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Disc brake and v-brake difference

In the current global bicycle assembly situation, disc brakes are on the rise, but of course we are talking about mountain bikes (road bikes, almost no one will use disc brakes, especially in Grand Tours, where disc brakes are not allowed). For most casual riders and those who don’t compete at the amateur level, V brakes, especially the better ones, are still sufficient, but of course for those who like to ride downhill, enjoy strenuous riding, and like to be cool, disc brakes are still the right choice. But you get what you pay for, and the choice between disc brakes or V brakes is one that we recommend riders to choose from their own economic budget.


1.Disc brakes are better than drum brakes in terms of heat dissipation, and will not cause brake failure when the brakes are continuously applied. 

2.The change in size of the brake disc after heating does not increase the stroke of the brake pedal. 
3.The disc brake system has fast response and can do high frequency braking action, thus it is more in line with the needs of ABS system. 
4.Disc brakes do not have the automatic braking effect of drum brakes, so the braking force of the left and right wheels is more even. 
5.Because of the better drainage of the brake disc, it can reduce the situation of poor braking caused by water or mud. 
6.Compared with drum brakes, disc brakes are simple in construction and easy to maintain.


1. because there is no automatic braking effect of drum brakes, the braking force of disc brakes is lower than that of drum brakes. 

2.The friction area between the brake pad and brake disc of disc brake is smaller than that of drum brake, so the braking force is also smaller. 
3. In order to improve the above-mentioned shortcomings of disc brakes, a larger pedaling force or oil pressure is required. Therefore, it is necessary to use larger diameter brake discs or increase the oil pressure of the brake system to improve the braking force. 
4.Hand brakes are not easy to install. Some models that use disc brakes on the rear wheels have a set of drum brakes for this reason. 
5.The brake pads are more worn out, so the replacement frequency may be higher.

Disc brake

Advantages and disadvantages of V-brake

A. Simple structure, easy maintenance, light weight

B. Braking force is not easy to conduct, long time braking is easy to scorch the brake block, resulting in brake failure

V brakes are best used for low-intensity riding, such as urban leisure riding or road racing, to ensure sufficient braking performance, reduce the weight of the car and improve riding enjoyment. However, on complex roads, such as mountains and wetlands, the weakness of V-brakes is exposed. Prolonged use of brakes causes brake block scorching due to its brake failure; in rainy mud due to mud and water on the rim causing brake failure, etc.

Design Differences 

Disc brakes are applied through clamps (or calipers) on the steel discs fixed to the hubs; V brakes are applied through V brake clamps that hold the rims tight.  Generally speaking, low-cost disc brakes weigh 800g to about 1kg more than V-brakes, and the gap is smaller for high-end carbon bikes. The weight of the whole bike is an important factor that affects the riding experience, which is the difference between riding with a heavy load and a light load.

Disc brake

Difference in working characteristics

The friction of v-brake is the contact friction between the rubber mixture and the rim. Generally the braking effect is still very strong, except in continuous high-speed downhill and continuous braking. After we brake downhill for a long distance, you can feel the rim with your hand, it will be very hot, and the force of braking will be weakened at such a temperature. The higher the temperature, the more the braking effect decreases.

Disc brakes are made of metal discs (usually steel, but high-grade ones are also made of aluminum) and disc brake friction blocks to brake, so the brakes are very strong, similar to cars and high-grade motorcycles, and are not affected by rain and bad road conditions. Although the power drop is obvious, it is stronger than the rubber and aluminum rim friction of V-brake. 

The disc brake discs are made of steel and are generally perforated, so the decay is better than the V-brake as the heat increases during the continuous downhill braking process.

Cost-effectiveness difference

If the budget is low, it is recommended to use V brakes, because disc brakes are complicated and slightly more expensive. Almost all experienced people say: “Low-priced disc brakes are not as good as medium-priced V brakes”.

Of course, if you need a better riding experience, it is a good choice to choose a higher-grade disc brake and a lighter carbon fiber frame.

Disc brake

Buying Advice

To sum up, you get what you pay for, and we recommend that riders choose rationally from the perspective of use and budget. Don’t have two friends who have been fighting over “your V-brake or my disc brake”.

For young people, who love to play and love to be crazy, and have a changing riding environment, if you have enough budget, you can choose disc brakes.

For the elderly or casual riders, V brakes are more suitable, cheaper, lighter and easier to maintain.

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