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Christmas electric bike promotion

Christmas electric bike promotion

Christmas electric bike promotion

The countdown is on,it’s time to choose a Christmas gift for your friends or family.Shuangye electric bike online launch €50 to celebrate the festival,We provide free shipping and quick delivery,you can receive the products within 3-7 days.
Nowadays,electric bicycles become more and more popular around the world,they are environmental friendly,portable,good for health,maybe they are a little expensive,but the benefit it takes is more than a general bicycle.

Own an electric bike,you can go exercising,commuting,exploring or just have an entertainment.Integrated with brushless motor and big capacity lithium battery,your travel will be more energy-saving and interesting.

The electric bike online contains our best seller model-electric mountain bike A6AH26,folding electric bike A1-7,ladies electric bike A5AH26.Also,we will launch more models in the near future.

The 20 inch folding electric bicycle integrated with 36V 250W brushless motor and 36V 9Ah lithium battery,allow you go further and have more fun.

There are two colors for you-black and white,each of them have urban design and high quality,create a comfortable and convenient life for you.

For more information about your interested products,please feel free to contact us.