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Electric Bike Buying Guide

Ultimate electric bicycle purchase guide

Everyone only needs to participate in the body, riding a bicycle, playing or some kind of physical exercise, which will make us sweat. It is well known as a fitness and travel method. You can find many styles of electric bicycles on the busy streets in urban and rural areas, arduous roads and mountain cliffs, from daily use of electric bicycles (such as electric highway bicycles) to high -performance bicycles, such as electric mountain bicycles. Over the years, cycling has proven its own value to help consumers and communities.


Riding a bicycle is an evergreen method of evergreen. It is an ideal method for refreshing when moving to various places. Electric bicycles (usually called electronic bicycles) are a kind of bicycle that enhances electronic motors to increase intensity and advance. While maintaining the strength of the pedal, electric city bicycles may be compact or large. Electronic riding bicycles use rechargeable batteries to bring you into your destination and enter your destination faster. In short, electric bicycles have low cost, energy conservation and emissions -free transportation, and also have physical and environmental benefits.

Until the Second World War, many communities in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, and mainland China used bicycles as part of daily transportation. At present, due to the increasing deficiencies and demand of oil products, the use of more environmentally friendly transportation methods (such as electric bicycles) is increasing.


Electric bike: Short history

The first batch of electric bicycles appeared at the end of the 19th century. Many Americans also permitted their invention through the patent bureau, which dates back to the late 1800s. A guy named Ogden Bolton put forward his own ideas in 1895. This is a basic battery power bicycle, former Hosea Libbey. He is carrying dual electricity with dual electricity Bicycles were built on the engine bicycle. The electric bicycle model with torque sensor and power control was very popular in the late 1990s. The first popular electric bicycle model was launched in 1997, called Select. In the early 2000s, two large Japanese companies, Yamaha and Panasonic, became the most important institution of electric bicycles.


The main features of electric bicycles include traditional bicycle frameworks with pedals and compact motors with rechargeable batteries. The intensity of such engines is different from the average speed of 15 miles per hour and an average speed of 20 miles per hour. So far, the first -recognized electric motor used is directly driven and gear forms. The power supply is transferred from the engine to the wheel. The mechanism involves chain drives, belt drivers, wheel drivers and African -American drivers. Some of the early versions of electric bicycles in 1980 have solar charging ports.

How to work for electric bicycles?

Part of the electric bicycle part of electric bicycles

Electric bicycles look like conventional bicycles. It is a traditional framework that consists of wheel, tires, helmets, saddles, handles, forks, etc. The difference between electronic bicycles and conventional bicycles is to include hydraulic frameworks, batteries, control mechanisms and sensors, motors, brakes and pedal sensors. Technically, the battery provides electricity to the engine in some cases, usually charging by the grid or solar panel. Once the rider starts to drive, the pedal sensor transmits the signal to the engine, instead of the power of the person who will support cycling in steep hills and long -distance riding.


How to operate an electric bicycle?

Electric bicycles are the standard bicycles of their hearts. Electric bicycles can only rely on external components that work together. Electric, battery, sensor and electrical monitor. Most electric bicycles should be equipped with pedal auxiliary functions. The pedal auxiliary system in electric bicycles makes the riders still exercise, but it has increased and makes their cycling easier. There are three working modes in the pedal auxiliary system (in certain models). They are completely pedal auxiliary, electrical auxiliary and full electric.




Full pedal: You can ride electric bicycles at any time, just like ordinary bicycles. There is no additional resistance to the engine, so it feels like an ordinary bicycle. According to the model you choose, the bicycle will be equipped with up to eight gears.


Electric pedal auxiliary equipment: You can use the joint advantages of human and electrical strength in this mode. When the function is opened by the ON/OFF button on the handlebar, when you press, the engine can softly transmit the power supply. When landscape movement is moved to use higher torque.
faster. Use pedal auxiliary people can give you an incredible feeling of using the pedal auxiliary mode because it makes cycling hard and enable you to enjoy yourself and the scenery.


The pedal auxiliary mode provides three help rates; low assistance, at least 30 % of the total capacity, medium assistance, maximum 60 % full intensity, and a large number of aids up to 100 % capacity. The power percentage basically shows that the engine can support the extra power of the pedal. The small level applies 30 % of the pedal strength, and the auxiliary of the medium intensity is doubled. Just press the button to switch to different configurations.


Full electric mode: The full electric mode can help you sit down and rest when the electric motor runs. To use the full electric mode, please rotate the throttle on the left car handle, and you will feel that the motor kicks in and drives you. Keep the throttle steering, or let you prepare to start the pedal or want to stop.


Now, if you want to know more information, please see how to ride electric bicycles.


Different types of electric bicycles

In recent years, the demand for electric bicycles has gradually increased. Because many users and bicycle enthusiasts use electric bicycles, there are various electric bicycles in the market.


When buying electric bicycles, the two basic categories will help you narrow the range: style and quality. Each of these considerations should help you shorten your search and find correct electronic bicycles that are suitable for your unique needs.


A variety of bicycle enthusiasts began to electric, including people who wanted to get some supported mountain bicycles and people riding bicycles in the process. In response, there are several styles in the market, such as electric road bicycles, EMTB and dirt.

There are some mixed commute bicycles on the market now. Such types include electric commute bicycles, electric folding bicycles, electric cruiser bicycles and electric cargo bicycles.


Dianshan Bicycle

An electric mountain bicycle, also known as EMTB, is a mountain bicycle form with motor motor. It can help you with each pedal. The electric MTB has no throttle, which is why it is necessary to step on the power. The auxiliary equipment connected to the electric mountain bicycle will increase the motivation of the pedal movement for you, which will enable you to deal with certain types of obstacles and let you appreciate the journey.


Strong and stronger trail

Extreme bicycle performance, which is very suitable for long -distance travel

Give them any at the time without having to worry about the loss of the loss


In this segment market, our best -selling book is the RAMBO bicycle NOMAD 48V 750W fat tire electric hunting bicycle 750 XPC11/ XPS (see in the image). RAMBO bicycle NOMAD 48V 750W fat tire electric hunting bicycle 750 XPC11/ XPS has 750 watts of motor, providing you with sufficient power reserves, which can cope with bad roads or rock trails. On the accelerator alone, the bicycle can reach up to 19 miles per hour. With its power, you will undoubtedly set foot on steep results or snowy path. The motor is wrapped in a wind -proof shell with a convex plate, so you can use each bicycle when it rains.


Electric cruiser bicycle

Electric bicycle cruisers are designed for cruise. During the journey, electric cruisers bicycles were built for convenience and elegance. Generally, the cruiser electric bicycle has a full luxury seat, and the wide car handle is sweeping towards the driver. For most versions, the pedal is further installed so that the driver can put the two feet on the ground of the stopped area. Patrol electronics bicycles are pleasant because they have large soft seats and wide cars and upright pose, so the entire cruise process is easy to design.


powerful functions:

High -performance motor

You can drive up to 25 miles /h

Very suitable for the beach and a relaxed atmosphere



Specialty products:


Our best-selling cruiser electric bicycle is an American Electric Veller 36 volt 10 Anti Cruise Electric Bicycle AEV-Ivry (as shown in the figure), equipped with 350 watts of lithium-ion batteries, with powerful rear disc motors.


Electric commuting bicycle

Electric commuting bicycles, also known as electric highway bicycles or hybrid bicycles, are electric bicycles designed to use in smooth and extreme terrain. Electronic universal bicycles are mixtures for mountain bicycles for suspension systems, and dirt bicycles for mobility and speed control. Electric commuting bicycles have installed an innovative auxiliary system to help you step on by enhancing your assists. The integration of the auxiliary system in electric bicycles will provide it.