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Car bike racks for electric bikes

Car bike racks for electric bikes

E-bikes are a great alternative for commuters or recreational cyclists because they provide the user with assistance when needed, reducing the effort required to climb steep inclines. However, transporting such a bike can be difficult without the proper equipment and accessories.

Usually, you need a special car bike racks for electric bikes. Electric bikes are on average twice as heavy as standard bikes, so they can be difficult to transport without the necessary equipment. Transporting an e-bike with a standard rack can damage your vehicle or bike.

The rest of this article takes a closer look at why you need to invest in a car bike rack designed specifically for e-bikes, and which racks you can safely use. I’ll also cover some of the best e-bike racks and how their design affects ease of use.

Why do e-bikes need special frames?

As with regular bikes, transporting an e-bike usually requires the use of straps to secure it to the frame and, in some cases, the hooks that came in the box when the e-bike was purchased. However, while you can use regular racks to transport conventional bikes, that’s not the case with e-bikes.

Electric bikes require a special hitch to mount the bike rack as they are usually heavier than regular bikes. Electric bikes weigh between 35 – 80 lbs (16 – 36 kg), while most standard bikes are around 18 – 25 lbs (8 – 11 kg). This added weight is due to the electric motor, battery and thicker frame on an e-bike.

The added weight means that traveling with a regular bike rack with an e-bike could damage your car or bike. Even though you can use a normal rack without breaking the lock, there is still a risk of damage from bumps or shaking when driving on rough roads.

What kind of bike rack do you need for an electric bike?

If you want to transport your e-bike safely and securely, you need a rack specially designed for this purpose. It’s critical to find a product that fits your car easily and locks the vehicle with ease. Not only does this keep the e-bike in place during transport, but it also means it’s hard for a thief to steal a bike or rack from your car.

Suspended bike racks are ideal for transporting electric bikes. This type of rack is designed to work with bikes of different sizes, including heavy bikes with large battery packs. So you can use this type of rack even if you are riding a heavy e-bike.

Also, the best e-bike racks are those that are securely attached to your vehicle for maximum security. Compatible with most bikes, including e-bikes and regular mountain bikes, these types of transporters are easy to load and unload when you get to your destination. Still, such shelves can be folded or removed so they don’t take up much space in the back of the car.

However, if you have a folding e-bike that you can put in your car once folded, you don’t need a separate bike rack.

Can you transport an e-bike on a standard bike rack?

It seems intuitive to strap an e-bike to a regular bike rack and start your journey. After all, that’s what you do with a non-electric bike. But unfortunately, there are some problems with this approach.

You should not transport e-bikes on standard bike racks. Regular racks are usually weaker and may not handle the added weight of an e-bike well. As a result, the frame could break under the weight or the e-bike could be damaged.

However, some regular hitch racks are strong enough to transport e-bikes, but be sure to check their load limits before using them.

As I mentioned, attaching an e-bike to a standard bike carrier increases the risk of damage to the vehicle or the bike itself. Therefore, it is crucial to use a rack designed for carrying heavier bikes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bike Rack for Your Electric Bike

Before you decide which e-bike rack is right for you, it helps to evaluate the different options on the market. There are several factors to consider in this regard, including:

What type of frame is recommended for e-bikes?
The first thing you need to do is decide which rack is best for your needs. Notable shelf types on the market, according to Consumer Reports, include:

Roof Rack: Put a regular bike on the roof and can be used to carry and move other bulky items like skis and canoes. However, roof racks are complicated to install and remove, and can compromise your car’s handling due to the elevated center of gravity.

Also, it’s nearly impossible to mount a 60 lb to 80 lb e-bike on the roof of any car without hurting yourself or damaging your car. Therefore, the use of roof racks for e-bikes is not recommended.
Hitch Rack: If you need a way to transport your e-bike that doesn’t take up space in your car, this type is just what you need. Like traditional racks, these attach to the rear bumper to hold the bike securely in place during transport. Installing them is a breeze, but you may have to buy a trailer hitch (if you don’t have one) and drill holes in the car’s chassis (which could void the warranty).

Hitch racks are often recommended for carrying e-bikes, but you still need to choose the right one (see below for our recommendations on the best e-bike racks).
Luggage Racks: These luggage racks are designed for sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs. They attach to the back door of your car for easy transport of your light bike. However, they won’t work on all vehicles, and you may need to remove the rack (and your bike) before opening the trunk.

Typically, trunk racks cannot handle the weight of heavy e-bikes (the maximum weight limit is usually around 35 pounds). Therefore, like roof racks, they are not recommended for e-bikes.

Does the rack fit your vehicle?

The next thing you need to see is whether the bike rack will fit your car. If not, then it’s best to look for alternatives.

As a rule of thumb, you should read the instructions carefully before buying and compare the dimensions of the bike rack to your vehicle’s specifications.

Another thing to look for when choosing a frame is whether it fits the type of hitch receiver you have. If you plan to use a trailer hitch receiver, make sure any racks you buy will fit properly. This way, the entire unit will lie flat against your bumper, preventing it from sagging.

Does the rack have a locking mechanism?

Another important thing to look for when buying an e-bike rack is how well it holds and protects your load.

Most racks come with locks and tie-downs to keep everything in place during transport. Also, it’s helpful to consider whether it’s easy to install the lock or tie down yourself.

Bike Rack Material Type

The material of the rack is important because it determines how well the load stays in place during transport. It also determines whether you can use the e-bike carrier to transport other objects, and whether it can withstand harsh weather conditions and temperatures.

If you’re going to be using an e-bike rack on a regular basis, I’d recommend using a sturdy material like steel and aluminum.

How to Install a Suspension Bike Rack for an Electric Bike
Now that you’ve chosen a rack for your e-bike, it’s time to install it. But how do you make sure it’s installed safely and correctly?

Here’s how to safely install a hitch mount for an e-bike:

How to Install the Hook Rack
First, make sure you have the right size hitch installed on your car.

Then, install the rack:

Slide the arms of the rack into the car’s hitch brackets
Align the two holes on the mount and receiver
Screw in the bolts (there should be washers on both sides) and tighten
Lock it securely by inserting the large pin into the bolt
Attach your e-bike to the rack
First, remove the battery from the bike and store it in a safe, cool place.

Then follow these steps to place your e-bike on the rack:

Lift one tire to the front of the rack and repeat with the second tire
Step the rear wheel into the rear bike tire groove and repeat for the front tire
If you’re hooking up another e-bike, do the same thing (just you don’t have to put it back in the rear position)
Slide the high ratchet up and over the tire and secure as recommended by the manufacturer
Adjust the tire basket as needed so it sits directly under the tire (avoiding the spokes)
fixed tire belt
Make sure everything is tight and the e-bike can’t shake
Voila, your e-bike is ready for transport!

Wrap up
On top of that, your e-bike needs a special rack to handle the added weight of the bike. If you are looking for a bike rack with this capacity, please enquire and our business will choose the option that best suits your individual needs.

Also, keep in mind the following tips for choosing an e-bike frame:

Choose a vehicle that is right for you.

Make sure it has a locking mechanism to deter potential e-bike thieves.
If possible, choose a wall mount rack. Otherwise, pay close attention to the combined weight of your e-bike and rack and proceed with caution.

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