want to start to the top (approximately 2 o’clock position).

Place one foot on the ground until the bicycle moves. Step on the pedal when looking forward. Once your foot is on the pedal and the bike starts to move, place your other foot on the other pedal.

Do you need that bike partner again? When you continue to move forward, ask them to gently grasp the seat back again. But don’t let them take over your balance…just let them move with you.

Remember, when the bicycle is moving slowly, it is more difficult to maintain your balance. So when you are ready, ask your friend to push the bike. Put your hands on the brakes so you can use them whenever you need them, and lower your feet when you lean to the side.

Even without a motor, it may take longer to ride an electric bike confidently, but you will understand!

That’s it! Keep practicing until you can start and stop effortlessly! Then, if you haven’t learned how to ride an electric bike, now you are ready to learn how to ride an electric bike.

can you ride an e-bike like a regular bicycle

How to ride an electric bike for the first time (safety considerations)

If you are a beginner, unless you take a prudent approach, riding an electric bike for the first time can be dangerous. This is especially true if you have never ridden a bicycle before.

If you are very adventurous and decide to ride an electric bike instead of learning to ride a regular bike first, the good news is…

You can basically follow the above three steps, but there are some main considerations when learning electric bicycles.

Is it safe to use an electric motor?

Generally speaking, I recommend not to use the electric bicycle motor when learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time. Whether you are ready or not, even a low-power bicycle (250W) is enough to get you forward quickly.

I’ve been riding a bicycle before, and when I almost ran into my daughter’s car, I quickly discovered this power… and there have been many times when it was difficult for me to stop fast enough (yes, I skipped the side of the road once) .

When riding a bicycle for the first time, safety should be a major consideration. However, if you have never learned how to ride a standard bicycle, an electric bicycle will add some attention and even be dangerous.

How does riding a heavy electric bicycle affect balance? (And other security issues)

Electric bicycles are often 20-50 pounds heavier than traditional bicycles. Therefore, when you learn to ride an electric bike, it will be more difficult to maintain a good balance.

In addition, due to the heavier weight (compared to ordinary bicycles), the start of electric bicycles is also much more difficult. When you are ready to step on your own, and when you are ready to start stepping on your own, you definitely want to drop slightly.

Of course, you can choose to use the motor at the lowest level. However, it will be dangerous if you do not have a good grasp of the balance and how to start and stop in the first place. If you decide to learn to ride an electric bike, make sure that there are no other people around (and no cars, telephone poles or other obstacles).

Oh yes, it may be more difficult for your bike partner to keep the electric bike upright, but it can’t balance it for you.

What type of electric bicycle is best for beginners?

As a beginner in cycling, deciding which electric bicycle is best for you can be confusing. Electric road bikes, commuter bikes and hybrid vehicles are all potential options. However, I avoid electric mountain bikes for the time being!

How to ride an electric tricycle (from today)

The easiest and fastest way to ride an electric bike is to ride an electric tricycle! This is essentially a tricycle (just like a child’s), but it is much larger and has an electric motor.

Electric tricycles have three wheels, which eliminates the need for balance and most of the fear and anxiety when learning to ride any kind of bicycle.

Although you don’t need to worry about keeping your balance as you would with a two-wheeled bicycle, this is one of the reasons that electric tricycles are great for overweight and obese riders.

However, you still need to have a good understanding of how the brakes, motors, pedal assist, and gears work to ensure safety.

Precautions when learning to ride an electric tricycle:
When you learn to ride for the first time, electric tricycles are still difficult to stop. Again this is due to the extra weight…you are now talking about three heavy wheels, not two. There is also a very thick frame to match the size and weight of the motor and electric bicycle battery.

Therefore, when no one (and no safety hazard) is blocking your way, please practice starting and stopping at the lowest gear (usually the pedal assist level is 1).

Electric tricycles also take up more space on roads, trails, or sidewalks, so make sure you have enough space to learn to ride.

Finally, the turns of electric tricycles are wider than any other type of electric bicycle. Therefore, although you don’t have to worry about balance when riding in general, you do need to be careful to avoid tipping over.

can you ride an e-bike like a regular bicycle

In conclusion

If you can’t ride a regular bicycle yet, riding an electric bicycle for the first time may not be a good idea. There are safety issues, such as the weight of the electric bicycle and its ability to balance, start and stop it, especially when it is assisted by a motor.

As I suggested and discussed above, it is best to learn how to ride a regular bike before riding an electric bike. Learning really does not take too long, and you will be ready for an electric bike soon! When you ride an electric bike for the first time, be sure to use the lowest setting.

Or forget about learning to balance on an electric bike altogether. Instead, consider riding an electric tricycle (but be sure to read my warning first).

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