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Electric bike – a perfect choice

The world is changing, and the way we travel is changing with it. Gone are the days when our only options were cars, walking, cycling and public transportation. Electric bikes are the perfect choice for those who don’t have room for a car, care about the environment, or just love the e-bike experience.


As e-bikes become more accepted as a means of transportation and a form of recreation, more and more options are available to consumers. If you need a way to go fast in a big city like Toronto, there are e-bikes designed for commuting. If you want to enjoy some peaceful scenery, you may want to consider the option of off-road or mountain biking. Maybe you’re an adventurer with a penchant for rough terrain and a year-round bike ride even when it snows – an off-road model might be the best e-bike for you.


Buying an e-bike is a bit like buying a car: you have to think about what you like and what you will use it for. The best electric bike for you is one that reflects your needs, lifestyle and personality.


Why choose an electric bike?

You might be wondering why you should consider an e-bike. Why not use good old-fashioned pedal power? While regular bikes are really fun to get you from A to B, there are several reasons you might be looking for the best electric bike you can buy.


This is a great form of complementary exercise

Not everyone has the strength or skill to go up and down a mountain without a little help. And if you bike to work, you probably don’t want to sweat when you get there. Electric bikes provide the benefits of exercise and fresh air in a way that can be enjoyed by more people.

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It’s cheaper to run than a car

Anyone who owns a vehicle can attest to the expense. Gasoline, insurance, parking, wear and tear. Electric bike batteries are affordable, if you take care of them properly, they can last a long time and cost almost nothing to charge.


It can be placed in the corner

If you live in an apartment in the city center and parking costs a fortune, you can use an e-bike to get around during the day and park it in a corner at night. You can use it for commuting or light shopping, or visiting friends. Wherever you take it, you’ll find a parking spot.


Friendly to the environment

Global warming and pollution are serious problems that pose a real threat to our environment. By choosing an electric bike over a gasoline car or motorcycle, you can do your part to fight climate change and contribute to the clean air we all breathe.


How do you choose the best electric bike?

When you start your search for the best electric bike, it’s important to remember that what’s best for others may not be right for you. There are a wide variety of e-bikes on the market today, each suited to different needs. Some people want a commuter bike, some want something for long country rides. Some people have a budget, others don’t mind spending a little extra on some bells and whistles.


Here are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding which e-bike is best for you.


What are you going to use it for? Do you commute to get off work, go up a mountain, or ride your bike in sand or snow? How much are you going to carry with you?

Do you use it every day, weekend or occasionally? Are you going to use it year round, or will you store it for the winter?

How do you move it when you’re not riding it? Do you have to take it up and down the stairs? Do you have room to store a full-size bike, or do you need something foldable?

How far are you going to ride at once? Will your rides be on level, flat surfaces or rough mountain roads?

What is your experience with e-bike riding? Does it come naturally to you, or is this your first electric bike?

How secure is your storage? Will the bike be stored in your own private space, or do you need to consider lockable batteries and quick-release wheels?

What is the best electric bike option?

Now that we’ve discussed what to consider, let’s take a look at some of the best value electric bike options.




I must admit that choosing an e-bike size for the first time can be quite confusing. I had a similar experience a few years ago when I bought my first electric bike. I’m not sure which size is best for me.


So I sat behind my computer and did some research on it. I’m starting to realize that there are so many factors to look out for when choosing an e-bike size. Below are the results of my research.



What to look for when choosing an e-bike size? When looking for the ideal size for an e-bike, you need to consider seat height, frame size, handlebar height, and pedal position. The key factor is also the riding experience you want, and comfort is also important.


It’s important to know and understand exactly what size e-bike is right for you. The wrong size can make you uncomfortable and make it difficult for you to fit in. Not to mention that you may fall and have poor balance a lot. In extreme cases it can cause neck and back pain.


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I don’t know about you, but what I’ve seen is that most people choose their ideal e-bike size based on the riding experience and comfort they want at the end of the day. This is of course one of the key factors, but what they don’t know is that choosing an e-bike means much more than that. If you’re wondering what else, read on and let’s find out!

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Why is the correct e-bike size important?

Typically, e-bikes have booster pedals, which means you can pedal for long periods of time without slowing down. This makes your riding experience more fun, but if you have the wrong size e-bike, the experience won’t always be as fun as expected.


I know that choosing the type of bike is important, but whatever your taste, just make sure you choose the right size. That’s because when you get the right bike, you’ll get a more fun, efficient, and comfortable ride. In this case, you will be able to ride for hours and longer distances more easily.


This means that when you’re considering the ideal electric bike, you need to pay attention to your riding style, inseam size, height, and the type of bike you choose. Like all other factors, the type of bike determines the frame size and saddle height you get.


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You also need to make sure you know the exact purpose of the e-bike you want before deciding on a size. Are you planning to use your e-bike primarily for brisk city riding? Or the daily commute to work? Or a long trip to the countryside? All in all, this should be a pretty easy part of the process, since you’ve probably already thought a little bit about it.


Beyond that, once a new bike comes home, you can always make some fine-tuning to customize something to suit your riding style. You can always consider making some changes to your e-bike for the best riding experience.


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frame size

This is one of the most important aspects when getting the right size electric bike for you. This is because once the frame size is set, it is rarely returned, nothing more.


There are a few handy methods you can use to measure the correct size of your frame. We’ll discuss this in more detail in the next sub-topic on “How to Take Body Measurements for Your Bike”.

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Saddle adjustment 

This is another very important aspect you need to consider if you need to get the right size of your e-bike. This is because if the saddle is too high or too low, the e-bike will not give you the riding experience you expect.


To properly adjust the ideal saddle height, simply place one foot on the lowest point of the pedals. This should allow you to bend your knees slightly at the bottom of the pedal stroke. The ideal saddle height will always give you more power on your downstroke and less effort on your knees.


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Handlebar h eight and size

Electric bike handlebars often come in a variety of configurations and widths. So, to get the right size, make sure to choose a size that matches the width of your shoulder joint.


If you need more leverage and easier breathing, the handlebar should be wider or narrower for a more aerodynamic ride. Also, if you feel cramped or sore after a ride, you can raise the handlebars slightly and you’ll feel better the next time you ride.


How do I take body measurements?

Most people will either buy e-bikes that are either too tall or too short. However, when trying to find the ideal e-bike size, make sure your first step is to measure your body size for the perfect fit.


The size of a bike is determined by a person’s body size and height, not by weight as most people think.


The wrong bike size can do more harm than good to your body. These signs are the ultimate indicator of the wrong size of the bike.


Saddle too high

You can easily tell if the bike is right for you by the comfort and maneuverability it offers. Sometimes you feel like your saddle is too high and you can barely get the desired ride comfort. This means you’ve picked the wrong size bike and you need to think about replacing it.


Frequent back pain

Cycling should be a fun experience that you should always look forward to. But if all youre doing after a long ride is complaining about endless back pain, it just means you have the wrong size bike. It could be the frame size, wheel size, or even the seat cushion.

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