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Electric bicycle flywheel.

Electric bicycle flywheel.

Rotary flywheels are fixed with threads, and the teeth cannot be split, like nuts and bolts.
Rotary flywheel, its Jing wheel is integrated with the flywheel tooth piece, the entire flywheel is connected with the rotating drum through the thread. Usually due to the presence of the Jing-wheel mechanism, the rotary flywheel has a minimum blade size of only 14T, and it is difficult to make it smaller. Individuals also have the smallest blade 11T, which partially protrudes beyond the load-bearing portion, and the actual structural strength is limited. Because the rotary flywheel is connected with the rotary hub by means of threads, the structural strength is low, and there have been precedents in which a person who has trampled vigorously pedals down. Rotary flywheels have long since been eliminated in sport bike parts and are currently only used in civilian vehicles, and therefore there will no longer be better materials and processes.buy electra cruiser



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