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Differences between Trek electric bike and Shuangye electric bike

Differences between Trek electric bike and Shuangye electric bike

Electric bicycles are undoubtedly a hot product this year besides masks. Due to the impact of COVID-19, most people have changed from the previous public transportation methods of buses and subways to riding on their own, which can effectively protect themselves. Reducing the chance of being infected can also contribute to protecting the environment. So where should we start with the choice of electric bicycles? Or is there a huge difference between electric bicycle brands? After browsing a lot of electric bike brands on the Internet, we came to the following about the differences in configuration between Trek electric bike and Shuangye electric bike. I hope it can be helpful to you in understanding electric bicycles.

Trek electric bike — motor

In terms of power it isn’t very powerful as it can deliver only 40 Nm of torque and top speed is limited to 20 mph. Please don’t confuse the torque of some hub motors such as Bafang where they claim to have 65 or 80 Nm torque. That is just misinformation. No hub motor can have such torque.  Hub motors have single gear ratio so they can either provide high speed or high torque. So if a hub motor delivers high torque it means it needs to have low top speed. Can’t have both. But mid-drives can have it as they have multiple gear ratios so based on situation it can shift from high speed – low power (on flat surface) to low speed – high power (when climbing uphill). 
This hub motor is strong enough to handle most of the hills but on steep hills you may feel motor lacks the power and you may need to support your e-bike with pedaling.

Shuangye electric bike — motor

For this mid drive electric bike, using the bafang mid dirve motor with 250w. The best performance is achieved in a cadence range of approx. At an average city speed, like 25km/h. The ideal weight distribution and better ground contact, a electric bicycle come with the Bafang mid-drive motor is not only pleasantly natural, but also particularly safe. Therefore it is especially suitable for everyday use in the city and its surroundings. Also mid drive electric bike can also cope the need of uphill riding. There are also have 350w mid drive motor, if your market require high power.

Trek electric bike — battery

Bosch 400Wh battery is enough if you aren’t living in very steep place or need to commute for long trips. I really wish this e-bike was having a 500Wh battery pack which will give a better range and you won’t need to worry about your battery capacity. My advice is to carry your charger with yourself and if you are commuting with your e-bike better keep one charger at office where you can charge your battery.  You can buy a 500Wh battery pack and replace it with your current power pack but it will cost around $500.

Shuangye electric bike — battery

The battery design – hidden battery, which is in the bike frame, and  was allowed 36V 10AH lithium battery. And on a sigle full charging, this mid drive electric bike mileage range can get 25-30 miles under E-bike mode and 50-60 miles under Pedal-Assisted mode. Combine two modes, help you cycling easily and faster than normal bike. Shuangye ebike company is specialized in ebike battery, you can buy it 36V 10AH about $299

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