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Double motor and battery adult electric bike

Double motor and battery adult electric bike

In comparison with standard and common configuration adult electric bike, some users prefer to choose more high power and battery capacity for adapt steep areas or their needs and hobbies. Therefore, someone would choose dual motor adult electric bike, but someone people choose double motor and battery adult electric bike. Because there are very few models of double motor and battery adult electric bike on the market, and here will show you information about the one of models of double motor and battery adult electric bike A5AH26, from Shuangye electric bike.

Dual Motor

As we all know, double motor means that one adult electric bike uses  one motor on each wheel. There are two reason why people would like to dual motor not one. The first one is someone think single motor would make the bike unbalance while use the bike on the steep and uphill section, especially in high power adult electric bike. Another reason is the motor power, maybe sometime add two motor power can get higher motor power. You can choose the same motor power or different motor power on the bike, but one thing you need to attention is the front motor power must lower than rear motor power when you choose two different motor power on the bike to avoid the front of electric bike heavier than rear part.

Excellent off-road ability is one of the advantage of dual motor. From nature trails to loose gravel, dual motor can greatly improve your handling. Two small motors help to even out the weight distribution of the adult electric bike and perform better and cycle more comfortably. And the bike’s max speed is more than 25km/h.

Dual battery

Commonly, normal adult electric bike uses one type battery, but double motor and battery adult electric bike was equipped with two different types batteries – hidden battery and rear rack battery. Based on Shuangye A5AH26 adult city electric bike model, the rear rack battery has been added. Both of two types batteries 36V 10AH lithium-ion battery. Dual batteries can offer enough power supply for dual motor, avoid the bike appear insufficient power phenomenon. So the bike can travel up to about 60-100km, which is meet those who need to long-distance riding and travel. And each battery charging time is 6-8hours, you can choose the bike’s free time to charge it to keep battery for every time riding.


The dual motor and battery adult electric bike also adopted high quality configurations. For example, LCD display system, mechanical disc brake system and so on. Compared with other companies electric bike, this Shuangye adult electric bike uses a maximize view and comfortable digital display screen to make you get the bike rear time information. 160 mechanical disc brake system can adapt different environment situation, like hot and cold weather, muddy and wet road section. In order to offer you better shock absorption while riding, the bike features aluminum alloy suspension front fork, which has 100mm change travel you can adjust and lock and unlock feature.

What the cons of double motors and batteries you need to know in advance? Unlike common adult electric bike, the double motor and battery adult electric bike’s controller easier damage due to excessive power. If you are not luck, maybe need to replace the controller a few times. And dual batteries can offer you more power supply, but it means that you need to charge two batteries. Someone would think it is very troublesome. However, both of two types battery support removable. You can choose remove them charging one by one, you also can choose charging at the same time.

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