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CE lithium battery of shuangye made in China

CE lithium battery of shuangye made in China


CE lithium battery

CE lithium battery1、CE shuangye lithium battery light volume and small weight: according to the different battery capacity can run 30-45 kilometers, the weight is only about 1/5 of lead-acid batteries, and the current general lithium battery for 2 years.
2、The memory effect of lithium battery with: in lead-acid battery, nickel battery, always worried about memory effect of battery, and electric bicycle lithium battery with no memory effect, can be assured without fear of charging battery before charging electricity.
3、Shuangye CE lithium battery cycle life: lithium ion battery charging and discharging at 1C magnification, the cycle life is greater than or equal to 500 times, the capacitance of the 500th time, greater than the nominal Tongliang 70%. And even if the lead-acid battery to 0.5 discharge to 0.15C to charge, the cycle life of less than or equal to 350 times, the capacitance is less than or equal to 60%.
4、Wide working temperature range: electric bicycle lithium ion battery can be up to 55 degrees in the range of -25 degrees, its capacity is up to 70% of nominal capacity, while the lead-acid battery only to the range of 40 degrees at 10 degrees -25 degrees, not in normal work.



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