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Cycling tips for beginners: 25 basic tips for new riders

Cycling tips for beginners: 25 basic tips for new riders

These cycling tips include equipment, clothing, nutrition, technology, etc., for new rider, that is, novices who have just started a great two-round adventure. Think of us as your cycling partner and hope to help you make the most of you and your bike!

Below we try to introduce the common misunderstandings of cycling, but don’t forget that the biggest advantage of cycling is that it is fun.

Whether you are a road biker, mountain biker or city commuter, there must be something for you.

Ride as long or short as you feel, the most important thing is to ride.

Well, let’s start with what to wear. There are a wide variety of cycling clothes on the market, with different colors and fabrics, from the easily affordable to the ridiculously expensive. Let us measure you…

1. Some decent padded cycling shorts — preferably padded bibs — can prevent too much damage to your hips. In long-distance riding, a large number of padded saddles will not help: trust us. The only way to feel comfortable in a saddle is to wear padded shorts, put on a suitable saddle, and then ride until you get used to it.

2. Wear a riding helmet. We know that legislative helmets are very controversial, but a good quality cover may save your life. Now it is not difficult to find a comfortable, lightweight and affordable helmet. Check out our expert review of the best road and mountain bike helmets currently on the market. (No, you don’t have to buy the most expensive models because they all meet current safety standards)

3. Roadies: Clamp-free pedals (confusingly, this means you use a splint instead of a pedal clamped by your toes) is undoubtedly the way forward. The fixing device can be made loose enough to be easily removed, and you will quickly learn how to unlock the clamps, and they will have a huge impact on your pedaling efficiency.

4. Mountain biker: Be protected. Especially when you start or learn new skills. At least, you would be very grateful for a decent pair of gloves and knee pads. If you are learning big jumps or hard-core downhills, you can also consider elbow pads and back pads.

5. Prepare some riding sunglasses. They don’t need to cost the earth or make you look stupid, but they will protect your eyes from bugs, stones, sunlight and rain. Some versions have interchangeable lenses, so if you can, use one lens in a bright environment and one lens in dark and humid weather.

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Bicycle maintenance becomes easy

Now that you are wearing comfortably, let us continue to keep your bike happy. You don’t need a shed full of tools to achieve this, but if you need advice, a friendly bike shop nearby can be helpful.

6. Clean and oil the chain regularly, especially when riding in bad weather. You will eliminate the terrible “squeak” that cyclists hate, and more expensive parts (such as sprockets) will not wear out quickly.

7. Check your tire pressure: The recommended tire pressure will be marked on your tire sidewall, but the tire pressure that suits you personally depends on many factors. A ground pump (also called a crawler pump) is a good investment because it requires less effort to reach the recommended pressure and will have a convenient pressure gauge.

8. Install fenders/fenders in wet conditions. Your back will thank you, your washing machine will thank you, and anyone riding behind you will also thank you. Some people will point out that they may ruin the clean lines of high-end road bikes, but in the quagmire of winter, do you really care?

9. Clean your bike regularly: Hot soapy water and sponges can clean most parts, unless the dirt is clumped, in this case, you can use some good cleaning sprays. Use professional degreaser for transmission system (cassette, chain, chainring, etc.). Then spray your sparkling bike with silicone aerosol-avoid the brake surface-this will prevent mud from sticking to your next ride.

10. Learn how to repair punctures and carry a repair kit (including tire levers, patches or new inner tubes and pumps) with you. When you are far away from home and suddenly hear the hiss, you will be glad you learned how to fix it.

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What to eat and drink while riding a bike

By the way, clothes and equipment are classified, let us consider your fuel source. You can spend a fortune on specially formulated sports nutrition products, but the truth is that you don’t have to. Look around the cabinets in your home to see what is portable.

11. Stay hydrated. Whether you like a water bottle or a hydrating backpack, make sure you bring some liquids when you go out. You can almost always find something to add along the way, and most coffee shops are happy to provide it for free.

12. Avoid the horrible “pop”, in which case your body will run out of fuel and stop painfully. Before the need for supplementation, the body can carry about 90 minutes of glycogen for high-speed exercise, otherwise it will turn to burn fat. The problem with burning fat is that you cannot work anywhere near the same intensity level. Therefore, keep consuming approximately 100 to 250 calories every 30 minutes, whether it’s energy gels, cereal bars, or bananas. By the way, we like carrot cake.

13. When you start to ride harder or longer than your body is accustomed to, cramps are a common complaint. One piece of advice that is often provided is to ensure that you replenish the electrolytes lost due to sweating, either by drinking a special sports drink or making your own (basically juice, water and a little sugar and salt). No one knows exactly why cramps occur, but it seems to help.

14. Drinking a restorative drink after a long and hard ride, together with rest, will help the body repair itself. The key is protein, so if possible, the goal is to consume approximately 15 to 20 grams within 30 minutes of completion. There are many pre-mixed recovery drinks on the market, or you can make some to have fun. Our current top picks are milk, a banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter and some honey, all of which are blended in a blender. Um.

15. The midway coffee station is a precious tradition with sound scientific reasoning behind it: it has been found that caffeine can significantly improve your bicycle endurance.

Cycling safety for new riders

This is important-we want to ensure your safety. The good news is that with the right combination of confidence and caution, you can choose between city streets and country roads. With some experience, you will learn to read situations quickly and accurately.

16. If you are going to ride long distances alone, tell others where you are going and when you will be back. Some mobile apps (such as WhatsApp) can easily share your location with others, which is an easy way to convince them that you are safe.

17. Learn some basic urban traffic driving skills. You will be more confident about it. Stay confident, stay away from the gutter, and remember that you have the same right to go on the road as everyone else. Understand the difference between “primary” (middle of the left lane) and “secondary” (approximately 1 meter to the left of the moving lane) and use them appropriately-please refer to point 3 in our How to Ride Safely in the traffic article middle.

18. The front brakes stop you more effectively than the rear brakes, so try to achieve a 60/40 or 70/30 power distribution between the front and rear. But be very, very careful not to lock. Modern brakes are very powerful, and you don’t want to go over the handlebars.

19. When turning, make sure that the outer pedal is in the lowest position and apply pressure. This will give you more grip, especially in wet conditions, and it is less likely to slip out.

20. On the road, learn how to ride in a team. It is more efficient for a group of friendly riders to take turns in front (reading uses less energy), but this requires being close to each other. And you don’t want to cause any accidents. So keep your head level, don’t move suddenly or brake suddenly, and avoid “half wheel” (riding in front of the person next to you). Pay attention to the gestures and warn the following riders of any obstacles they may not see until it is too late. They will do the same for you.

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We come to the last part, bicycle technology. There is a lot of debate about the “correct” technique that applies to all forms of riding, but there are also some absolutes:

21. Organize your riding posture. If your bike has the right size, the right seat height and the right handlebar settings, you will be more comfortable, stronger, and happier. We strongly recommend that cyclists of all levels are equipped with professional bicycles, and a decent bicycle shop can help you.

22. Avoid “cross-linking” gears. In other words, if you are on the largest chain link, don’t run it with the largest box gear (same as above, smallest chain link, smallest gear). This puts additional load on the chain and puts pressure on the entire system. Your bike really doesn’t like it, and it’s not very efficient.

23. Try to maintain a high and regular pedaling rhythm. If possible, the number of pedal revolutions per minute is approximately 70 to 90. If you sharpen it too hard, your rhythm will drop and your power output will decrease. Try to predict the big hills by shifting to a low (easy) gear before you need it.

24. Find some riding friends. This may mean joining a bicycle club or persuading your friends to dust off their old bicycles. However, if you have friends to share, you will be more motivated to go out and ride.

25.Smile! Riding a bicycle is fun. Acknowledge other riders, enjoy yourself, and eat cake, don’t worry too much about having the “right” gear or the “best” bike. The best bicycle is the one you like to ride.

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