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alloy frame electric mountain bike for sale A6AH26M

Electric-assist mountain bikes
36V/48V 350W/500W Brushless motor

36V/48V 9AH/10AH Lithium battery
160 disc brake

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alloy frame electric mountain bike for sale

mountain e bike (2)

We introduce you this electric mountain bike for sale made in CN which doesn’t require any licence, insurance or paying any other taxes. Electric motorcycles or electric cars will be mentioned but only briefly, as they are not included in this free licensing and taxes zone. Riding a electric mountain bike for sale is a source of great pleasure. Many people just love riding their electric assist bicycle.When you have to think about something, when you are searching for a solution, when you want to relax, looking for freedom, riding an electric assist bicycle is the best way. This electric assist bicycle offers so many advantages over other means of transportation. It is truly a magical man-made vehicle. mountain e bike (3) Electric mountain bike for sale 26 inch tyres:A larger tire size means for better handling and stability. In addition, compared to smaller tires, larger tyres need fewer rotations to travel the same distance and give you better efficiency from the motor.Our electric mountain bike for sale is concealed neatly within the bikes lightweight frame. This helps to reduce the chances of electronic cables getting caught, snagged or damaged whilst on the move. mountain e bike (4)Front headlight upgrade Quality Shimano parts:featuring quality Shimano EZ fire levers and Shimano Tourney gears, no compromise is made on quality. Ergonomically designed Shimano EZ fire brake and gear levers fit comfortably in the hand.

alloy frame electric mountain bike for sale

Battery: 36V/48V 9AH /10AH hidden lithium battery Range per change: 45-55 KM Motor:36V 48V 350W/500W brushless Display: LCD display Derailleur: Shimano Tyre: 26″*1.95 Brake: 160 disc brake