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Cycling vs Running: Which one you choose for your fitness

Cycling vs Running: Which one you choose for your fitness

Cycling vs Running

Cycling vs Running? This is a long-standing dispute among athletes. All athletes want to claim that their choice of sport is undisputed. Of course, the best exercise depends on the specific functions you want to get from the exercise-for example, cycling provides wind for your hair and large quadriceps, while running provides an easy way to exercise your whole body. In a short period of time and at the end of the day, it is almost impossible to convince runners that cycling is a better option, and vice versa.

But for new athletes who want to get into cycling or running and need to choose between the two, understanding the pros and cons of each sport can be very useful. Here, we compare cycling and running to see how their physiological benefits and disadvantages—plus their “interesting” factors—are superimposed.

Exercise intensity-what kind of exercise will make you exhausted?

It is difficult to directly compare the intensity of cycling and running, because your effort in these two sports directly depends on your speed relative to your maximum exercise speed. However, running can be considered more intensive than cycling, because it burns more calories and increases your heart rate, reaching a maximum for every percentage increase in speed.

Muscle training-which exercise can help you build steel legs?

Cycling and running can provide full-body exercise, especially for the entire lower body. However, they are usually recommended as free exercises because these two exercises require the greatest use of different muscle groups. Cycling is great for exercising quadriceps and hamstrings, especially when going uphill.

Benefits of cycling vs running

Running can also exercise these large muscle groups, but it depends more on getting strength from the hips-especially when going uphill-the inner thighs and calves, because running requires better leg balance and pushing off the ground. Not pressing the pedal.

Both running and cycling can exercise your core, including abdominal and shoulder muscles, because cycling requires you to balance your upper body on the handlebars, while running requires you to keep your torso upright.

Endurance building-how long can you last?

If you want to build overall endurance, then cycling or running is a toss. This is because these two exercises recruit similar but different muscle groups, and it is difficult to compare exercise endurance—as a function of time spent at a specific heart rate goal—cross-activity.

However, if you just want to spend the most time doing stretching exercises, choose cycling. Most people ride bicycles much longer than they run, partly because they can slide on bicycles. To really build endurance, try turning off cycling and running-these two sports are complementary, and each can help you build another endurance.

Weather-don’t let rain and cold ruin your workout

For better or worse, cycling and running are outdoor sports. This means that when the weather gets bad, you either need to endure the pain or exercise indoors. Both cycling and running provide reliable indoor options, thanks to spinning bikes and trainers for bicycles and treadmills, and indoor tracks for runners.

Cycling vs Running

How much is a second-hand bicycle worth

However, hardy runners are more resistant to the weather than hardy cyclists-after all, although you can run in the snow, you cannot (or at least should not) ride a road bike when there is snow on the snow. . the way.

Time management-in a hurry? Choose the most effective exercise

If you don’t have enough time, all other things being equal, you might prefer to run instead of cycling. As mentioned above, due to skating on a bicycle, slow cycling takes longer than slow running to burn the same number of calories.

Cycling vs. running calories

In addition, because cycling requires additional equipment and bicycle maintenance before cycling, it usually takes less time to go out and run than to ride a bicycle. Running can also be a faster way to perform high-intensity exercise, because raising your heart rate to its maximum requires spending longer time on a bicycle than walking.

Calories burned-if you want to lose weight, this number is important

Cycling and running are both good ways to burn calories. In fact, if you want to burn the most calories in the shortest possible time, running is as effective as riding a bicycle-as long as you run fast. A 130-pound person burns 944 calories per hour when running for 6 minutes and a mile, or the same number of calories per hour when riding a bicycle at a speed of more than 20 miles per hour on a flat road. If you walk very slowly, but because you can slide on a bicycle, to a large extent, the burning will shift to a state that is conducive to running. In 12 minutes of miles, running will burn 472 calories per hour, while cycling for less than 10 miles per hour will only burn 236 calories.

Losing weight-maintaining weight requires hard work every day

After all, weight loss depends entirely on your calorie balance. Therefore, without changing your diet, burning a pound of fat requires burning approximately 3,500 calories. Running and cycling burn similar amounts of calories, depending on speed, but cycling may still be the preferred exercise for weight loss. This is because cycling puts less pressure on the body as a whole, and makes athletes feel less sore than after running, so riding a bicycle every day is easier than running every day. The end result is that within a few weeks, cycling can help you burn more calories and lose weight faster than running.

Reduce hunger-further extend your calorie burn

In the past, the consensus among athletes was that running is a better way to suppress hunger throughout the day than cycling.

What to eat before and after cycling

However, because two studies showed that one hour of cycling and one hour of running are equally effective in suppressing a hormone that causes hunger, this view has changed. Although the hour of exercise to suppress hunger may be constant in these two sports, it is much easier to ride a bicycle for an hour than to run for an hour.
Risk of injury-injury may bring disaster to your well-planned exercise program
Compared with cycling, running is an extremely influential activity.

Common bicycle injuries

This is because of the impact of your feet repeatedly hitting the ground while bearing the full weight of your body. On the other hand, riding a bicycle allows your legs to bear a small amount of weight and reduces the impact by making your feet make a full circle. Therefore, although both athletes are susceptible to injury, cyclists are less susceptible to overuse injuries than runners. However, for cyclists, one of the smallest major injury risks for runners is the risk of collisions or car collisions. More than half of cyclists reported that they were injured in a crash at some point during the ride.

Pain points-exercise will make you strong, but it will break you down first
A recent scientific study confirmed the general belief that running is better for exercising than cycling. The study compared similar exercise intensities in groups of cyclists and runners. The study observed cyclists and runners who exercised 2.5 hours a day at high intensity for three consecutive days and found that the muscle damage index of runners was 133-404% higher than that of cyclists.

In addition, runners experience delayed-onset muscle soreness that is 87% higher than their cycling counterparts, and the level of inflammation is 256% higher. Takeaway-Running can cause more trauma to your body than riding a bicycle. Able to continue with age-when you reach 100, can you still run or ride a bicycle? One of the main advantages of cycling is that it causes much less wear on your joints.

Cycling vs Running

Running vs biking

After years of exercise, for runners, this may mean eventually knee surgery as they get older. For cyclists, does it make a difference? In addition, this means that cycling is usually a sport that is more suitable for elderly athletes to enter or use to maintain good physical condition than running, because it does not cause additional effects on elderly or arthritic joints.

Equipment needed-do you want a garage full of equipment?

Let’s face it-riding a bicycle requires a lot of equipment. In addition to the bicycle itself (which can be further subdivided into seemingly endless upgradeable components and style options), cycling also requires a complete wardrobe and many bicycle-specific accessories. For example, it is not safe to use a bicycle helmet for other impact sports such as rock climbing or skiing, and when you need shorts with thick suede, there is not much time to ride a bicycle. On the other hand, running requires only a pair of shoes to start-although runners tend to accumulate clothes for all weather conditions, at least most of the clothes can be reused for other sports.

Cost-within budget? Choose your sport wisely

Ask a cyclist how much their bicycle costs, and they may be dumbfounded because of how much they spent. The main cost of running is one or two pairs of shoes per year, usually each pair costs about 100 to 150 US dollars, plus some clothes that can help you through the rainy season and winter. On the other hand, there is no cost to ride a bicycle. Even a cheap second-hand bicycle usually costs a year’s worth of running shoes, and a well-equipped road bike can easily reach thousands of dollars. This is before the essential accessories-plan to spend another thousand dollars or more between clipless shoes, helmets, clothes and bicycle gadgets.

Go places-covering more places means exploring new places

If you are tired of seeing the same old place during exercise, cycling is your best choice. Most runners only run a few miles during their daily exercise, which limits the number of possible route changes away from home. How many calories are burned by cycling How many calories are burned by cycling
Even in a marathon, the 26-mile track only allows a limited sightseeing radius. On the other hand, cycling offers the possibility of a wide roaming area. Cycling 50 miles or more on weekends is a common phenomenon for cyclists. Compared with rare marathons, this already offers more possible attractions-and you will complete the distance in less time.

Style-exercise is to look good

The large number of items you need to buy while riding a bike leaves plenty of room for your style. As a runner, the most customized styles you can create in your clothing are hats, shirts and shoes. On the other hand, as a cyclist, your clothes are just the beginning. Paint your bike, put on a crazy helmet, and add some colorful components-the personal style combinations on the bike are almost endless.

Cycling and running are both exciting sports. They have many benefits to your physical ability. It is hard to make mistakes when choosing a new exercise method between the two. If you can do both exercises at the same time, then the two exercises will complement each other because they target related but different muscle groups, and both help increase endurance and reduce weight. However, if you have the time and money to spend and want to have as much fun on the road as possible, then cycling may be your ultimate choice because you can cover more venues and there are countless choices from the crowd Stand out from the crowd.

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